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Jun 2nd 2024

This Week in Tech 982

International Trash

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Startup Chaos, Breaking Ticketmaster, Ultrasonic Coffee

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Category: News

Startup Chaos, Breaking Ticketmaster, Ultrasonic Coffee

  • Spotify says it will refund Car Thing purchases 
  • VC Says "Chaos" Coming for Startups, Ads, and Online Business as Generative AI Eats Web
  • Perplexity AI’s new feature will turn your searches into shareable pages 
  • Who's having kids? 
  • The panel discusses Ticketmaster 
  • T-Mobile to acquire most of U.S. Cellular in $4.4 billion deal; U.S. Cellular shares surge 
  • Ticketmaster hacked. Breach affects more than half a billion users. 
  • Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine under DDoS cyber-attack 
  • ‘Like drinking a music festival’: this is ultrasonic coffee – but does it taste any good? 
  • Inside the scramble to ‘prebunk’ election misinformation before it takes hold 
  • TikTok Pins Its Hopes on Trump to Avoid Ban 
  • How a Self-Published Book, ‘The Shadow Work Journal,’ Became a Best Seller 
  • Twitch streamers host a fundraiser for Palestinians. 
  • The IRS is making its free Turbo Tax alternative permanent 
  • Tribeca to Screen AI-Generated Short Films Created by OpenAI's Sora 
  • North Korea says it will stop sending trash balloons as South Korea vows strong retaliation 
  • Swiss company develops CPUs from lab-grown human brains & the internet is horrified 
  • Ex-OpenAI Director Says Board Learned of ChatGPT Launch on Twitter

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