iOS Today with Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard

Dec 22nd 2020

iOS Today 530

iOS Today's 2020 Year in Review

A look back at the best of iOS Today in 2020.
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Category: Reviews

iOS Today's best apps, reviews, and moments of 2020:

  •  We built a CarPlay head unit!
  •  Leo threw an infuriated fowl at Mikah's head.
  •  Mikah stuck GIFs on Leo's face.
  • Leo shared the details of his secret candy basement.
  •  Mikah weighs in on the GIF vs. JIF debate.
  •  Leo and Mikah share their sanitizing regimen.
  •  While showing off Scribble Together, the app's developer stops by!
  •  Leo shows Mikah how to wash his hands while singing.
  •  Leo and Mikah have it out after Leo gets bored with yet another one of Mikah's apps.
  •  Mikah shares a relationship-building app and everything gets very emotional.
  •  Leo and Mikah get a card in the mail from PunkPost.
  •  After Mikah explains why koalas frighten him, Leo proceeds to troll him.

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