This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Feb 14th 2024

This Week in Google 755

Beat It for 15 Minutes

Sovereign AI, Obituary Spam, Gemini Ultra

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Category: News
  • Leo opens his copy of "Shift Happens"
  • Nvidia CEO calls for “Sovereign AI” as his firm overtakes Amazon in market value
  • Sarah Silverman’s copyright infringement suit against OpenAI will advance in pared-down form
  • The rise of obituary spam
  • Biden administration taps Gina Raimondo to direct new AI Safety Institute
  • University of Pennsylvania announces first AI undergrad degree
  • When Your Technical Skills Are Eclipsed, Your Humanity Will Matter More Than Ever
  • "Societal misalignments" could pose AI dangers, OpenAI CEO says
  • Zuckerberg says Quest 3 is ‘the better product’ vs. Apple’s Vision Pro
  • TikTok tunnel girl says project at Northern Virginia home is moving along
  • Everyone keeps asking me to talk about this Tunnel Guy so I'm finally doing it
  • New Mass Gmail Rejections To Start April 2024, Google Says
  • Google One AI Premium is $19.99/month with Gemini Advanced
  • A crowd destroyed a driverless Waymo car in San Francisco
  • Over Three Decades, Tech Obliterated Media
  • The Web Design Museum on Instagram
  • in Finland, Windows95Man is going to Eurovision.

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