Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott, Richard Campbell, and Leo Laporte

Sep 6th 2023

Windows Weekly 845

My NAS is Out of Date

End of WordPad, OneDrive album storage, Lenovo Legion Go

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Category: News

Leo, Paul, and Richard discuss issues with the reliability of File Explorer (is XAML the root cause?), Microsoft's decision to retire WordPad, antitrust lawsuits and investigations into Big Tech companies, Microsoft's upcoming Surface(?) event, automatic OneDrive uploads for Xbox captures, the launch of Bethesda's Starfield, digital decluttering tools, and more!


  • Canary: some changes to the Dynamic refresh rate feature, no more Power & Battery page in Settings, etc
  • Dev: Bug fixes
  • Beta: File Explorer fixes (INTERESTING, given last week’s rant)
  • A moment of silence, please: WordPad will be retired
  • The secret life of WordPad via its source code release and it being an example for developers (over time) of MFC, open Word document format support, the ribbon, and more
  • The future is open plain text: embrace Markdown
  • Notepad and Snipping Tool are getting new features
  • Microsoft is changing how it counts your OneDrive storage usage


  • We forgot the Amazon devices event, which is September 20
  • Microsoft will host a OneDrive/AI event on October 3
  • Ignite registration just opened up - November 14-17 in Seattle


  • Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others are all gatekeepers, EU says
  • Bing: Hold my beer
  • Zoom would like the FTC to unbundle Teams/M365 in the US
  • Google is heading into an antitrust trial against the DOJ next week.
  • Microsoft’s approach to antitrust has changed a bit
  • Margrethe Vestager is stepping aside to bid on a new job
  • Google has tentatively settled a US Play Store class action antitrust lawsuit brought by over 30 states; the settlement is subject to the court's approval, according to a legal filing
  • FTC to file antitrust lawsuit against Amazon after firm made no concessions, may seek to break up the company


  • Microsoft to add auto OneDrive upload to Xbox game clips
  • Xbox September Update is here with Discord game streaming
  • New Game Pass titles for early September - Starfield among them
  • Your Xbox Series S has arrived, Mr. Vader
  • Lenovo has a Steam Deck competitor

Tips & Picks

  • Tip/app pick of the week: Digital decluttering
  • RunAs Radio this week: Breach Reporting with Troy Hunt
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Old Perth 23

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