MacBreak Weekly Episode 886 Transcript

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0:00:00 - Leo Laporte
It's time for MacBreak Weekly. It's the hour after the Apple iPhone event, and Alex is here, andy is here, we brought in Mikah Sargent, who joined me for the event, and, of course, I am not here. I'm in Rhode Island, but we're going to talk about Apple's new phones, their new watches and a whole lot more. Next, on MacBreak Weekly.

0:00:26 - VO
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0:01:55 - Mikah Sargent
It's time for MacBreak Weekly, the show where we talk to the foremost Mac watchers of the world. Yes, I'm choosing to use that as the introduction. I am Mikah Sargent, who is fresh off watching the Apple September iPhone WonderLust event, joining us from all around the world. At this point We've got in the far left corner. Well, let's go to the right. It's kind of all around Rhode Island. Yeah, exactly yeah, it's a taste from Rhode Island. It's Leo Laporte.

You wouldn't think you could really get all around Rhode Island When's the last time you did a remote show there, the utility room not the basement today. We just did, we just got off the Apple event, you and me we did, but okay, well, before that, it's been a while since you've been remote.

0:02:40 - Leo Laporte
I don't have. I, oh, I've done the show during COVID. I did the show, I think, sometimes remote, and then I've never done it actually anywhere but my house. Wow, how do? You feel, as far as I can, in the early days of Twitter, we would go to bars and do it. Maybe that counts. Sure, it's a little weird. Plus, it's a little muggy here, andy, and that's a little sweaty. I'm sorry how do you survive that?

0:03:04 - Andy Ihnakto
I'm sorry. I left the windows open to the state. It's a small state. I forgot.

0:03:11 - Leo Laporte
All this, all this humidity coming down from New York. By the way, you'll be glad to know, I have been imbibing the local food and beverages, to do it authentically.

0:03:26 - Andy Ihnakto
Lovely. Let's see again. We are a simple people. We sing, we dance, we work the fields, we go home, we pray to a different God and then we go to bed early and start our little over again. I hope you enjoy it.

0:03:39 - Leo Laporte
Nothing like a good Duncan's.

0:03:40 - Mikah Sargent
before the show and how about you, Alex Lindsay? Is it muggy where you are?

0:03:46 - Alex Lindsay
I'm here in sunny Nevada it's a little it was actually a little chilly this morning. It's been a little bit of a cold snap here in Nevada, california, not Nevada north of. Every time I say it is it like you're in Nevada, nevada, but you're also in California. I'm like it's not the same.

0:04:02 - Mikah Sargent
No, it's not the same at all, it's.

0:04:04 - Leo Laporte
Novato and Nevada.

0:04:05 - Mikah Sargent
So it's very clear, very clear difference Nevada, yeah, the people of Nevada do get upset if you say Nevada, I've learned. Yeah, maybe three people I said oh, you're from Nevada.

0:04:16 - Leo Laporte
No, it's Nevada, okay, and for some reason Johnny Gilbert, the announcer on Jeopardy, refuses to say Nevada. He always says Nevada. You must know he's 90 something years old.

0:04:28 - Mikah Sargent
Come on, johnny. Have you not learned, johnny? I think we should start talking about the thing we're here to talk about, which is the Apple September event. This event, as we expected, was all about iPhone and Apple Watch. They kicked off the show talking about the Apple Watch, we had a brief little conversation with Mother Nature played by Octavia Spencer, and then we went into the iPhone. I think we should start. You sure it wasn't Drew Barrymore. I promise it wasn't Drew Barrymore. Nor was it event Nicole Brown, nor was it Okay, I can't remember who else. Who else we?

0:05:04 - Andy Ihnakto
guess. Well, the other question is like is the Apple campus? Well, I just answered my question. Isn't the Apple campus a union shop?

0:05:13 - Leo Laporte
Clearly no, yeah, they're able to write this video. I was asking the same thing. They don't use the writer's guild and they don't use screen actors, unless they have a special side contract, I think they might.

0:05:25 - Alex Lindsay
They could have gotten. I think they would have. They could have gotten a exception on that one, because it's not really a film. You know it's film, but it's not film.

0:05:32 - Leo Laporte
I think I remember reading that the Apple TV contracts are okay. They're still ongoing. Those are side contracts to the main deal. When I was at the event.

0:05:41 - Mikah Sargent
When I was at WD I think it was WWDC they were their picketing, and so they had folks there picketing and they would come up and give out these little papers and then the Apple people would come to them and say you can't cross this line, you have to stand back there. And then I don't know why they also have a Rhode Island accent, but apparently they pink it.

0:05:59 - Leo Laporte
That's why they think it.

0:06:01 - Mikah Sargent
They moved them back to that area. So yeah, they were. They were protesting because of Apple TV plus. Specifically, that's what kept bringing up while we were all there at WWDC. I think, leo, this is usually the time where you ask Alex about his take on whether Apple should have in person live streaming events or if we already know what Alex is going to say.

0:06:25 - Alex Lindsay
We mostly spent talking about whether what sets were real and what sets were fixed. You know, like that was the big we think that the obviously they we couldn't figure out where the farmers market was, so we're pretty sure they just set that up.

0:06:40 - Leo Laporte
No, no, I think that's. I think that's actually the farmers market in the fairy building, isn't it?

0:06:45 - Alex Lindsay
No, no, that's definitely wasn't. The fairy building has a bridge, doesn't have a bridge going over top of it? Something going over top of it? I go to that one, so it was a fake one, okay. We think that was just fake. We think that the not green, not digital, but just like they put it somewhere. We we also think the factory building is fake, you know, like the entire building, and we think it was green screen.

0:07:06 - Leo Laporte
Hey, the audio would have been my saying that there is no such Apple company as the Marimba Apple company.

0:07:14 - Alex Lindsay
So the no, but yeah, the, the but I mean the interior of that factory building, the way that they did the transition, that looks like it looked, the ins we definitely don't believe that the, that it's real. For the in Steve Jobs theater, upstairs curved glass would generate so much echo that you'd never be able to record in there and expect that audio to work. But otherwise, I mean so, so, and you know, we do think that the labs might be just cleaned up and they actually could be there, and that's that's one that we're not sure of. I think that I think that overall, for overall, overall watching it, we decided that you know, like oftentimes they say production and many other things are, you know, a moment of of, you know a lot of slowness punctuated by a moment of excitement. In this case, I think we said there's a great new camera.

