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Jun 12th 2024

Windows Weekly 885

Open the Kokomo!

Recall to be opt-in, Auto SR, new Xbox Series models

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Category: News

C-Day: The Copilot+ PC countdown enters its final phase

  • Microsoft responds to the Recall drama, will make changes
  • Security researchers high-five each other, but if you look at what changed, it’s mostly not about their complaints. The biggest change: Recall is actually going to be opt-in, not optional, which is what they said it would be at the launch.
  • This is a win for users and a rare example of Microsoft scaling back from dark patterns
  • Microsoft “pauses” rollout of 24H2 in the Release Preview. This is clearly tied to Recall changes - 24H2 “delayed” until June 18
  • Expect the day-one experience for Copilot+ PCs to include a big update during OOBE
  • AutoSR video game upscaling will only work on Arm-based Copilot+ PCs
  • Slack is native on Arm64
  • Arm v. Qualcomm is still a thing, could get ugly
  • /Reuters confirms Qualcomm exclusivity on WOA, says AMD and Nvidia will
    offer WOA-based chips in 2025. And now MediaTek as well.

Windows 11

  • Patch Tuesday arrives. Windows 11 gets a Taskbar fix
  • Windows 11 24H2 does not get an update - delayed until next Tuesday, which is C-Day. Weird
  • New Dev and Beta builds: Snipping Tool Update that introduces automatic save for screen recordings, Narrator improvements, Share in Start search for some reason, Suggested replies in Phone Link
  • Canary: New account management interface in Start, Store improvements


  • Apple has its AI day in the sun
  • Apple Intelligence is coming to Mac, iPhone, iPad - on-device AI with ChatGPT-powered cloud when needed
  • Apple got right what Microsoft did not, suddenly it doesn’t look so behind
  • Key takeaway here: Microsoft’s overly aggressive AI push has always felt weird, Apple’s general approach sometimes feels plodding, but it looks like
    they’re getting it right with AI
  • Apple Intelligence is, in many ways, Recall but with cloud component. And Google is working on its own version of Recall
  • WTF!? Microsoft is removing Custom GPT building from Copilot Pro
  • Adobe: Seriously, we’re still not training Firefly AI on your content
  • Opera provides a new AI benchmarking tool
  • DuckDuckGo AI chat will use popular AI chatbots anonymously. Like Apple with Apple Intelligence
  • NVIDIA market cap hit $3 trillion last week, surpassed Apple (until WWDC)

Microsoft 365/Cloud

  • Microsoft is killing several features to improve security. We’re going to see a lot of these SFI-justified changes
  • Patent troll sues Microsoft for Azure infringements, seeks billions


  • Xbox Game Showcase!
  • Best selection of Xbox games maybe ever
  • Phil Spencer agrees Xbox needs a handheld gaming console - Plus more games coming to PS, of course
  • Microsoft announces three Xbox Series X|S refreshes. Not as good as last year’s leaked refreshes. Why?
  • Sony will ship a PS5 Pro this year. Not coincidentally, it’s removing the 8K logo from current PS5 packaging
  • Microsoft reportedly remastering OG Halo yet again, will come to PS5
  • Microsoft delivers the Xbox June Update
  • June’s first Game Pass drop came a bit late

Tips & Picks

  • Tip of the week: Operation ELOP
  • App pick of the week: PC Game Pass & Firefox 127
  • RunAs Radio this week: Copilot in your Intranet with Susan Hanley
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Ballindalloch 2016 Benelux

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