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Mar 11th 2021

Tech News Weekly 174

Facebook's Paradoxical AI

Amazon Vesta Home Robot, Verkada Surveillance Hack, Instagram Lite in India
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Amazon Vesta home robot, Verkada surveillance hack, Instagram Lite in India.

  • How big of a priority is Amazon's home robot, the Vesta? Eugene Kim from Business Insider has the inside scoop.
  • Surveillance camera company Verkada was hacked giving unprecedented access to sensitive video feeds around the world.
  • Amazon publishes its own books but bypasses Libraries for digital distribution and that hurts those who can't afford to buy books.
  • Meaghan Tobin from Rest of World talks about the potential impact of the new Instagram Lite app in India.
  • Karen Hao from MIT Technology Review wrote a months long investigation into the competing forces within Facebook fighting for social good and business growth.

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