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Apr 29th 2021

Smart Tech Today 76

Explaining Thread Enthusiasm

Google Assistant updates, LTE trackers, and why Thread's exciting
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Google Assistant updates, LTE trackers, and why Thread's exciting

  • Google Fixes Two Annoying Quirks in Its Voice Assistant
  •  Nest Hub may soon be the center of your hotel room
  •  Sonos Roam is a nearly perfect portable Assistant
  •  Garmin’s 2 new smartwatches want to make the casual athlete more advanced
  •  The Jiobit GPS Tracker Changed My Tune on Toddler Surveillance
  •  T-Mobile launches LTE-based SyncUp Tracker
  •  Lutron Caseta Outdoor Smart Plug Review: Flexibility in the garden
  •  Eve launches updated Eve Energy HomeKit smart plug with Thread
  •  Discover your Thread Network
  •  Apple iOS 14.5 update includes diverse Siri voices, map upgrades, and a way to unlock your phone with Apple Watch
  •  How to change Siri's voice in iOS 14.5
  •  Set Spotify as Siri's Preferred Audio Player in iOS 14.5 for Music, Podcasts & Audiobooks
  •  Accidents in Apple Maps: How to report incidents and more
  •  iOS 14.5: How to Use AirPlay 2 With Apple Fitness+


  • Dan asks about Mikah's excitement regarding Wemo's new Thread-ready HomeKit scene controller.
  •  Bob shares an excellent tip for setting up HomeKit automation with the Home app and the Eve app.

Picks of the week

  • Matthew: How to control HomeKit with the Elgato Stream Deck
  • Mikah: Aqara Wireless Mini Switch & Aqara Smart Hub

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