Smart Tech Today

Dec 21st 2020

Smart Tech Today 59

AirPods Max Impressions

Hosted by Matthew Cassinelli
Stadia on iOS, Apple TV+ on Chromecast, Rosemary's Smart Home Setup
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Category: News

Matthew and Rosemary discuss their hands-on impressions of Apple's AirPods Max, Google Stadia on iOS, and Rosemary's smart home setup.

On this episode of Smart Tech Today with Matthew Cassinelli and Rosemary Orchard:

  •  Apple Fitness+ impressions
  •  Hands-on with Apple AirPods Max 
  • Apple's Siri can now make animal sounds like a duck quacking or a lion roaring
  •  Controller for HomeKit app enhances your smart home with new design, filters, smart folders, and new camera view
  •  Queen Elizabeth will deliver her Christmas Day message via Alexa
  •  Amazon adds Alexa-powered List sharing You can now do group audio and video calls on Echo devices
  • Apple TV is coming to Chromecasts with Google TV
  •  Google wins EU approval over Fitbit deal, agrees not to use health data in ads
  •  Google shuts down production on the Home Max
  •  Google's new AR shopping feature lets you try on makeup
  •  Stadia is now available on iOS
  •  Google redesigns Assistant Routines with sunrise/set triggers
  •  Automations galore! Rosemary shares her smart home setup and her best automation tips and tricks


  • Matthew: Eve Update Brings its HomeKit App to the Mac
  • Rosemary: eufy Smart Scale:

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