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Jul 20th 2021

MacBreak Weekly 775

Guacamole 2: The Dippening

Steam Deck, NSO spyware, right to repair, RCS vs. SMS
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Category: News

Steam Deck, NSO spyware, right to repair, RCS vs. SMS

  •  Steam Deck, from Valve
  •  Netflix Plans to Offer Video Games in Push Beyond Films, TV
  •  Despite the hype, iPhone security is no match for NSO spyware
  •  This tool tells you if NSO’s Pegasus spyware targeted your phone
  •  iOS and Android Activations Now Split Evenly in the U.S., Research Shows
  •  LG to sell iPhones in its South Korean stores starting in August
  •  iFixit CEO names and shames tech giants for the right to repair obstruction
  •  Apple Delays Office Return by At Least a Month as Covid Spikes
  •  Google gently pushes Apple to adopt RCS by pointing out the poor security of SMS fallback
  •  Fake AirPods cost Apple $3.2B this year, says report on US Customs seizures
  •  Adobe Premiere Pro now runs natively on M1 Macs, adds Speech to Text feature in new update
  •  Exclusive: Apple planning redesigned iPad mini with A15 processor, USB-C port, more
  •  DigiTimes: iPhone 13 to feature new Wi-Fi 6E standard
  •  Apple Looks to Lease Hollywood Hub for Filming Shows and Movies
  •  Scoop: Apple taps its watch mastermind Kevin Lynch to work on self-driving cars

Picks of the Week

  • Andy's pick: BBEdit 14
  • Rene's pick: Everything Dice & TikTok Fun
  • Alex's pick: Dreem Fibonacci iPhone Case
  • Leo's pick (Ant's pick): Fjorden: Faster camera controls, now on your iPhone.

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