Tech News Weekly

Apr 8th 2021

Tech News Weekly 178

Facebook Hack: Old News? Not Really

Dark Patterns Explained, Facebook's Breach, AR Beauty Filters
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Category: News

Facebook says its data breach everyone's talking about is old news, but experts disagree. How "dark patterns" online can trick people into spending more money. The impact of AR beauty filters on young women and girls.

First, Kari Paul stops by to talk about her article from The Guardian regarding a data breach at Facebook. While Facebook says the breach is old and, therefore, unimportant, experts say otherwise.

Then, Sara Morrison of Vox's Recode tells us about dark patterns on websites — tools and techniques used to guide and control website visitors.

Then, Tate Ryan-Mosley shares some of what she's learned about augmented reality beauty filters and their impact on young women and girls while researching and writing her piece for MIT Technology Review.

Lastly, Jason sports some new ANC headphones from Urbanista and Mikah talks about Intel's new "Bleep" tool, which aims to filter out hate speech in audio.

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