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Jun 25th 2023

This Week in Tech 933

The Iliad Flow

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Amazon vs Walmart, Prime dark patterns, Canadian link tax, Zuck+Musk cage match

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Category: News

Amazon vs Walmart, Prime dark patterns, Canadian link tax, Zuck Musk cage match

  • A new book reveals how Amazon used 'shady' strategies at its bookstores to drive up Prime subscriptions. 
  •  Trader Oooh's. 
  •  FTC Sues Amazon Over ‘Manipulative’ Tactics Used to Enroll Millions in Prime. 
  •  Deceptive Patterns: Hall of Shame. 
  •  Sony’s PlayStation chief privately said Microsoft’s Activision deal wasn’t about Xbox exclusives. 
  •  Amazon will hold Prime Day 2023 on July 11-12, adding invite-only deals and 'Buy with Prime' sites. 
  •  TikTok prepares ‘Project S’ plan to break into online shopping. 
  •  The Curious Case of Chris Evans’s Sweater in “Knives Out”. 
  •  NFL finalizes new 11-year media rights deal, Amazon gets exclusive Thursday Night rights. 
  •  Gannett sues Google over its alleged ad tech monopoly. 
  •  As Canada Passes Corrupt Link Tax, Meta Says No More News Links In Canada. 
  •  Winner Sells All: Amazon, Walmart, and the Battle for Our Wallets by Jason Del Rey. 
  •  Disney Adds Facial Recognition to Parks. 
  •  Tom Morello, Zack de la Rocha Boycott Venues Using Face-scanning Tech. 
  •  Hacker responsible for 2020 Twitter breach sentenced to prison. 
  •  Google’s YouTube Is Testing an Online-Games Offering. 
  •  Meta Will Launch Twitter Competitor In Mid-July: Report. 
  •  Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg's fight started before Meta's Twitter rival. 
  •  “Stunning”—Midjourney update wows AI artists with camera-like feature.

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