0:08:04 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, are you disappointed? There were no Craig Federighi moments.

0:08:09 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, we didn't get no slow motion or nothing.

0:08:13 - Leo Laporte
Do they reserve that? Maybe that's just hardware.

0:08:15 - Mikah Sargent
Right yeah, this was a hardware event.

0:08:16 - Alex Lindsay
It was software. It is. It just it was. It was a pretty. I mean it was a pretty. It was the slowest, the slowest keynote and, in recent memory, like it was. We got to the camera. We were really excited with the camera, everything up until that we were like I don't know why I'm watching this.

0:08:32 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, your take. Let's hear this.

0:08:34 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, I mean I think I thought it was, I thought it was a good keynote. It could have been shorter, but this is. This is another part of the, the eternal discussion about how these events are going to be different, that, like, at some point, the people, if they're running a completely live stage show, you say, look, we're making this too complicated, we can't, we can't load in this, we can't correlate that, we don't have enough, we can't book enough rehearsal time. When it's video that you can do piecemeal, there can be the sort of thing where you're saying, oh well, you know what that would be, a that would be a good second to drop in, or you know what the invite we were? We're. We're very proud of our environmental message. We think that the environmental message we're sending today is really, really important.

So, yeah, let's not even bother cutting down that video. Let's make sure that's, let's make it a nice little amusing meal, because that was like the, the, the. There are things I paid you pay close attention to, and one of them are the theme, the themes that they try to sneak into absolutely everything, and the environment was here. I don't think there was a single part of this in which they didn't try to talk about their environmental commitment. So on that basis it was completely appropriate for them to have I don't know how long it went, but like a five minute long, highly 20 minutes 20 minutes.

0:09:43 - Alex Lindsay
That Octavia Spencer bit was 20 minutes that all of the stuff around it, all the environmental stuff, was like 20 minutes. It was like for five or eight minutes that would have been totally fine at 20 minutes. We were all like, oh, and usually as someone in press, you want, you want them to do an announcement first and then do the environmental stuff, because that's when you take all your notes and hit all the blogs and everything else.

0:10:04 - Andy Ihnakto
But that's, that's what's making Apple different and the thing that they were really trying to trying to trump on. And I think the fun part of the Octavia Spencer bit was that they didn't cast her. She was cast as mother nature, but not as I'm in this diaphanous pre-reference being called the loft by butterfly. She is a an intense corporate Steve Jobs like CEO. It was like okay, you are my second corporate environmental progress report of the day. Let's start with your lies. I'm okay, let's go and being skeptical all the way through. So that's oh, it was funny and was worth it.

But they're also, they're also marking that hey, look, we're going to, we have a brand new logo that you're going to start seeing on all packages that meet this goal, that if this is one hire, what are they? I don't know what they called it Okay, I don't have it in front of me but basically an actual like logo, a specific logo with just the leaf of the Apple logo spread like into sort of like, sort of like a flower, saying that if you see this logo on a package, it means that it is 100% neutral. And saying, hey, we've got that, we've got that certification on the Apple watch. We're going to see it spread to other things. So yeah, and also, when you're trying to make the point that we are also getting rid of all leather products, interestingly enough not saying because, because we believe in the sanctity of life and all its forms and all of God's creatures, it's like no, I mean, leather costs a lot of makes. It has a big environment, environmental impact to produce, and so we can do a whole lot of cool stuff with recycling and so now we're replacing all the other leather stuff with all this other stuff I had.

I had that. That's why I had underscored Hermes and of course, they meet you and say, oh, no, no, and Hermes is going to have some new, like recycled stuff too. So yeah, I wasn't bothered by the length of it because I thought it was well put together. I didn't feel as though there was any real dead air to it and if you didn't like it and if anybody didn't like the environmental sequence, I at least appreciate that. They didn't feel like a filler, feel like I felt like they're trying to really assert that this is something that we have above all the other companies. I mean, I'll just just a button this up, like to think that they only mentioned security and privacy in passing, like one couple of half sentences here, and there I'm like twice.

But environmental stuff was over and over and over and over again. So that's there. They clearly wanted to make the intended for that to be a message.

0:12:19 - Leo Laporte
I guess that's true. Every Apple event has a through line. In the past it's been privacy or 5G. In this case it was environmentally neutral. Our goal by 2030 is to be 100% environmentally neutral.

0:12:34 - Alex Lindsay
And I don't. I don't have a problem with the what they're doing. I think it's, I think it's a good thing. I just think that it was 20 minutes. Like it was just it was just like oh my gosh, you know what you care about is the phone Like?

0:12:45 - Leo Laporte
usually that stuff is terrible, Like it's not funny and so forth. I mean it was relatively benign.

0:12:51 - Alex Lindsay
It was benign.

0:12:52 - Speaker 5
It was just again.

0:12:54 - Alex Lindsay
I think that the problem is is that you, when, if you keep on doing that, people will stop watching the live show, because they'll just wait?

0:13:00 - Leo Laporte
I don't think so. They'll wait through all of that, wait through all of crap to find out what the next iPhone?

0:13:05 - Alex Lindsay
is because the cut down is going to come out it may already be out, it's going to come out in about an hour or something like that and because now that they're not doing them live, they can cut them all down. And the thing is is the cut down is going to be 10 minutes and nowadays the cut down is getting more views than the than the full version?

0:13:18 - Leo Laporte
Is that true, really?

0:13:19 - Alex Lindsay
I think last time it was higher yeah.

0:13:21 - Speaker 5
And so the thing is is that if you make it different people, people will stop.

0:13:27 - Alex Lindsay
People will just stop watching it. If you, if you fill up the first half hour with things that are slow, like there have been some of these that you get in there and you just feel like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam bam. They were showing you one cool thing after another and then they were going to this and they were going to that this and I felt like maybe they put that all in there, because if they, if the show was 45 minutes, which is about what it should have been, people would have said, well, apple must be running out of ideas, because they're this was really short, shorter than all the other ones, and that would have been the press. But I feel like they just kind of just like, let's just push, push more stuff in there, because we can't afford it.

0:13:58 - Mikah Sargent
Is it not also a signal of what the company cares about? I mean this whether they, you know, genuinely from their heart, care about it or not, it's, it's it's messaging that we spend 20 minutes worth. That's how much? How much do you care about it? 20 minutes.

