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Jan 18th 2022

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Get to Grips With the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Tips & Tricks

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Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard share their favorite Apple Watch tips and tricks.

  • App Grid vs. List 
  • How to use and re-arrange Control Center
  • Always On Screen
  • Watch Faces
  • Complications!
  • Shortcut: Change Watch Face with Focus Modes
  • Customize Watch Dock
  • Enable cinema mode with the Sleep Focus Mode



  • Apple is no longer letting users stay on iOS 14 with security updates
  • Netflix now costs up to 4x Apple TV+ per month
  • Apple Support says iPhone 13 models don’t support Noise Cancellation feature available in previous iPhones
  • Apple will allow dating apps in the Netherlands to use alternative payment systems, developers must maintain a separate app binary
  • Safari Bug Allows Websites to Track Your Recent Browsing Activity in Real Time


Shotcuts Corner

  • Craig wants to automate turning on his Apple TV and launch Hulu at a specific time
  • Eric needs help setting up a shortcut to record a memo and add it to the Notes app



  • Paul is looking for a solution to get a notification when leaving behind his iPhone
  • Bryan wants to know how to digitize audio cassettes directly to an iPad Pro


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