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Sep 11th 2022

This Week in Tech 892

You're In Newton's Hands Now

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Apple iPhone 14, Dynamic Island, Intel Optane, ETH merge, Atari 2600

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Category: News

Apple iPhone 14, Dynamic Island, Intel Optane, ETH merge, Atari 2600

  •  News of Queen Elizabeth II's death broke on Twitter before the BBC.
  •  The Steve Jobs Archive.
  •  The Church of Apple Is a Religion Because We Made It One.
  •  Tim Cook would rather have you buy an iPhone than use RCS.
  •  Underestimating Apple’s bold moves.
  •  Why the Soviet Union wanted to nuke this hot dog stand.
  •  Apple picks Globalstar for emergency satellite service on iPhone 14.
  • iPhone 14 is eSIM-only in the US: Here’s what you need to know.
  • iPhone 14 Pro: An in-depth look at how Dynamic Island works with apps, animations, more.
  •  The Apple Watch Ultra looks like the ultra-rugged smartwatch we’ve been waiting for.
  •  Passkeys in iOS 16.
  •  Google announces October 6 event for Pixel 7, Watch.
  •  Twitter Whistle-Blower Never Flagged Spam, Company Tells Judge.
  •  Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Requests a New Trial.
  •  US Treasury to Recommend Issuing Digital Dollar if in National Interest.
  •  Google Is Counting Down to Ethereum Merge with 'Easter Egg' on Search Engine.
  •  3D XPoint™ Breakthrough Non-Volatile Memory - Intel.
  •  The Atari 2600 at 45: The Console That Brought Arcade Games Home.
  •  Ocean Shipping Rates Have Plunged 60% This Year.
  • Instagram fined $400 million over children's data.
  •  Looria analyzes Reddit posts and comments to find the most popular products.
  •  Cirrus Vision Jet Pilot Pulls Chute in Florida.
  •  New Linux malware combines unusual stealth with a full suite of capabilities.

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