This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

Jul 14th 2021

This Week in Google 620

Big Swinging Branson

Branson in Space, Google Antitrust
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Category: News
  • Richard Branson reaches space on Virgin Galactic flight
  • BBC plays cricket with Sundar (video)
  • Google (GOOG:US) Fined $593 Million By French Antitrust Agency
  • Ben Evans tweet re amount of fine v. value of newspapers
  • Murdoch's Knewz -- his Google News -- shuts down
  • What's in Stacey's home
  • Ray Ozzie's Blues Wireless raises $22 million to add 5G to everything
  • Facebook’s satellite connectivity team switches over to Amazon’s Project Kuiper
  • United orders 100 electric planes
  • Kevin explains why he can't pick the best Chromebook
  • Inside Facebook's data wars
  • Facebook Will Now Let Groups Appoint "Experts" in an Effort To Combat Misinformation
  • Facebook says it will pay $1b to creators
  • Instacart steals Fidji Simo as new CEO
  • Google Changelog
  • Android 12 will let you play games before they finish downloading
  • Stadia Porting Toolkit' helps bring over games from Windows
  • Google launches its Workspace tier for individuals in five countries
  • Chrome will soon let you turn on an HTTPS-first mode
  • Google angers employees with 'hypocritical' remote work policies
  • "Super Mario 64" sells for a record $1.56 million at auction
  • Fleets are fleeting
  • Twitter for iOS now lets you edit (who can reply to your old) tweets
  • The Parking Garage of the Future
  • Why Amazon Is Naming New Warehouse Robots After Muppets
  • AI voice actors sound more human than ever—and are ready to hire
  • LG’s rollable OLED TV is finally coming to the US for a staggering $100,000


  • Hustle Culture on HBO Max
  • Popeyes nuggets
  • Dead start-up toys
  • SnoreLab

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