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Sep 16th 2021

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Lutron Caséta, Kobo Libra H20, Homebridge on Synology
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Category: News

Lutron Caséta, Kobo Libra H20, Homebridge on Synology

  •  Logitech built Bolt to make wireless mice and keyboards work better
  •  Apple announces new Apple Watch Series 7
  •  How to reset your Apple Watch fitness calibration for more accurate Workout and Activity data
  •  A Short History of Every Time Apple CEO Tim Cook Praised Augmented Reality
  •  Apple’s updated leather MagSafe wallet supports Find My location tracking
  •  Nintendo finally adds Bluetooth audio to the Switch in a new software update
  •  LG's outrageous direct-view LED TV tops out at 325 inches, $1.7 million
  •  T-Mobile is rolling out a new ‘5G UC’ icon for iPhones to tell when you have real 5G
  •  Polaroid's new Now+ camera links to app with more creative capabilities
  •  Sonos’ second-gen Beam soundbar supports Dolby Atmos

Picks of the week

  •  Dan: Kobo Libra H20
  •  Mikah: reMarkable 2

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