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May 10th 2023

Windows Weekly 828

By Mennen

Patch Tuesday, Bing Chatbot, Redfall

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Category: News

Windows 11

  • Patch Tuesday: Windows 11 gets that one new feature that Microsoft was awfully quiet about.
  • New builds last week across Canary, Dev, and Beta - Nothing in Canary, lots in Dev, two changes to Beta.
  • Beta channel: Photos app gets new slideshow and spot fixing tool.
  • Beta channel: No features for consumers, one feature for IT pros, a Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) fix.
  • Widgets might be coming to the desktop because it’s 2009 again.
  • Related: Qualcomm revenues cough up a lung too.

    Microsoft 365
  • Bing chatbot is available to all, Edge is about to get a makeover.
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot launches in early access.
  • Microsoft is partnering with AMD on Project Athena, no it isn’t.
  • Microsoft starts throttling traffic from legacy Exchange servers.

  • Report: EU will approve Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard soon - it worked for the UK!
  • Phil Spencer does what Phil Spencer does and speaks plainly about AB and Redfall troubles.
  • Redfall proves that Xbox Game Pass makes sense.
  • The Xbox May update brings Discord integration.
  • Halo Infinite May update adds Super Fiesta Mode because seriously WTF.
  • Xbox storage expansion cards finally get a price reduction.
  • Nintendo Switch sales are officially on the decline, but 125m sold so far.

    Tips and Picks
  • Tip of the week: Know your screenshot keyboard shortcuts. And then get a real screenshot program. I recommend Greenshot.
  • Stardock Groupy 2 is now in beta, adds tabs to almost any app, groups them on the taskbar, $6.99 on sale.
  • Firefox 113 fixes a million-year-old bug!
  • RunAs Radio this week: Azure Virtual Desktop Accelerator with Jen Sheerin.
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Bus Whisky.

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