Tech News Weekly

Jan 28th 2021

Tech News Weekly 168

What's Up With Gamestop?

Nextdoor and Local Politics, Apple's Record Breaking Quarter, Galaxy S21+
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Category: News

Nextdoor and local politics, Apple's record-breaking quarter, Galaxy S21+.

  • Will Oremus from OneZero shares his story about how Nextdoor directly impacted a local school referendum and how the service is in many ways impacting local journalism.
  • Apple had a record-breaking holiday quarter and Dan Moren from Six Colors shares what's working so well for Apple even during a global pandemic.
  • What does Reddit have to do with Gamestop's big Wall Street push? Brandon Kochkodin from Bloomberg explains why Redditors might be getting such a bad rap.
  • Mikah discusses the details that Apple shared about its upcoming App Tracking Transparency feature.
  • Jason gives a first look at the new Samsung Galaxy S21+ smartphone.

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