Tech News Weekly

Jun 13th 2024

Tech News Weekly 341

What You Might Have Missed At WWDC24

Alexa, AI Detectors, AI-Powered Security Cameras

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Guests: Dan Moren
Category: News

Amazon's Alexa could have been in a prime position to dominate AI. Why AI detection tools for detecting AI written content are hurting writers. What was announced at WWDC earlier this week? And how security cameras getting smarter with AI is a good thing.

  • Jennifer Pattison Tuohy talks about how over a dozen employees who worked on Amazon's Alexa had a good chance to dominate the AI space and blew that chance.
  • Mikah Sargent talks about how, with the rise of AI being used to perform writing tasks and tools being utilized to detect AI-generated work, writers are still getting stuck in the crossfire and are losing their jobs due to false accusations.
  • After leading the show last week, Dan Moren stops by again to chat about the major announcements at Apple's WWDC24.
  • And finally, why security cameras getting smarter with AI capabilities is a good thing for households?

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