Smart Tech Today

Jan 28th 2021

Smart Tech Today 63

Bark, Alexa, Bark!

Wink's outage, Alexa's new guard features, HomePod handoff
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Category: News

Wink's outage, Alexa's new guard features, HomePod handoff

  • Wink's home automation service has been down for a whole day
  • Alexa’s ‘Tell Me When’ skill combines reminders with contextual information
  • Amazon’s Alexa can now act on its own hunches to turn off lights and more
  • Amazon Echo can now make a noise like a dog barking if you're not home — here's how to set it up
  • Amazon's Ring announces $60 Video Doorbell Wired, its cheapest and smallest doorbell, arriving on February 24
  • The HomePod mini finally adds its long-promised ultra-wideband handoff feature
  • Apple doubles down on Fitness+ with new “Time to Walk” Apple Watch content
  • iFixit says Apple’s AirPods Max is ‘quite serviceable’
  • Apple reveals striking Black Unity Collection limited-edition Apple Watch and band
  • Tasker's Android phone automation connects with Google Assistant
  • Google’s VR painting app is getting the ax, but it will live on as an open-source project
  • Some of the very best Google Assistant Easter eggs


  • Matthew: Sony Xperia Pro
  • Mikah: Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap With Battery

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