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Jul 5th 2023

Windows Weekly 836

SharePoint Under Every Desk

EU's Big Tech gatekeepers, AI-powered shopping tools, Windows Copilot Preview

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EU's Big Tech gatekeepers, AI-powered shopping tools, Windows Copilot Preview

  • The EU officially identified the first Big Tech "gatekeepers" that will be held to a higher regulatory standard, and Microsoft made the list.
  • Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook (Meta)
  • Plus, TikTok owner ByteDance (?) and Samsung
  • says it was notified it will be on the next list for some reason too
  • What is the standard? What are the penalties for non-compliance?
  • Microsoft to face EU antitrust investigation after discussions break down.


  • Microsoft JUST makes its self-imposed June deadline, releases first public preview of Windows Copilot to (some) Windows Insiders.
  • Windows Copilot hands-on
  • Windows 365 Frontline exits preview


  • Microsoft adds new AI-powered shopping tools to Bing and Edge. I’m sure they won’t just recommend Microsoft products.
  • Google changes its privacy policy, admits it will scrape the Internet to train its models


  • Hybrids bridge the gap between the new and the old, and they’re all around us. In personal tech, the laptop was an early hybrid, but today’s hybrids—like folding smartphones—are getting interesting and are inarguably the future of the premium, and then the mainstream, smartphone market. So much for "right tool for the job."


  • Nadella claims he wants videogame exclusives to go away. This explains why Microsoft has purchased so man game studios, and why its wants Activision Blizzard. Somehow. 
  • What would a "mobile-native" version of Game Pass look like? And how could Microsoft get past the mobile gatekeepers?
  • Microsoft announces its July Xbox Games with Gold titles
  • Microsoft also announced its first Game Pass titles for July

Tips & Picks

  • Tip of the week #1: Enable Windows Copilot (Preview)
  • Tip of the week #2: Get Office 365 for IT Pros 2024 Edition for $10 off
  • App pick of the week #1: Stella
  • App pick of the week #2: Firefox 115
  • RunAs this week: Power Platform Proliferation with Luise Freese
  • Brown Liquor this week: Dewars 12

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