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Jun 7th 2023

Windows Weekly 832

Saturated by Fake Girlfriends

Cortana's Windows death, 3 months with no Xbox, thoughts on WWDC23

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Cortana's Windows death, 3 months with no Xbox, thoughts on WWDC23

Developer Story

  • As the developer conference season winds down with WWDC, a look at how Apple, Google, and Microsoft are both similar to and different from each other
  • Hololens flashbacks anyone?


  • She’s dead, Jim: Microsoft kills Cortana in Windows 10, 11 - this is all about marketing
  • Teams for Windows (consumer) gets new features that no one will notice either
  • Windows Insider Preview: Microsoft Paint gets Dark mode support (FINALLY) and more in Canary and Dev
  • Canary: New build brings SMB signing requirement (Enterprise ed only), camera app troubleshooting (plus new build today)
  • Dev (new): redesigned Home view for File Explorer, modernized address bar and search box, Dynamic Lighting settings
  • Dev: File Explorer tabs and gallery view improvements, Add Phone Photos button for setting up OneDrive camera roll
  • Beta: WPA3 support in Phone Link, fixes
  • Microsoft Edge arrives with Workspaces (but not the new UI)
  • Brave finally gets vertical tabs
  • One week after HP, Dell posts 20 percent revenue fall


  • Well, Paul finally did it: 3 months without Xbox
  • WD Xbox Series X|S expansion cards start at just $80
  • Minecraft comes to chromebooks
  • Microsoft was fined $20 million by the FTC for collecting kids’ data (Amazon was fined $25 million)
  • Report explains why Redfall failed. (It sucks)
  • Apple brings Windows games to macOS using Wine-based toolkit
  • Amazon kills Luna app on Windows and Mac, focuses on web. Are we facing a Stadia moment now?

    Tips & Picks

  • Tip of the week: Passkeys come to Google Workspace accounts too
  • Tip of the week #2: Get the updated Windows 11 22H2 ISO
  • RunAs Radio this week: Microsoft Sentinel with Sarah Young
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 14

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