MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Aug 8th 2023

MacBreak Weekly 881

Cookster's Billions

Q3 2023 Results, M3 Max Chip, Tetris Movie

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Category: News
  • Apple Q3 2023 charts: $81.8B revenue, down 1%.
  • How Apple will save billions of dollars on chips for new iPhone.
  • Apple iPhone 15 Pro goes on sale September 22, announced september 12 or 13.
  • Apple tests 2024 M3 Max MacBook Pro chip with 16 CPU cores, 40 GPU cores.
  • Apple and Samsung are preparing big investments in chip designer Arm.
  • Apple buys Foxconn servers for testing its AI services.
  • Apple’s college football TV deal, and a century-old athletic conference, fall apart.
  • Gizmodo editor-in-chief sues Apple, alleging ‘Tetris’ movie on TV+ rips off his book.
  • Google’s AI-powered code editor enables Android, iOS, and web dev online.
  • Google wants iPhone switchers to know ‘It’s all good’ on Android.

    Picks of the Week:
  • Jason's Picks: MacWhisper & Aiko
  • Leo's Pick: FullJourney
  • Alex's Pick: Filmtools
  • Andy's Pick: SingleFIle

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