This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

May 19th 2021

This Week in Google 612

Waymo Confused

Google IO keynote, problem with Google's AI demo, Project Starline, Material You
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Guests: Kevin Marks
Category: News
  • Google sends the Blob Opera on tour, starting with extremely fun show at I/O
  • Google and Samsung unite to reboot Android watches, with a dose of Fitbit too
  • 12 Google Workspace updates for better collaboration: Smart Canvas
  • Do We Have Minds of Our Own?
  • Material You is Google’s new personalized design language
  • Chrome testing RSS-powered ‘Follow’ button & feed that keeps the Google Reader dream alive
  • An experiment in helping users and web publishers create deeper connections on Chrome
  • Google’s Project Starline Videoconference Tech Wants to Turn You Into a Hologram
  • Google's Docs dilemma: Why the biggest improvements in years might not be enough
  • The Linear Oppression of Note-taking Apps
  • Seeing With Fresh Eyes: Meaning, Space, Data, Truth
  • Google I/O swag suggests something fun is happening at 4 p.m. PT today
  • LaMDA: our breakthrough conversation technology
  • Google made AI language the centerpiece of I/O while ignoring its troubled past at the company
  • A driverless Waymo got stuck in traffic and then tried to run away from its support crew
  • Google Photos update adds new Memories and a Locked Folder, previews Cinematic moments
  • Google Fast Pair coming to BMW, Ford cars, and Beats headphones
  • Android now powers over 3 billion devices
  • Get around and explore with 5 new Google Maps updates
  • Helping all your devices work better together
  • Chrome now uses Duplex to fix your stolen passwords
  • Google Search adds ‘DVD screensaver’ Easter egg that might eventually hit the corner


  • Kevin - Map of the Internet
  • Stacey - $40,000 Home Theater Bed Offers Unique Opportunity
  • Ant - Get A Round Tuit
  • Jeff - Apple’s compromises in China: Five takeaways

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