0:14:11 - Alex Lindsay
I got it, but no one's going to see it again. Like no one's going to. I mean, like it's it. It the thing is is that the people who are watching it's not. It's just not serving the audience. The people who are watching want to know what you're going to release next, you know and, and you're making them kind of slog through a half an hour of slowness and it's fine, like I don't think. I think they should have said it. I think they should have said all those things, but just showing us a graphic and and going through it in two or three minutes would have been, would have said the same thing and we would have. I actually probably would have remembered more of it. I found that there was so much story around it I couldn't figure out what they were talking about.

0:14:42 - Andy Ihnakto
I thought I thought it was okay because, like, just just as you say there, there is going to be a cut down version of this, like 10 minutes, a half hour, an hour after that, that people who are not interested in the full like hour-long dog and pony show are not going to, are not going to watch it anyway. You may as well give the the this is. This is why I feel as though, when you, when people complain that, oh, baseball takes a, takes three, it takes a three and a half hours. It should be like an hour long. So, well, maybe maybe it shouldn't be cut down just for people who don't like baseball. Maybe it should be. This should be a thing for people who enjoy it, because we are an unusual species that a $2.7 trillion company is is announcing new products that are going to make them a whole bunch of money, and like we're and oh, my God I'm, I've got my soda, I've got my, I've got my little little bowl of ginger snaps I'm really excited about all this and so, yeah, I'm really keen to see like the whole hour, and if people who don't, who are a, only want to see the highlights, they'll have highlights an hour later. People who don't only want the information. They'll get the information almost immediately, but it's I'll, I'll, I'll the.

The other thing I want to say is that Tim Tim is really easing up. He's loosening up. He is like more natural now than he ever has been and not in like the fake natural thing I think they're giving. They're giving him things to do that they know he's capable of and he's doing it really well, like his bits. He had a funny bit in the Octavia Octavia Spencer bit where, like, because everybody's really nervous, waiting for, like, mother Nature to come in, and you see him like basically looking at his notes and like muttering hello, welcome to Apple, Hello, welcome to Apple, hello, and he and he sold it. And we all see, we've all seen CEOs like, oh my God, they gave the CEO a funny line. Oh my God, oh my God, they must hate this line to make it die such a brutal and horrible death.

0:16:22 - Leo Laporte
You got to understand what these events are for, though, and I think, alex, you may not be the audience that this was intended for.

0:16:31 - Speaker 5
I think Apple probably is, I don't know they use this.

0:16:35 - Leo Laporte
They use this not for enthusiasts, I mean, it used to be. They would do it for the press. Then they started realizing enthusiasts, watch, they did it for enthusiasts. I think this is where Apple puts out its corporate line. And there and clearly a memo went out saying you know, we want to be climate neutral by 2030. And we're going to make sure everybody knows we're doing that. I asked Mikah during the event do you think people really care that much about it? And I don't know if they buy a product because it's climate neutral. I think people are aware of it.

And I think Apple was saying this the whole point of this was Apple saying you know, this is our chance. This is our one chance a year to say what our corporate priorities are, and that is the corporate priority for this.

0:17:18 - Alex Lindsay
I think. The issue, though, is that if it's not aimed at a person like me, who's seen every keynote live for the last 15 years, watched it and buys all their products again and is going to buy this one, I don't know who it's aimed at. It's not aimed.

0:17:33 - Leo Laporte
It's not. No, they don't expect a lot of people to watch it. They expect the press that's watching it to then write a summary in which they say Apple really cares about the environment. That's what the point of it is. To get the word out. I don't think it's you know. I don't think they care about you being bored.

0:17:49 - Alex Lindsay
I think that the Frank to do a stream, to do a stream live at the level that they're doing it out. The point is to short circuit the press at this point. They used to want to have the press come in right about them, and they still bring the press in to look at all those things. But what they're doing is they're getting their message out the way they want to say it to everyone and if they, you know, without having, well, without needing the press I mean the numbers of live viewers for the keynote are bigger than most evening TV shows, you know like, and it is a massive number of viewers and I mean you know it's. Most people are going to buy an iPhone, no matter what. Yeah, but the issue is is that that that continues to push that distortion field out. And the issue is is that if they, if a lot of that's what I'm saying.

0:18:35 - Leo Laporte
It's a secondary effects that are more important than the primary effects, because they know they've got you, they know you're going to buy it, doesn't matter. The other problem they have is that this is all very incremental. I mean, they didn't, they didn't have anything big to announce, there was no one camera, the camera was it was speaking, actually speaking of all of that.

0:18:52 - Mikah Sargent
We should start talking we got to start talking about the products because Alex is going to run away from us. So let's stop talking about. Let's take a break. If you don't mind, would you would?

0:19:01 - Speaker 5
you take a break and when we come back, we're going to let Alex talk about the camera.

0:19:04 - Leo Laporte
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0:22:23 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, you didn't get the Dr Evil chair. No, I don't like that chair. It doesn't feel good on my back. It's very painful to sit in for me.

0:22:29 - Leo Laporte
It is, but the suffering makes it all the better.

0:22:32 - Andy Ihnakto
Heavy is the butt that wears the crown.

0:22:34 - Leo Laporte
Maybe that's the problem, is that butt has been weighing heavily in that chair for a decade. That's probably. That's probably the problem.

0:22:41 - Mikah Sargent
So we of course, are talking about the new Apple Watches and iPhones, and we're kicking things off with arguably one of the most exciting new features. It's a hardware feature the new camera system on the Pro. Yeah, alex, you said that you were watching the event live with a group of many people and there was a collective gasp as the air ran out of the room at the new cameras. Tell us about that.

0:23:07 - Alex Lindsay
Really it was. Really it was about a hundred of us watching on on on after hours, you know. So we were all sitting there watching and the real excitement was when they said you could hook a hard drive and shoot hard drive from the camera. That was like so, because I mean, a lot of us trying to, it's one thing to shoot this, but and they showed it a lot of us are starting to use rigs. So we're building these ectoskeletons on top of our phones and then we have all. So we have a lot of things lights and mics and all kinds of other stuff that's going around the, around the iPhone, and one of the things it's easy for us to add is a hard drive. But we couldn't, there was nowhere to go with that right until today. Do you know if it'll?

