When Disclosure Backfires: The Dlink NAS Vulnerability Debacle

Security Now exposes risky hardcoded backdoor in Dlink NAS. Read More ... 

OpenAI's Controversial YouTube Scraping

OpenAI's "Transcribe Everything" Approach Sparks Debate Over AI Data Rights. Read More ...

A Chilling Tale of the Near-Catastrophic Linux Backdoor

Chilling Linux backdoor near-miss revealed on the Security Now podcast. A must-read!

TWiG 763 Transcript

Tech News Weekly Adds New Hosts, New Perspectives

Tech News Weekly has undergone an exciting transformation! The mid-week tech show, hosted by Mikah Sargent, now features four recurring co-hosts throughout the month: Abrar Al-Heeti of CNET, Amanda Silberling of TechCrunch, Jennifer Pattison Tuohy of The Verge, and Emily Dreibelbis of PCMag.

TWiT Newsletter Apr 8 2024

TWiT's Live Audience Returns! Plus, Essential Eclipse Tips Inside!

TWiG 762 Transcript

Appleā€™s Foray Into Immersive Video Sports Content Marred By Missed Opportunities

Apple's Foray Into Immersive AR Sports Content.

Inside the GoFetch Flaw: Understanding the DMP Vulnerability in Apple Silicon

Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte Tackle the GoFetch Flaw on Security Now. Read More...

Beyond Google Podcasts: Navigating the Post-Google Podcasts Era!

TWiT Podcasts Continue to Illuminate Your Tech World Post-Google Podcasts. Stay Connected with Leading Tech Discussions, Innovative Gadgets, and Insightful Commentary on Your Favorite Platforms. Read More...