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Jan 11th 2023

Windows Weekly 811

The Angle of the Dangle

Fungible, rounded corners, Xbox Oreos, the AI wave

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Fungible, rounded corners, Xbox Oreos, the AI wave

  •  Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019
  •  Surface Pro X, also from 2019, featured the first-ever NPU in a Surface product
  •  Eye contact announced in 2020 - requires NPU
  •  Windows Studio Effects announced at hybrid work event in April 2021 - adds Voice clarity, Voice focus, Automatic framing, Portrait blur, and Background blur to Eye contact
  •  Windows Dev Kit 2023 (Volterra) arrives in late 2022 with NPU
  •  Did Microsoft just soft announce Windows 12? Panos Panay awkwardly joins Lisa Su at AMD announcement at CES. Still, this is potentially huge
  •  Let’s not forget VALL-E
  •  Now, Microsoft is reportedly seeking to expand its OpenAI partnership with $10 billion investment, could lead to 49 percent ownership stake

Windows 7 + Windows 8.1 are on a farm chasing rabbits

  • Microsoft issues the final Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 7 and 8.1. They’re dead, Jim. And … oddly, Microsoft added Secure Boot to Windows 7 at the last second
  • Windows 7 was beloved, Windows 8 was reviled, both were horribly misunderstood

More Windows

  • First Windows Insider builds of 2023 reveal more UI tinkering
  • Android 13 comes to WSA in the Insider Program 
  • Preliminary results (from IDC) confirm what we knew about the PC industry in 2022

Surface + devices

  • After claiming that Surface Duo remained important, rumors of major Surface Duo developments, um, surface - Microsoft to move to folding display design, could add standalone phone
  • And let’s not forget this little patent from 2017!
  • Microsoft launches shared device mode for frontline workers


  • Microsoft announces Microsoft 365 Basic - what used to be called OneDrive 100 GB Standalone plan
  • Microsoft acquires Fungible for $190 million (estimated)
  • There’s a Microsoft education event coming in February

Tips and picks

  • Tip of the week: Install Windows Subsystem for Android correctly
  • App pick of the week: BitWarden
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Local Administrator Password Solution V2
  • Bourbon pick of the week: Angel’s Envy

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