0:23:41 - Leo Laporte
work with, like the Atomos or the things that you use?

0:23:43 - Alex Lindsay
Oh no, I think it's, I think it's just, I think you just hook up a sensor drive. You just plug it into a hard drive and you're off to you know. It'll be interesting to see what monitoring is available. So right now we have this adapter that is a lightning to to HDMI. The question is is already going to get something that's just USB-C, like? I have USB-C to HDMI cables, and will I be able to plug that into the iPhone again?

0:24:06 - Leo Laporte
I don't think it'll be HDMI.

0:24:07 - Alex Lindsay
I think it'll be well, it's, it's.

0:24:09 - Leo Laporte
USB 3.2, right.

0:24:11 - Alex Lindsay
I have cables that are USB on one end and and HDMI on the other, like so it that's what you want. 31.

0:24:18 - Leo Laporte
HDMI out, not data.

0:24:20 - Alex Lindsay
No, no, you want data too. What I'm saying is is there's a bunch of things that we're looking at with the phones is can I get HDMI output, you know, out of it?

0:24:26 - Leo Laporte
But also, is that fast enough? Is 10 gigabits fast enough 10 gigs?

0:24:29 - Alex Lindsay
is fast enough? Yeah, absolutely. And. And so they have. And then they're talking about log and coding, which means that you can color correct it later. You've got the Apple ProRes and the problem is, once you start shooting Apple ProRes, we're like we thought the new feature is now you can take the videos off the phone, you know like, because it just it just fills up that phone and and you can tell that phone. The camera is the most important part and you can tell. When you go to the Apple site and you roll through this notice that the let's see, let's see, yeah, you'll notice, at the bottom it's it says do you want to focus on the phone? I don't know if you can see it with my lower third there, but there's a zoom into the phone that that is hidden under my lower third.

0:25:04 - Mikah Sargent
I think that is oh yeah, zoom in on the camera, so at every moment while you're talking about the.

0:25:09 - Alex Lindsay
Any time you want you can. You can find out more about the camera. Oh, that tells you something?

0:25:13 - Leo Laporte
So the page has a button all through the page it says we know, we just want to look at the camera, we just want to know, and that shows you how important the camera is to the sales.

0:25:21 - Alex Lindsay
We, by the way, we think that this, this, I want to say arrogant. Okay, I have a look at it.

0:25:26 - Leo Laporte
It is, is it? I mean, look at there nothing else. Well, there are a few other points, but not much else. Is is usually improved. Is it a big improvement on the camera?

0:25:36 - Alex Lindsay
Well, 120 millimeters. So this is the, this is a optical, optical. So it's using.

it's using something that is like the periscope, but they just added to it. They just kept bouncing that light through there to give you the longer, that longer lens, and so it's a, it's a more it's. It's similar to periscope, but it's not exactly a periscope the way that other people have implemented it. But that's giving you 120 millimeter, which is is great. I mean, you know like there's a lot of times when you wish you could reach out to 5x instead of 3x. They started adding millimeters to it, so it's no longer 1x, 2x, 3x. Yeah, we now know what the yeah, Well, it's.

I don't know what's, I don't know how true that is and what they were doing.

0:26:12 - Leo Laporte
They were doing both focal length and f-stops. They were, they were. They were clearly aimed at pro camera users.

0:26:18 - Andy Ihnakto
And the macro 13 millimeter, 24 millimeter, 28 millimeter, 35, 48 and 100 millimeters. Seven lenses.

0:26:24 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, seven lenses. Quote, quote seven lenses and, of course, with, with a lot of the computational photography. It's really zooming anywhere in between all of those as well. The other big thing is that you saw the spatial spatial cameras and we talked about this. So a lot of us were thinking, hey, it looks weird to try to shoot this with your vision, but if you know that now you can shoot with your phone and share it with someone or future-proof it, it means that if you shoot with this phone now, you can get the spatial data that you might want to use somewhere in the future.

0:26:53 - Leo Laporte
And so that's they showed turning the phone on the side and using the side-by-side lenses in that triangle to get real, to get real stereo vision here, and that's exactly what we talked about.

0:27:02 - Alex Lindsay
And at the hydrogen phone that Andy and I have, that's the, the, the Apple lenses are a little wider than the Well, that's what.

0:27:09 - Leo Laporte
I was wondering.

0:27:09 - Alex Lindsay
We definitely got we definitely got Is is the interocular distance.

0:27:13 - Leo Laporte
Enough on those. It's enough Because they're very close together. I don't know what Andy thinks of the hydrogen.

0:27:18 - Alex Lindsay
But I thought I thought the 3D stuff is. The 3D experience is pretty good from the hydrogen phone, which has a smaller interaxial distance than the iPhone, the. What I will say, though, is that the best feature of this whole thing is that spatial is going to force a lot of people to go back to landscape, because it only works sideways, and so everyone who wants the future-proof. Their stuff is all going to turn sideways again.

0:27:41 - Leo Laporte
Well they're. They're trying to sell the Vision Pro, right? If you did not support some form of Vision Pro photography on this phone, you'd be missing a bet.

0:27:50 - Alex Lindsay
I can tell you, as someone who's seen stereo footage on a that is shot, you know, like by me, on on a headset on Oculus. When you start to see people shooting video and stills on their phones and you get to see it in a vision, it's going to change. You know everyone's going to want to do it Because you just feel like you're there, it's, it's incredible. This is what I think Red wanted to do with the Hydrogen phone. That just needed an ecosystem.

0:28:15 - Leo Laporte
Can you see it on your 2D display or do you have to have a helmet?

0:28:21 - Alex Lindsay
No, I think that this is doing the HEVC-MV. So I think I mean I don't know yet because I'm on the phone and I haven't found it in the specs but so HEVC, hevc, hevc-mv has been around actually since about 2015. And what it does is it takes one eye, typically the left eye, and makes that the hero eye. So if you're watching on a 2D device, that's what you see, and then it compresses and keeps the right eye as the delta between those two right, and so it's a. It's a single package, so it's not really putting out two whole eyes and you can probably convert it somewhere probably Final Cut or something like that but it's basically a single package that has both of them together. That's what I think that they're going to do.

0:29:02 - Leo Laporte
So on a 2D display, you will see a 2D display, you'll see the dominant eye. But if you happen to have a 3D display, in the words of Vision Pro, you'll see. And what does it look like? Is it volumetric? Can you look behind it?

