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Jan 27th 2021

Windows Weekly 709

Master of Soft Numbers

Microsoft Q2 Earnings Report
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Microsoft Q2 Earnings Report

  • Microsoft reported a net income of $15.5 billion on revenues of $43.1 billion for the quarter ending December 31, 2020.
  •  Pre-COVID spending levels are coming back, leading to Azure, Windows growth
  •  Xbox had a huge quarter
  •  Surface was pretty flat, Windows was mixed
  •  Related: New Surface ad is a bit disingenuous
  •  Related: Intel had a huge quarter

It happens in threes

  •  Kurt DelBene is retiring from Microsoft.
  •  Plus: Rich Turner is joining Project Reunion.


  •  Windows Insider Program shows off a second Feature Experience Pack.
  •  You can install that leaked Windows 10X build on a Surface Pro 7 if you're daring and technical enough
  •  Another new Dev Channel build today with not much in it (besides some touch keyboard tweaks)

Web browsers

  •  Edge 88: This is the big one, 'Lizabeth. One year later, Edge is finally "complete" and mature.
  •  Chrome 88 is out with password improvements, and Chrome OS 88 is out with sign-in, lock screen improvements
  •  Microsoft Edge now supports profiles in PWAs
  •  And Google Calendar gets basic offline support (again)
  •  YouTube is now a PWA
  •  Mozilla is killing the Firefox PWA feature


  •  Microsoft Backtracks, Xbox Live Gold Pricing Won’t Change
  •  5 more titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass this month

Tips and picks

  •  Tip of the week: Get your free audiobooks on Spotify
  •  App pick of the week: Microsoft Edge & Brave Browser
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: New Dynamics 365 and Power Platform feature plans are available now
  •  Enterprise pick of the week: IT Ops: All Things Hybrid
  •  Beer pick of the week: S'mores Bourbon Barrel-Aged Framinghammer

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