Tech News Weekly

Nov 30th 2023

Tech News Weekly 313

Busting the NameDrop FUD

Amazon Q, Gen Z Generative AI, Gmail Deletion

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Category: News

Amazon has entered the realm of companies offering their very own AI assistant that they've dubbed Amazon Q. How Gen Z is driving the adoption of Generative AI, in the U.K. at least. And starting December 1st, unused Gmail accounts may be permanently deleted if they have been inactive for at least two years.

  • Amazon announced its own AI assistant called Amazon Q. Emily Dreibelbis of PCMag stops by to talk about the Amazon Q chatbot.
  • Dan Moren of SixColors joins the show to reassure you that iOS 17's NameDrop feature is not dangerous at all.
  • Jason Howell shares a study on how Gen Z in the U.K. is driving the general adoption of Generative AI.
  • And Mikah Sargent warns us that if you have a Gmail account you haven't used in some time, it may be permanently deleted starting in the beginning of December.

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