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Aug 10th 2021

MacBreak Weekly 778

Hatch My Eggs!

Apple CSAM, patent trolls, iPhone 13 rumors
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Category: News

Apple CSAM, patent trolls, iPhone 13 rumors

  •  Apple announces "Expanded Protections for Children"
  •  Apple explains how iPhones will scan photos for child-sexual-abuse images
  •  Interview: Apple’s Head of Privacy details child abuse detection and Messages safety features
  •  Apple says any expansion of CSAM detection outside of the US will occur on a per-country basis
  •  Apple Confirms Detection of Child Sexual Abuse Material is Disabled When iCloud Photos is Turned Off
  •  Apple’s New ‘Child Safety’ Initiatives, and the Slippery Slope
  •  An Open Letter Against Apple's Privacy-Invasive Content Scanning Technology
  •  One Bad Apple - The Hacker Factor Blog
  •  Apple's Mistake - Stratechery
  •  Apple Readies New iPhones With Pro-Focused Camera, Video Updates
  •  Apple keeps shutting down employee-run surveys on pay equity — and labor lawyers say it's illegal
  •  Apple Sinks ‘Submarine Patent,’ Escapes $308.5 Million Verdict
  •  Long Island man credits Apple Watch with saving his life after serious fall
  •  Kuo: Mid-2022 MacBook Air to come in multiple colors with similar form factor as upcoming MacBook Pro
  •  Apple and Netflix engaged in a bidding war for Jennifer Lawrence’s new film
  •  Apple orders drama series ‘Bad Monkey’ starring Vince Vaughn, written by Ted Lasso executive producer Bill Lawrence

Picks of the Week

  •  Andy's pick: Rifftrax Friends
  •  Rene's pick: Canon R3
  •  Alex's pick: Bert Monroy's new image
  •  Leo's pick: iMazing

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