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Apr 27th 2022

Windows Weekly 774

Into the Cloud… Bucket

Learnings from Microsoft's Q3 Earnings Call
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Learnings from Microsoft's Q3 Earnings Call

  • Microsoft: Cloud revenue at $23.4 billion in Q3, up 32 percent
  • Analysis: Microsoft Post-Earnings Conference Call (Premium)
  • Microsoft: Windows PC has 'never been more relevant'
  • Analysis: Microsoft Post-Earnings Conference Call (Premium)
  • Google/Alphabet Revenues Were Up 23 Percent in Q1


  • AdDuplex: Windows 11’s Market Share Continues to Stagnate in April
  • Windows 11 Auto HDR Feature Gets an Intensity Slider
  • Microsoft Offers Insights from its Internal Windows 11 Upgrade

Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft's Teams app is coming to the Microsoft Store
  • Microsoft Teams Adds Beta Support for Apple Silicon Macs


  • U.S. Army Could Waste $22 Billion on HoloLens

Build & Dev

  • Microsoft Opens Registrations for its Virtual Build 2022 Conference


  • Xbox Beat US Sales Records in March 2022
  • Report: Sony is Also Exploring Ads in Free-to-play Games

Tips and Picks

  • App pick of the week: Clipchamp
  • Tip of the week: Find assets for YouTube
  • Enterprise pick of the week: Your M365 apps are moving to the Monthly Channel
  • Buzzword pick of the week: Lots of buzzy buzzwords on that earnings call
  • Beer pick of the week: New England Brewing G-Bot

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