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Feb 7th 2023

iOS Today 640

Track Your Stuff With Apple's Find My Network

Pebblebee, eufy SmartTrack, Chipolo, and more!

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Category: Reviews

You've got an AirTag in your bag and you've used your Mac to find your iPhone, but have you heard about the third-party accessories that work with Apple's Find My network? Rosemary Orchard and Mikah Sargent give you an introduction to the rapidly expanding third-party options for tracking your stuff.

  •  Pebblebee Clip
  •  Pebblebee Card
  •  eufy Security SmartTrack Card
  •  Chipolo ONE Spot
  •  Chipolo CARD Spot
  • iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe - Sequoia Green
  •  iTag Item Finder


  •  Apple reveals why it brought back the HomePod
  •  Exclusive: iPhone reverse wireless charging development continues after Apple missed target

Shortcuts Corner

  • Rosemary Orchard's “Take Control of Shortcuts” gets an update
  • Ian wants a Shortcut that will organize folders on macOS.
  • Doug stopped in to let us know about an upcoming iOS Shortcuts talk they'll be giving at the Trenton Computer Festival.

Feedback & Questions

  • Todd follows up to let us know how much they're enjoying the Netatmo Weather Station.
  • Tony wants to know how to use the HomePod and HomePod mini as an intercom system.

App Caps

  •  Rosemary's App Cap: Apple Music Ambient Sounds
  •  Mikah's App Cap: Elgato Stream Deck Mobile

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