0:29:16 - Alex Lindsay
You can't look back and forth. It's just that it's stereo. I mean, if you move back and forth you might see a little bit, but the big thing is is that it's going to feel like it's popping out, it feels more real and it's going to be really addicting, you know, for people who get an access to it. And the big problem with a lot of these headsets has been that you couldn't there was nowhere to generate the content. The 3D content isn't very interesting when you can only generate it with a really complicated rig. And you know and I imagine that Facebook is going to figure out a way to take this, the stereo, the spatial data, and convert it to Oculus, and so it's, you know, for it's not just the, the, the, the vision that can handle this. Eventually, you're going to have a lot of people wanting to shoot footage for it.

0:29:57 - Leo Laporte
So is how does this compare to like the Insta360 or the Ricoh Theta? Is that the same kind?

0:30:02 - Alex Lindsay
of 3D. Those are 360. So they're not in. I mean the Ricoh, I mean there is a completely different thing.

This is stereo and Insta360 does have a stereo version of this. It's stereo 180. This is not stereo 180. This is stereo rectilinear. So it is a film frame, not fish eye. You're not looking back and forth or around, you're just seeing a film frame that's in 3D, like you would go when you see, when you see a rectilinear 3D it's like avatar. You know it's like that kind of 3D. You're going to see that there to make that work. So be like a 3D movie. It's like a 3D movie, yeah, except your family.

0:30:40 - Andy Ihnakto
I was.

I was kind of pleased by the Apple show of faith and Vision Pro.

I mean, obviously this is this is not a developer only device that is not going to be released until next year.

Obviously, that's not something that they were really going to be talking about at this event, but they made sure that they they incorporated it as part of the family by saying that a a a interesting long hunk when they're talking about how good the camera is with the spatial camera, that and look and you can share it directly with the Vision Pro to give you immersive, like three dimensional, panoramic experiences when you're watching, etc. Etc. As if to make again this is a device that it's thousands of dollars, it's not appropriate for all but a sliver of the market and they're only going to be a couple excuse me, worst case scenario. According to supply rumors, they're only going to be hundreds of thousands as opposed to millions of these, and yet they want to make sure that they're planting that flag in people's consciousness that we have this device that you will want, you will have eventually. But the good thing is as as as you kind of hint at Alex that you're taking pictures now that you'll be able to enjoy on a device you might have in four years.

0:31:46 - Alex Lindsay
And if you think about wanting to sell lots of Vision Pros, giving someone something they can generate, generate content with that they can only see if they abide this product or use this product down the road, creates a lot of potential energy. You know, like that, that people are now thinking about it and I will say, having seen a lot of footage that I shot on Oculus, you know, and a couple other headsets, it is so exciting to see, like, when you see it, when you see that experience, it is a really it feels really cool and you definitely wish you could see everything that way, and I've been and I've been using 3D cameras for the last 20 years of some way, shape or form, so it's a.

0:32:25 - Andy Ihnakto
I'm 100% with you. I used to. I was testing out a few years ago Sony had a pair of HD electronic binoculars where they looked exactly like binoculars but they were digital and each each binocular had an HD sensor and HD display, and so it was quite a trip. When, like I'm at, I'm at Fennel Hall I am I'm holding this thing up to my face to both get a better look at this street performer and also recording as I go, and then, like a week later, I'm holding the same device up to my face, looking at it again and seeing in my entire field of vision, 3d of exactly what I saw. It is super, super compelling. There's another camera feature. That was how often do you do that, andy?

0:33:10 - Leo Laporte
If I, let's be honest.

0:33:12 - Andy Ihnakto
No, I mean, the thing is, you're right. It's not that I would spend thousands of dollars to have this as a separate sort of camera, but if I if the pictures that I was taking with my regular smartphone anyway was doing something clever like hey, you went to side by side.

0:33:26 - Leo Laporte
But it's not. I think that's the point.

0:33:28 - Andy Ihnakto
I'm trying to get a future right.

0:33:30 - Leo Laporte
In the future, because right now it's a choice. You're going to say I'm going to shoot this in spatial mode or I'm going to use all these other features of the camera. Is that right?

0:33:38 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, I don't know. I think we don't know yet, but since you have you have to use two lenses, so I'm thinking all the other stuff is it's a mode?

0:33:46 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, it's a mode, which means you're not going to use it all the time, because, even though someday somehow I'll be able to see my mom in 3D, I'm still going to use my regular camera at 90% I could see someone doing both like taking pictures, doing both.

0:33:59 - Alex Lindsay
Okay, I think you'd end up with someone you know like you got to buy two, these two iPhones, but like, hey, let's do a portrait with everybody, let's do one more with A quick portrait, with this Switching back. I do that with different things all the time and so the switching back and forth, I think, makes sense. And again, I think that what Apple needs to do is not necessarily sell tens of millions of headsets. What it needs to do is sell all it can make, and for the first couple of years it's going to sell all that it can make With these products, because it's only going to make a couple hundred thousand, then a couple million, and then it's going to take two or three years for it to get up to capacity. But the fact that it's selling all the ones that it's making makes this easier to get started.

0:34:38 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, I just more wish that there was like an additional mode that basically just said look, capture as much data as you possibly can. The iPhone does the best job of any phone I've ever used in terms of I tap the button. I tap the button and in an instant the picture is taken and it never fails. It would be great if I could simply say look, I'm going to stay in this spot for a good tenth of a second. That means that, yeah, take the stereo picture. Yes, record an image from every single lens. Like, do lots of very. I'm not talking about something I would need to have a tripod for. I mean that it's taking a sequence of photos but then bundling it all together so that, as I'm editing later on, if I really wish I had pulled out a little bit more well, congratulations. They also captured the wide angle version of it so it can add in data from the sides. So there are a lot of ways that can improve the camera and I'm glad that they're adding all these other things.

One of the things that kind of caught my attention was when they were talking about the new action button and to replace the ring silent switch, mechanical switch with this new haptic button. I love the fact that you could select basically what. It does not just make it ring silent and one of the little icons. There was a selection of nine icons that they showed quickly in a screenshot, and one of them was the camera, and I hope it wasn't just like press the action button to launch the camera. I would love it if that were also a shutter button, because that is such a natural way to do it and sometimes it's such a fumbly way to make sure. I'm holding it in such a way that I'm gripping the camera by its side but I also have a thumb free so I can tap a piece of glass. A lot of little things. Like you, I'm excited about the camera features. It's more than that in terms of the upgrades, like what it does for gaming, but yeah, the camera features are really superior.

