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Aug 30th 2023

Windows Weekly 844

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Windows 11 bugs drive Paul crazy, Microsoft AI event coming, no Xbox mid-cycle refresh

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In this info-packed episode, Leo, Paul, and Richard dig deep into the latest Windows news, including frustrations with Windows 11's many bugs and flawed updates causing crashes and glitches, speculation around Microsoft's upcoming September 21st AI event, predictions for the future of PCs, including NPUs for AI acceleration, browser updates, Xbox pricing and hardware, and useful tips for backing up and restoring your Windows system.

The Painful Reality of Windows 11

  • Paul laments the many glitches in Windows 11, from File Explorer randomly seizing focus to desktop icon weirdness. He argues the redesign has made it a "performance dog."
  • Users with unsupported hardware are seeing BSODs.
  • Microsoft is using more "malware tactics" to push Edge and Bing - Claims it's unintended.
  • Legacy troubleshooters (they debuted in Windows 7) are going away.
  • Can we collectively agree that "I don't see that on my PC" doesn't equate to "this isn't happening?" It is happening.

'Tis the Season

  • IFA - What to expect: New PCs for the holiday season, 14th Gen Intel Core chipsets for desktop. What to look for: NPUs everywhere and lots of AI.
  • Apple - Apple's annual iPhone event is on September 12th. Plus, there will be M3 Macs later in 2023.
  • Microsoft - Microsoft's special event is on September 21st in NYC. We guessed Surface/Windows 11, but it's really all about AI across "Microsoft 365, Surface, Windows, Bing, and more."
  • Google - Google will announce the Pixel 8 series on October 4th in NYC. They just killed Pixel Pass, which probably says a lot about the rise in the cost of subscription cloud services.
  • CES 2024 - What to expect: New 14th Gen Intel mobile chipset-based PCs announced. Again, NPUs and AI.

Windows 11

  • Windows Insider builds:
    • Beta channel: New Settings Home view, new Cast UI, and Windows Backup app. (Paul also shares his take on a better 'backup and restore' solution)
    • Canary channel: Still waiting on Windows 12, but a new post-OOBE ('after out of box'?) experience that will install the Dev Home app if you choose 'Development Intent' within the 'Let’s Customize Your Experience' page during OOBE.
    • Dev channel: A search flyout will now appear when you hover your mouse over the search box in the taskbar (it can be disabled in taskbar settings). 
  • Microsoft adds Bing Chat Enterprise support to Windows Copilot in the preview - it’s available now on the Windows Insider Dev Channel but will be coming to Beta soon.
  • IDC says that the PC market will finally rebound in 2024, with just 3.7 percent growth, but the coming commercial PC upgrade cycle and AI could point to a pretty good future.

Microsoft 365 + AI

  • OneDrive for Business drops unlimited storage plan (as does Dropbox).
  • Google Workspace Duet AI (for commercial customers) is out - costs $30 per user per month.
  • NVIDIA is now the world's biggest hardware maker by revenue. Thanks, AI!

Web Browsers

  • Microsoft is deprecating some good but little-used Edge features.
  • Firefox 117 is out, as is Firefox Relay for email privacy.
  • Vivaldi has refactored its browser with tremendous speed improvements.


  • Phil Spencer says Xbox Series X/S will not get mid-cycle hardware refresh and prices are never coming down.
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 is coming to Xbox this year.
  • Sony PS Plus is getting more expensive because everything is.

Tips & Picks

  • Tip of the week: Get a foundational C# certificate
  • App pick of the week: The Making of Karateka
  • RunAs this week: Getting Ready for M365 Copilot with Karoliina Kettukari
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Aero Whisky

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