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Oct 10th 2023

Security Now 943

The Top 10 Cybersecurity Misconfigurations

MACE Act Passed, Brave Layoffs, 23andMe Breached

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Category: Help & How To
  • Steve announces the release of his new freeware utility ValiDrive for detecting fake drive capacities. 
  • 23andMe claims a recent data breach exposed customer info due to credential stuffing attacks. 
  • Key stats from Microsoft's 2023 Digital Defense Report on cyberattacks, including increased attacks on open source software, growth in business email compromise, and more password attacks.
  • Brave lays off 9% of its staff amid the tough economic climate, despite its efforts to diversify revenue with new search features.
  • Google Docs exports replace links with tracking redirects, enabling Google to monitor clicked links from exported documents.
  • The MOVEit breach impacted Sony, exposing employee and family data.
  • Firefox 118 now supports Encrypted ClientHello for hiding site requests from network surveillance.
  • Google will provide 7 years of updates for its new Pixel phones, up from 5 years previously.
  • The MACE Act passed overwhelmingly in Congress, allowing agencies more flexibility in cybersecurity hiring.
  • Median dwell time for ransomware dropped to less than 1 day, with human-driven attacks deploying it faster.
  • Steve digs into the top 10 cybersecurity misconfigurations outlined in the new NSA/CISA advisory.

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