0:36:27 - Alex Lindsay
And they showed. One of the ways that they're stabilizing this whole thing is to stay. They're actually stabilizing the sensor. So this is a, you know and there are. They didn't show it here, but if you're, a Is that new. They've done that before. No, no, no.

0:36:40 - Andy Ihnakto
Well, no, they said that's 3D. They're doing 3D movements up to 10,000 per second, which is twice as much as they did with last year's Pro, if I'm remembering myup to 10,000 micro adjustments per second, which is double last year. There are 3D three dimensional movements first in any smartphone, and they actually singled that out as actually that was kind of critical to get the tetraprism like telephoto work, and the interesting thing there is whether they can go into much larger images.

0:37:10 - Alex Lindsay
So you know for instance thewell, once you're moving that little chip around like that in micro adjustments Sony the A7S4, you know you can do a 61 megapixel but you can take 240 megapixels by it will move the whole chip by one pixel.

0:37:27 - Speaker 5
And it just no, no, no, no.

0:37:29 - Alex Lindsay
It's not moving, no, no, no, it's actually movingshifting the sensor to get a 240 megapixel image.

0:37:35 - Andy Ihnakto
So how is this different?

0:37:36 - Leo Laporte
Does the same thing again. How is this different from OIS in a Sony?

0:37:40 - Alex Lindsay
Is it the same? Well, most do it in the lens. So they're not doing it in the lens, they're doing it in the sensor. I believe Right, but I think that thatI don't know, actually don't know exactly what Sonymost of their optical stabilizations in their lens is, in the larger ones I don't know as much about their phones. Usually you do it in the lens because the lens has got easier to do it in the lens, because you don't have to be asdoing it in the it's a technology they got from Olympus.

0:38:06 - Leo Laporte
Olympus originally did it in the lens and eventually did it in the body, and I think Sony does both, so you can have thein some lenses, not all lenses. You have OIS and then they also have OIS in the body.

0:38:19 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, that's why I went to Micro Four Thurs.

0:38:21 - Speaker 5
Because at the time I was like do I want to buy all?

0:38:24 - Andy Ihnakto
like IIS lenses, or do I just attach my 100 year old lens to it and I still got exactly the stabilization? Yeah, I also like the fact that we're talking about how it has seven quote, like different lens focal lengths. I love the fact that you can set a default, like just as though, like you're yes, hallelujah, you've attached a specific lens to this thing. I wantevery time I turn this on, be in 35 millimeter wide mode, and you don't have to. Oh no, I just kind ofyou automatically went to full, full out. It's not just the hardware. They've also built a machine that is designed to not annoy people with its software in the way that it functions.

0:38:58 - Leo Laporte
I think it is really interesting we noted this, Michael, when we were watching the event that they are now talking about 35 millimeter, 120 millimeter. They're talking about the F-stops, they are aiming directly at Canon and Nikon Sony. And saying well, you know, because I bring likeand I know you do too, andy, you got a camera case with four lenses in it and a body or two. They're saying oh hey, you're carrying seven lenses with you and it isI mean, 120 isn't the longest possible.

0:39:29 - Andy Ihnakto
But they said they're doing 12x optical zoom is unbelievable.

Plus because they're using a 48 megapixel sensor. That'si think they said. Even with the binning, they're giving you 24 megapixel images. They'll say they'll even give you like a digital zoom that is essentially 12 megapixel. That's just taking imagestaking pixels from the heart of the image, soand cooking it specially. So the optical stuff is good, but on every phone made by a really good company, what they can do digitally Digital zoom used to be absolute garbage. Now it's like, okay, I'm not going to think it's garbage, I'm going to see what it does, because oftentimes it will do some very, very cool things. Maybe not my own camera, my own phone will do 24x optical zoom up to 20x digital it's really good up to 8x or 10x 20x. If that's the only way I'm going to, it's smudgy. If it's the only way I'm going to get a picture of Harrison Ford at the boat dock, I'll take it. But that's about it.

0:40:29 - Leo Laporte

0:40:30 - Andy Ihnakto
I have the.

0:40:30 - Leo Laporte
UltraSamsung Ultra 23 and I've showed the zoom.

0:40:34 - Speaker 5
Yeah, exactly, it claims 200.

0:40:37 - Leo Laporte
That's, you know, that's not optical. Yeah, this is optical. 120 millimeter, yeah, those are the lenses Macro 13 millimeter, 24 millimeter, 28, 35, which is a great portrait length, 48, which is the standard, I believe, and then 120 millimeter, which is the telephoto. That is good, that is really good.

0:41:00 - Andy Ihnakto
You notice another thing about, Of course. There are a whole bunch of sections talking about how good portrait mode is and how much how good the HDR is. Almost every single sample image was of a human being and nearly every model they used was a person of color. I thought that was.

0:41:17 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, that was obvious.

0:41:18 - Andy Ihnakto
They didn't specifically make a point of AI technology to make sure you're getting natural skin tones if you're not an Caucasian, but it's a way of saying that. Look, it's a range of really really dark skin, lighter skin, asian skin, every skin. There were no pink folk in the whole.

0:41:33 - Leo Laporte

0:41:33 - Alex Lindsay
Well, and no fingers. It's not just a diversity thing, it's really that those are hard. That's much harder to shoot.

0:41:40 - Leo Laporte
well, google spent a lot of time talking about True Tone and all of that. So I shoot. This is the camera I bring with me when I want nice pictures of my mom. This is fixed 28. I think 13 is maybe a little too wide. 35 is a really nice thing. Andy. What will you set your default to be 35?

0:42:00 - Andy Ihnakto
Probably 35. 35 is a really good street photography sort of thing.

0:42:04 - Speaker 5
That's what this is basically.

0:42:05 - Andy Ihnakto
If you're too close to something, you're not going to miss much of it. If you're a little bit too far away, you'll still get a good crop on it. But yeah, I'll probably keep my default to 35. Yeah.

0:42:17 - Leo Laporte
It's interesting because it does seem like, of all the things they announced and there's quite a bit in this they have three nanometer processors, the second generation ultra wide band chip, exactly.

