Ask The Tech Guys - Leo Laporte & Mikah Sargent

Nov 26th 2023

Ask The Tech Guys 2002

Therapy May Help

Hosted by Mikah Sargent

Cyber Monday, Dick DeBartolo, Apple's Finder

Records Sunday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 19:00 UTC.
Guests: Dick DeBartolo
Category: Help & How To

How you can track and get the best deals for Cyber Monday and "Black November" overall. What can you do about using an older version of a browser that a bank no longer supports? Plus, Dick DeBartolo stops by to share a fun and weird coin bank for kids and a magnetic shelf to help with storage!

  • Mikah shares some tools & guides for tracking Black November deals.
  • What happened with my iPhone after updating it to iOS 17.1.1?
  • Why are my podcasts on my Apple Watch not staying in sync with my iPhone?
  • Why can't my iPhone connect online after installing an app?
  • Is it worth upgrading from an iPhone 12 to iPhone 15 currently?
  • Should I be worried about one of my apps switching to a different language while running an iOS Beta on my phone
  • Dick DeBartolo and the coin bank for kids!
  • What are my options for trying to do my online banking on an older browser that can't update since I am running an older OS on my MacBook Air?
  • Can you record the boot sequence on a computer? If so, how can you do that?
  • How can I move my edited photos from my iPad to my Windows PC?
  • When moving files within Apple's Finder, how can you prevent those files from being placed in random locations?
  • Should I have a secondary network setup within my home to connect my IoT devices to it?
  • Should I return my M2 Max MacBook Pro that I just purchased for an M3 Max version?

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