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Jun 12th 2024

This Week in Google 772

Mystery Bucket of Gummies

Apple AI, Sony Buys Alamo Drafthouse, Cottage Cheese

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Category: News
  • Apple Introduces Image Playground - a new AI image tool
  • Elon Musk drops suit against OpenAI and Sam Altman
  • Hallucination is Inevitable
  • Nokia CEO makes world's first 'immersive' phone call
  • Mike Lynch: Autonomy co-founder cleared of fraud in US trial
  • New York passes legislation that would ban 'addictive' social media algorithms for kids
  • Judge rather than jury will render verdict in upcoming antitrust trial
  • Joey Chestnut is out of 2024 Nathan’s hot dog eating contest in beef over vegan franks
  • There’s an AI Candidate Running for Parliament in the UK
  • No, a Remote Amazon Tribe Did Not Get Addicted to Porn
  • Elon Musk’s Boundary-Blurring Relationships With Women at SpaceX
  • Sony Buys Alamo Drafthouse Movie-Theater Chain
  • Ren Faire on HBO - all 3 parts out now!
  • "The most difficult recipe" damnit
  • TikTok cottage cheese search
  • NotebookLM goes global with Slides support and better ways to fact-check
  • 12 useful features Google just announced for Pixel phones, watches, and tablets

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