0:42:27 - Andy Ihnakto
That was a consistent theme.

0:42:29 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, there's some interesting technology, but I think they're right. The cameras are the most important part and, frankly, if I were a dedicated camera manufacturer at this point I'd be very nervous.

0:42:40 - Andy Ihnakto
And not just that, alex. Did you talk about the feature where you can use it in the studio, the way there are a lot of Sony's and other big cameras where it's actually docked to a Mac and it's writing its images directly to you?

0:42:55 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, with Caption 1 you could tether Exactly.

0:42:59 - Andy Ihnakto
That was surprising, because I'm not knowledgeable about how people use cameras in studios, but I would assume that if you're in a studio, you would probably be using a better camera anyway, but that's probably an assumption.

0:43:12 - Alex Lindsay
If you weren't doing stuff for eBay or things for social or things for Right. So the thing is that, absolutely as an ad agency, you'd probably still be using much larger cameras, but if you're trying to pump out a bunch of stuff for online, and you're not showing it, you can get. You can close that distance very fast with what it has there. It's pretty impressive.

0:43:34 - Andy Ihnakto
It's interesting, though, that they how far away do you think we are from external light syncing? I would love it if it could basically hold open the shutter and wait for a strobe to fire, even if it's just a little pocket flash. That's the sort of thing that would absolutely drive me wild, made for iPhone.

0:43:48 - Mikah Sargent
yeah, I know.

0:43:50 - Alex Lindsay
I can't believe it's not out. I can't believe that there isn't something like that already, because being able to convert a Bluetooth connection to some kind of strobe seems like To a controller that would control a strobe. Seems like there's got to be something out there.

0:44:09 - Leo Laporte
Well, I'll take a look at that because I feel like that must be already there, so forgive me in my ignorance. I would imagine that most people who are using their phones to be cameras would just have continuous light. Is a strobe that important?

0:44:23 - Speaker 5

0:44:25 - Leo Laporte
To freeze movement.

0:44:27 - Andy Ihnakto
Well, not just to freeze movement, but also to get really good light. The thing about an LED panel is that it is good. It'll give you a better image. It'll get, with a little bit of fill, light, particularly if you're in a bar or someplace that's really really dark to begin with. However, it's a different kind of light. It's a glowy sort of light, as opposed to something that will really punch up Strobes harder.

0:44:51 - Leo Laporte

0:44:54 - Andy Ihnakto
Well, what it will do is it'll bring out the colors, and it will also mean it also has the effect of freezing motion.

0:44:59 - Leo Laporte
Is that because it's brighter. Is that why it's so bright, Much, much brighter?

0:45:03 - Andy Ihnakto
particularly for the amount of energy that it consumes. I can get about If I'm using my little pocket light as a I forget the name of it, but it's a nice $120, look like half the size of an index card sort of panel. Yeah It'll. I do have to be careful with how I use it. Exactly, I have to be careful about how I use it, because if I have it bright enough to use it like as a fill flash in daylight or on overcast days and that's the sort of situation where a flash really comes in handy, where it's either very very.

Yeah, you're getting harsh, harsh shadows because it's 1 pm or it's cloudy and you're not getting any direct light at all, and so all the colors that are in the face and the clothing is just totally washed out, like you have to really super crank it up and hold it right right next to the person's melon, right there, right next to their face, to get any sort of effect with it, whereas I have another pick of the week that I made was a really cool like $80 wireless pocket flash that works with everything I have that has any kind of a hot shoe on it, and the ability to fire off one of those from a phone would be a game changer. It would increase the number of times where I would leave my real camera at home.

0:46:13 - Leo Laporte
I wonder. You have to do it because you have to sync with this shutter. But there's.

0:46:19 - Andy Ihnakto
What you could do is simply say, okay, in this shutter, in this flash mode, we've decided that the latency of the wireless signal, what we can trigger via Bluetooth or via the dock connector, is we're going to say, we're comfortable with one sixtieth of a second, so we're going to have, we're going to have the shutter speed be one thirtieth of a second and trust that at some point during that slow shutter time, the fire, the, the, the, the strobe will go off and we'll get the benefits of the strobe.

You don't have to have it instantaneous with the strobe so long as the strobe goes off, because it's instantaneous, like any time, during that one thirtieth of a second window. The problem would be if you want to do it at one hundred and twenty fifth or something. That's where the, the tolerages are much, much, much, much more narrow it's. I guess it would be. It would be interesting that the fact that they're allowing tethering makes me wonder exactly how far they would go to say that. You know what? We are no longer trying to be the best, the, the best smartphone camera on the market. We are now trying to be an incredibly competent competition to like a sony v100 or any other, like thousand dollar pocket camera, you can get yeah, by the way, notice nobody's selling those anymore.

0:47:28 - Leo Laporte
I mean, that's a category people are right, but virtually dead right, uh, except for the high end.

0:47:33 - Andy Ihnakto
I think they're calling those creator cameras. Now they're.

0:47:35 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that's right they're for vloggers, yeah, and they're not for still photography. Mikah, you're surprisingly quiet. Are you thinking about all the things you're going to talk about Tuesday on iOS? Today? You have much to talk about, I know no and what?

0:47:50 - Mikah Sargent
basically, what I'm doing is checking everything to see if there are any and anything's that kind of stick out that we might have missed on stage or in the, in the case where someone goes. I I don't know if that's the case or what's going to happen, but there was one thing early on, you had talked about whether the the video that you shoot, the spatial video, as it's called, all of the language across all the different parts of Apple site that I read all talk about the vision pro as being the one way of viewing that. So, as far as I can tell from what we have right now, that video, that spatial video, is going to be exclusive to vision pro.

0:48:25 - Alex Lindsay
That, of course, might change that Apple's not going to talk about it being available for other things, but 3d data, I mean, there's someone's going to figure out how to extract that 3d data and convert it?

0:48:34 - Mikah Sargent
I mean but if they figure out how to extract it, you know like that's not an apple blessed process. So I'm curious if Apple is it a standard?

0:48:42 - Leo Laporte
is it a standard format that HVC, mc, whatever HVC?

0:48:46 - Alex Lindsay
MV, if that's what they're using, because Apple talked about HVC MV at WWDC and so they really broke down what it does and how it works. That's why I think it's highly likely that it is the case, and remember that if you have a phone that can shoot that in stereo and process it and it's online, you could theoretically stream from an iPhone to people with headsets, like you know, like. So so it's. It is a it's.

