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Jan 31st 2021

This Week in Tech 808

Shorting the Turnips

Hosted by Leo Laporte
GameStop stock, Apple's blowout quarter, Apple Watch growth opportunity
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Category: News

GameStop stock, Apple's blowout quarter, Apple Watch growth opportunity

  •  GameStop, meme stocks, and the revenge of the retail trader.
  •  Elizabeth Warren slams SEC over GameStop chaos.
  •  Keith Gill Drove the GameStop Reddit Mania. He Talked to the Journal.
  •  GameStop and Apple: What’s the connection?
  •  AOC talks GameStop and Reddit on Twitch: How to watch or rewatch
  •  The Nightmare Awaiting the News Industry.
  •  Nextdoor Is Quietly Replacing the Small-Town Paper.\
  •  Andreessen Horowitz Looks to Launch Opinion Publication as Its Media Ambition Grows.
  •  Apple’s blowout December 2020 quarter in five easy charts.
  •  Apple in 2020: The Six Colors report card.
  •  Microsoft Cloud Strength Drives Second Quarter Results.
  •  Apple Exec Shuffle: Dan Riccio Takes Secret Position; John Ternus Now SVP of Hardware.
  •  Apple Watch blood sugar sensor 'coming in Series 7'.
  • Inside Hyundai: What they’re saying about Apple.
  •  Time to Walk: An inspiring audio walking experience comes to Apple Fitness+.
  •  Blogging business model: To grow Apple 3.0's subscriber base I doubled my monthly fee.
  •  Facebook's 'Oversight Board' overturns 4 cases in the first rulings.
  •  Tim Cook condemns Facebook's business model, says valuing engagement over privacy leads to ‘polarization’ and ‘violence’.
  •  AT&T eats a $15.5 billion impairment charge as the DirecTV debacle continues.
  •  Letter from Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO, to Creators.
  •  Amazon’s Alexa can now act on its own hunches to turn off lights and more.

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