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May 24th 2023

Windows Weekly 830

Windows Is My Copilot

Build 2023 key(note) takeaways, Neeva shuts down, Leo updates to Moment 3

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Build 2023 key(note) takeaways, Neeva shutting down, Leo updates to Moment 3

Microsoft Build 2023

  • Microsoft’s keynotes are a combination of marketing and developer talk and that stands in sharp contrast to how Google and Apple handle their developer shows. It’s good and bad, but Microsoft’s keynotes must be mostly boring and/or pointless to mainstream users. 
  • Microsoft announces Windows Co-pilot, with yet another Taskbar button and a new sidebar 
  • Dev Home is a dashboard for developers with ReFS and winget configuration
  • Qualcomm makes its case for local and hybrid AI
  • AI is coming to the Microsoft Store
  • Microsoft also talked up Moment 3
  • Microsoft Edge gets a major UI revamp, a business experience, and more 
  • Avatars are coming to Teams this week
  • Microsoft 365 Co-pilot is getting plug-in support
  • Bing becomes the default search engine for ChatGPT
  • Microsoft’s tsunami of AI for customers and developers
  • ChatGPT comes to the iPhone
  • Neeva shuts down its paid search service to focus on AI
  • Chris Cap is unfairly raked over the coals for his comments to employees about getting raises


  • China is the “37th country” to OK Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard
  • Microsoft snags a legal victory in ridiculous “gamers’ lawsuit”
  • Microsoft brings its first PC games to NVIDIA GeForce Now
  • Sony sold 600,000 PSVR2 headsets in 6 weeks somehow

Tips & Picks

  • Tip of the week: Grateful Geek
  • App pick of the week: Microsoft Edge Beta
  • RunAs Radio this week: Incident Response Readiness with Paula Januszkiewicz
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Woodinville Straight Rye

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