Tech News Weekly

Jun 10th 2021

Tech News Weekly 187

The Everyday Impact of Ransomware

FBI's Anom Phone Service, WWDC Tidbits, New Pixel Buds, Ransomware
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Category: News

Ransomware attacks are affecting more than just big, faceless corporations. They've closed schools, delayed chemotherapy appointments, and caused panic. Jason Howell goes hands on with Google's new Pixel Buds A Series. Mikah Sargent shares some of the things you may have missed from Apple's WWDC 2021. The FBI orchestrated a complex operation to fight encrypted criminal activities … with a phone service.

First, Heather Kelly stops in to talk about her piece in The Washington Post about ransomware attacks. These attacks are impacting the lives of everyday people — including those in hospitals, at school, and folks looking to fill their gas tanks.

Then, Jason Howell gives a quick hands-on review of Google's new Pixel Buds A-Series. He highlights the differences between the new model and their predecessor, the Pixel Buds.

Then, Mikah Sargent shares some tidbits you might have missed from Apple's WWDC Keynote.

Finally, Joseph Cox of Vice shares his fascinating piece about an FBI operation aimed at encrypted criminal activity. It all starts with a phone service.

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