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Mar 8th 2023

Windows Weekly 819

Sixty-four Threads but None for You

Windows Insider Canary Channel, video super resolution, Outlook for Mac goes free

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Microsoft adds Windows 12 to the Insider Program

  • Last week’s feature release shows you how these Insider channels map to the next release, which is sometimes a Moment now and not just a formal Feature Update. Don’t worry. They didn’t tell anyone that.
  •  Canary - big changes that need lots of incubation time (e.g. kernel changes), no release target
  •  Dev - changes that need incubation, no release target
  •  Beta- testing changes targeting the next release
  •  Release preview - testing changes that are slated to ship imminently in the next release barring any major explosions (e.g. printers)
  •  Stable - nothing works
  • First Canary build today: Access keys and File Recommendations in File Explorer, LSA Protection Enablement on upgrade.
  • Dev channel: This channel is “rebooted” to 23000 series now, per above. This build has live captions in more languages, access keys in the File Explorer context menus (another Win11 regression),  Recommendations in File Explorer, and other changes.
  • Dev channel (last week): Microsoft is working on a new volume mixer.

Windows 11

  • Microsoft is bringing “video super resolution" to Microsoft Edge
  • We’re still not done with PC maker results: Dell goes down in Q4 too


  • Satya Nadella, marketing AI, now says that Cortana was “dumb as a rock.” Come on.
  • Microsoft to talk up AI in work next week
  • Microsoft talks up AI in Microsoft 365 - this will never end now
  • Microsoft brings more AI to devs at Azure Open Source Day
  • Brave Search adds an AI-powered Summarizer
  • DuckDuckGo adds a similar Answer feature

Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft Outlook is now free on the Mac


  • EU likely to approve Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Told you so?
  • Halo Infinite Season 3 is live. Can it save this game?
  • Halo players have created over one million maps with Forge Beta
  • Microsoft announces new titles for Xbox Game Pass
  • Starfield arrives in September

Tips and picks

  • Tip of the week: Don’t be a statistic
  • App pick of the week: Start11
  • RunAs this Week: FIDO2 and Passwordless with Kyle Kotowick
  • Brown liquor pick of the week: Craigellachie Bas Armagnac Cask Finish 13

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