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Jan 14th 2024

Ask The Tech Guys 2007

I’m In the Mood for Pasta

CES 2024 Recap, Equalizing Music Files, WMIC

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Category: Help & How To

Is there a way to play Call of Duty on my M3 MacBook Pro? Should I get a voice recorder to record my thoughts, or is my smartphone good enough to record audio? Can you upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 still for free? Plus, Sam Abuelsamid stops by to talk about the car tech at CES 2024 and Fr. Robert Ballacer, SJ shares his report from CES 2024 as well.

  • You can now pre-order the Apple Vision Pro.
  • Apple Vision Pro’s lengthy sales pitch will include 25-minute demo.
  • The Atari 400 is getting an awesome mini edition.
  • Shutting down Artifact.
  • How can I equalize the audio of my mp3's?
  • Can I play the latest Call of Duty on my MacBook Pro?
  • Is a voice recorder better to record my own thoughts, or can my smartphone do the job?
  • Sam Abuelsamid and CES 2024.
  • Will there be a new 27-inch iMac coming out in the near future?
  • What secure messaging app should I use on a Samsung phone with Facebook Messenger dropping support for SMS messaging?
  • How can I get off Google's blacklist of "bad" domains?
  • Can I still upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free?
  • Fr. Robert Ballacer, SJ, and his CES 2024 report on the trends seen at the convention.
  • Is powerline networking a better option than using WiFi to connect multiple devices in my household?
  • Is there a command line feature for managing information in text files?

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