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Sep 21st 2021

All About Android 543

It's Pixel Season

Pixel foldables, Pixel 6 Pro and Tensor leaks, Note 22 Ultra, Android 6 permissions
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Category: News
  • OnePlus Spills the Details on What Its Merger With Oppo Will Look Like.
  • ColorOS vs OxygenOS.
  • Android 6 and up will start stripping unused apps’ permissions.
  • Google Play Services now lets you delete your advertising ID when you opt out of ad personalization.
  • Google’s foldable phone plans include two devices, Android 12.1 release.
  • Android 12.1 will improve the foldable phone experience likely in preparation for the Pixel Fold.
  • Galaxy Fold-style Pixel foldable, ‘Jumbojack,’ spotted in Android 12.1.
  • Real-life Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are in the window of NYC Google Store.
  • Pixel 6 and 6 Pro hit FCC with Wi-Fi 6E support.
  • Exclusive: Here’s everything we learned about the Pixel 6 Pro from the actual phone.
  • Exclusive: Here are the likely specs of the Google Tensor chip in the Pixel 6
  • Tech News Weekly Episode 201.
  • Samsung Note 22 Ultra design spotted, Note line may still be released.
  • Google Calendar widgets finally get a button to quickly add events.
  • Google Drive’s Material You redesign adds that quirky, bulbous X-shaped widget.
  • Google Keep’s Material You update is here with new widgets as well.
  • Google app readying that Material You Weather widget found in Pixel 6 ads.
  • DeX and lapdocks like the NexDock.
  • A positive review of Assistant Driving Mode.
  • A tip for playing your YouTube Music uploaded library.

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