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Tech News Weekly 345

Hands-On With the Samsung Galaxy Ring

Episode 345 - HomePods, Cellebrite, Stalkerware Apps
HomePods, Cellebrite, Stalkerware Apps

Home Theater Geeks 441

Sony Soundbar vs Apple HomePods

What makes a better external sound system?
What makes a better external sound system?

Hands-On Windows 99

Shut Up Windows Spying

Privacy Tools for Windows
Privacy Tools for Windows

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TWiT Newsletter Jul 15 2024

AI Resurrections, Samsung Unpacked, FTC & Club TWiT Updates!

Samsung's Latest Galaxy Unpacked: Iterative Updates and Apple-Inspired Designs

Samsung raises prices on foldables while borrowing design cues from Apple. Read more...

About TWiT Tech Podcasts

Covering the latest technology developments since 2005, (This Week in Tech) has the unique distinction of being one of the world's first all-tech podcast networks. We are known for our expert analysis, unfiltered opinions, and fearless podcast hosts. Get breaking tech news, future trends, security and privacy, political and regulatory developments all wrapped into fast-paced, informative, and entertaining podcast episodes. Plus, you'll get tech reviews, recommendations, tips, and how-tos from the very best in the industry.

Founded by Leo Laporte and based near the heart of Silicon Valley in Northern California, our network is the home of our original tech podcasts of the geeks, by the geeks, for the geeks. Check out the full list of podcasts here and subscribe. There you will find tech podcasts for Android lovers, Apple and iPhone enthusiasts, and Enterprise IT pros. Listen to our podcasts on Windows deep-dives, cybersecurity, IoT, open-source, and Google. Also, get reviews on smartphones and laptops, recommendations on the best apps, plus help and how-tos with your tech questions. As an independent media source specializing in tech, our programs are informative, honest, engaging, provocative, and cater to the tech enthusiast. Our shows are available in audio and video.

TWiT's technology programming

Our programming delivers tech news podcasts, live streams, and YouTube videos with expert insight, reviews, and analysis of all matters tech. Knowledgeable, opinionated, and always entertaining, our network is committed to comprehensive coverage of the tech world.

Anchored by Leo Laporte's long-running series This Week in Tech, our lineup features a diverse set of journalists and experts who specialize in different subjects and niches of the tech industry. Our podcasters provide unique insight based on unparalleled experience in the tech field.

With fresh content daily, our network always has something new for the listener. Our weekly podcasts feature animated discussions and sharp analysis about the latest tech developments, products, and gadgets, including our acclaimed weekly roundtable of tech journalism's most informed writers and reporters.

Our live stream provides on-the-spot coverage of breaking news and takes you behind-the-scenes into our studio while we record new episodes.'s lineup includes several nationally acclaimed and popular podcasts:

  • This Week in Tech - Our flagship program with founder Leo Laporte features analysis and commentary from tech experts and journalists in a roundtable discussion of current news and trends and niche topics in the tech industry.
  • Security Now - Steve Gibson, security expert and the inventor of the first anti-spyware program, sits down with Leo every week to discuss the latest cybersecurity threats and how to stay safe.
  • MacBreak Weekly - Leo, Andy Ihnatko, Alex Lindsay, and Jason Snell break down the latest developments from Apple. From new iPhones, laptops and Macs, to new services, Apple Silicon chips, and insider reports, no Apple topic is left unturned.
  • Windows Weekly - Veteran Microsoft insiders Paul Thurrott and Richard Campbell join Leo for a weekly look at Windows, Xbox, Office, Azure, and everything else Redmond has to offer.
  • This Week in Google - Jeff Jarvis, Paris Martineau, and Leo talk about the latest trends in Internet search, cloud computing, and products from one of tech's most influential companies. They also examine the state of technology journalism, social media ethics, tech-related policies, and politics, and more.
  • Ask The Tech Guys - Tech experts Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent team up to answer all of your burning tech questions. From the latest gadgets to tried-and-true tech tips, Leo & Mikah have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the most out of your technology.
  • Tech News Weekly - Hosted by Mikah Sargent, Tech News Weekly takes an in-depth look at some of the week's biggest and most important tech news. The podcast features interviews with tech journalists and experts breaking or making the news worldwide.
  • This Week in Space - Every Friday we take a deep dive into a fascinating topic. What’s happening with the new race to the moon and other planets? When will SpaceX or NASA really send people to Mars?

With a non-stop flow of new episodes and our deep catalog of shows available for download, you'll always find something new to watch, hear, and learn on the podcast network.

Why follow TWiT?

Experience. Leo Laporte's original This Week in Tech is one of the very first podcasts dedicated to all things tech. At, we gather some of the most knowledgeable experts and journalists to dive deep into tech news and trends, including the newest innovations and developments, the business of tech, privacy, geopolitics, policies, and ethics related to tech. Our podcasts offer a lineup of diverse pundits you won't find in any other single source.

Independence. We're a fully independent podcast network. is completely free of editorial influence from corporate or business interests, large or small. That freedom lets us cover the tech world without bias or distortion — and makes us unafraid to cover controversial, hot-button topics with honesty and candor.

Variety. Innovation in technology happens by the hour. No other business sector has as many different branches, companies, or thought-leaders. At, we cover them all. With at least one podcast for every major topic in tech, you're sure to find at least one show on our network that matches your interests.

Knowledge. As technology's reach continues to grow, tech sector workers and consumers alike need all the information they can get to keep up with the latest developments. Our shows keep you fully updated on tech. We empower you with information to make decisions, demystify the most complex topics, and help you take advantage of all that the future of tech has to offer.

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