Dick DeBartolo

Dick DeBartolo wears many hats. (Most likely resulting in his severe hair loss!) He's known as The Giz Wiz and MAD's Maddest Writer, having been in every issue of MAD for the past 50 years. As The Giz Wiz he occasionally appears on Ask The Tech Guys and does a weekly podcast with Chad Johnson (aka OMGChad). That show has the amazingly clever name: The Giz Wiz. Dick is also The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now. His website features all the gadgets from all the shows he does and includes MAD stuff and his wildly popular "What The Heck Is It? game. Play it and you could win an autographed copy of MAD.

If you're an older fan, you probably know Dick's work on The Match Game. He started out writing boring questions for that TV show like "Name a flower that's red" and when the show was about to be canceled, brought it back to life by inventing "Dumb Donald" and "Dumb Dora" questions.

Dick has authored many books, both hard and soft cover, but writing this TWiT bio (pretending someone else is writing it) is the highlight of his literary career!