This Week in Tech

Oct 10th 2021

This Week in Tech 844

Christina Needs It

Hosted by Leo Laporte
FB's Horrible Week, Surface Laptop Studio Review, TikTok Masters the Algorithm
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Category: News
  • Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen details company's misleading efforts on 60 Minutes.
  • Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Were Down: Here's What to Know.
  • Update about the October 4th outage.
  • Facebook and its apps suffer another outage.
  • Mark Zuckerberg - I wanted to share a note I wrote to...
  • 1 Billion TikTok Users Understand What Congress Doesn’t.
  • Windows 11 review: The start of a new era.
  • Here's the story behind the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and how its creator thinks this time it'll work.
  • The Steve Jobs deal with Michael Dell that could have changed Apple and tech history.
  • Surface Laptop Studio review: Redefining what a Windows laptop can be (again)
  • The iPad Air is everything that’s wrong with Apple’s tablets.
  • Apple files appeal in Epic Games case, potentially delaying App Store changes for years.
  • The Twitch Hack Is Worse for Streamers Than for Twitch.
  • New ad suggests drinking Coke will destroy video games, usher in world peace.
  • YouTube To Stop Making Year-End ‘Rewind’ Videos.

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