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Aug 5th 2021

Smart Tech Today 90

A Tour of Rosemary Orchard's Smart Home

Aqara sensors, SwitchBot Curtain, Nanoleaf, Meross, and more
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Category: News

Aqara sensors, SwitchBot Curtain, Nanoleaf, Meross, and more

  •  Drunk-driving provision could fuel demand for driver monitoring technology
  •  Argo AI can now offer public rides in its autonomous vehicles in California
  •  Yelp adds tools that let businesses share their COVID policies related to vaccines
  •  Amazon’s Halo band can share your heart rate with other apps and workout equipment
  •  Peloton is updating its treadmills to again be useful without a subscription
  •  Google leaks unannounced Nest security cameras on its own online store
  •  Colleges across the US and Canada are adopting virtual student IDs
  •  New version of AirPods Pro beta firmware features Conversation Boost
  •  Meross MSG100HK Smart Garage Door Opener Review: Cheap HomeKit smarts for your garage door
  •  IKEA confirms HomeKit support for its new smart air purifiers

Rosemary Orchard's Smart Home

  •  Aqara
  •  Signals App
  •  Meross Light Strips
  •  Yale Smart Locks
  •  Hiome
  •  Nanoleaf
  •  SwitchBot Curtain

Picks of the week

  • Rosemary: Anker Nano II 65 Charger, PowerLine III Flow USB-C to USB-C 100W Cable
  •  Mikah: Anker Car Mount Charger

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