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Nov 10th 2023

Tech Break 7921

TWiS Clip: Happy Hour in Zero-G - The Challenges of Space Booze

Hosted by Rod Pyle, Tariq Malik

Last Call in Low Earth Orbit: Drinking in Space is Complicated

This feed has been discontinued, but you can find the clips in our archives.
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Making a space station cocktail hour a reality poses immense challenges. In this lively excerpt from This Week in Space, Space alcohol expert Colleen McLeod Garner explores the prospects and perils of alcohol consumption in orbit. Can space tourism operations serve alcohol responsibly? What rules and rituals might drinking in space require? Be sure to watch the full episode as hosts Rod Pyle and Tariq Malik ponder zero-gravity beer, licensing cosmic bars, and the dilemma of drinking on the job in space.

Watch the full episode:

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