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Feb 19th 2021

iOS Today 537

Nudget: Spending Tracker

An interview with app developer Sawyer Blatz
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Guests: Sawyer Blatz
Category: Reviews

Mikah and Rosemary interview Nudget app developer Sawyer Blatz, discussing the app's design, inspiration, and what it's like to be featured in the App Store.


  • Apple Is Working on Magnetic Battery Pack Attachment for iPhones
  • EU Antitrust VP Warns Apple to Give Equal Treatment to All Apps Amid Tracking Changes
  • Apple cracks down on apps with 'irrationally high prices' as App Store scams are exposed
  • iOS 14.5 adds over 200 new emoji to iPhone, including AirPods Max-inspired headphone design
  • There's now a Microsoft Office app for your iPad

Listener feedback

  • Installing web browser extensions on iPad
  • Closing tabs in a Private Browsing session in Safari for iPad
  • Using Swift Playgrounds to learn how to code

App Caps

  • Rosemary's App Cap: Kitty Letter
  • Mikah's App Cap: Hush Nag Blocker

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