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Aug 19th 2021

Smart Tech Today 92

Matter Delayed: It's Not a Bad Thing

Galaxy Watch 4, Alexa's downfall, Matter's 2022 delay
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Galaxy Watch 4, Alexa's downfall, Matter's 2022 delay

  •  New Smart Home Standard Matter Is Delayed Until 2022
  •  Building A Standard That Really "Matters" - Connectivity Standards Alliance
  •  Galaxy Watch 4: Samsung's alone in making WearOS 3 smartwatches for now
  •  Google Nest Hub might have its very own app launcher
  •  Amazon, Alexa, and the Downfall of a Popular Name
  •  Audio-Technica's updated M50x wireless headphones have multi-device support
  •  Hands-on with Facebook's new VR for work app Horizon Workrooms
  •  SmartThings embraces the edge and DIYers
  •  Eve Aqua automates outdoor watering with HomeKit integration
  •  Can I use Siri to control non-HomeKit devices?
  •  Can I use Alexa to control HomeKit devices?
  •  Meross MSG100HK Smart Garage Door Opener Review: Cheap HomeKit smarts for your garage door
  •  How Long Does It Take To Charge An Apple Watch Battery?
  •  Apple Fitness+ expanded with new 'Time to Walk' workout
  •  Elago adds 3 multi-device chargers to MagSafe lineup
  •  Apple's been playing it too MagSafe
  • McClockface' app offers the best clock widgets for your iPhone and iPad

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  • Matthew: Vestaboard

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