You know it's still going to take a year or two to mature, but Apple oftentimes, do you know, does stuff that takes a while to mature, but what it means is that now the headsets are, are capable of, of doing something pretty interesting for folks that that get them, you know. So it's. So, again, it's. It's not a game, I think, of Apple trying to sell the headsets as a it's. Having that acquisition device is super important and, while it will probably only natively, the easiest thing to do is hook it up, and there's a lot of things that I think will be that MV, hvc MV, if that's what they're using is not a proprietary format, that's just an you know. So it's something that it's useful.

0:49:47 - Andy Ihnakto
I also was interesting when they talked about USB-C and they did. They did a much more fortified way of talking about it. I thought they were. They simply said acknowledge and now that now the USB-C is the most popular connect to the world, and now did you expect the line about? The EU.

I expected them to like be. At least stop their feet a little bit, not not by saying we're doing this because we're being forced to. I do acknowledge this is like my cynicism I am. I am always say we have done USB-C the right way.

0:50:15 - Leo Laporte
You're welcome, yeah nor did they do that. You're right, they didn't really do that either. They just said now USB-C and and we are going to get one benefit. That did not. They did not choose Thunderbolt, they decided we're going to go USB 3.2 that was.

0:50:28 - Andy Ihnakto
That was interesting too. So they were talking about the advantages of it by the couching in terms of 10 megabits per second. 10 gigabits, thank you. Gigabits per second thanks to a brand new USB controller. They said it was up to 20 times faster than USB 2, but they weren't comparing it to the lightning connector of, like last year's iPhone 14 or anything else. So that was kind of interesting. I also I had to settle myself down when they were listening and it could be used for things like for, you know, charging data, audio and video, and I'm at video that I forgot that. Oh right, they've always had like a video vj connector kit for, like, running a presentation, but I wonder, like if, with the pros, they might do something else with the video capabilities of having connectors that use USB-C. What's the?

0:51:13 - Leo Laporte
max speed on lightning is it? Is it that fast? Is it 10 gigabytes?

0:51:17 - Andy Ihnakto
gigabits on lightning no, it's, it's whatever it's.

0:51:20 - Mikah Sargent
Whatever they say is whatever they say it is that's a good point, while I don't know, it's whatever it says. You want to have a break while he looks that up?

0:51:30 - Leo Laporte
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0:56:23 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, the lightning is as high as 5 gigabits per second on the lightning iPad Pro. However, on the iPhone 14, it is limited to USB 2.0 speeds, which is 480 megabits per second. Oh, so this is much, at least twice as fast it is at least twice as fast, but at least, yeah, 10 gigabytes per second versus 400 megabits per second.

0:56:41 - Leo Laporte
And Alex, you said it's fast enough to capture 8. Is it fast enough to capture 4K 60 frames?

0:56:47 - Alex Lindsay
I think that's what they said. Yeah, so I think that's what they're offering the idea that I could just plug my iPhone directly into a Blackmagic.

0:56:55 - Mikah Sargent
What is it called the ATEM mini, what you were talking about, with the cord where it's on one side? That would be so nice. It's just become part of the switcher. That'd be so cool.

0:57:04 - Alex Lindsay
This is the cable Like. So it's. This is got. You've got USB-C on. I can't try to block my face, so I can't but it's got USB-C on one side and HDMI on the other, and so I can do. I use this one. I'm connecting my iPad to my ATEM, so if it does the same thing that the iPad does, it means you will be able to connect your phone to the oh, you're able to do that with your iPad right now.

0:57:28 - Mikah Sargent
And what does it do? Does it show the screen of the iPad?

0:57:32 - Alex Lindsay
It shows the display. Okay, well, it shows the display and lessen app knows what to do with it. So, if so, keynote, if you have your USB-C connected to HDMI, as soon as you hit play on Keynote, it'll take, it'll present 16, it'll present 16 by 9 to the HDMI out, so that so to your switcher, it's a full it's, it doesn't have any pillar boxing, but then you'll have the reader, the speaker display, on your Okay, so it can get clever like that, and is there a way to make it you the I know you wouldn't really want to as much but the camera on the iPad?

0:58:05 - Mikah Sargent
you just have to use an app that just displays what's on the camera.

0:58:07 - Alex Lindsay
No, you can use it If you, if you jump into camera, it will show the camera. So we've I've used iPhones for live streams where we have three iPhones even just with the lightning, three iPhones connected and filmic pro, shoot pro. Those will all camo, those will all convert to. They'll give you a 16 by 9 output, the camera output, instead of a screen capture. That's nice, yeah, so that's yeah. I've definitely done whole live streams with three, three iPhones without a problem, Even older ones, newer ones, they all do it.

0:58:39 - Mikah Sargent
Do we want to? We should probably talk about the Apple watch. I know it's not as exciting, but hold on.

0:58:44 - Speaker 5
Wait, let me turn up the volume a little bit.

0:58:46 - Mikah Sargent
Okay, for those listening, I'm doing the new gesture, the double tap.

0:58:51 - Andy Ihnakto
The new double tap gesture yeah, that was. That was pretty darn cool, the idea of you can basically have an action button that is just tapping your thumb and forefinger together to do basically whatever the action button would do on whatever app you're using, like pausing, pausing music, taking a picture with a camera app, that kind of stuff. But I have to say, like in the video, one of the, they have a, they had a little like a montage of people using it in situations where, oh no, I'm holding all these groceries but I want to answer a phone call, blah, blah, blah. And there's, but there's one where, like a student is in a college, a big, stuffy college library, and she's talking on the phone through her watch in the library and just gives her a glaring look. And I swear to God, if you did not know that they're demonstrating like this new watch gesture, you would think that, with the sort of smirk that the student has as she looks directly eye contact with the librarian and makes this gesture, you think it was something else.

0:59:41 - Mikah Sargent
Oh my God, that's disgusting. What did you just say? We could disrespect full-curt child Now there's something about this I think it's important to point out and, leo, you, you kind of gasped about this and repeated. It was how they described how they're doing this feature and the way that they talked about it was subtle changes in the way that blood is flowing.

1:00:02 - Leo Laporte
And this to me, this is proof of concept.

1:00:05 - Mikah Sargent
This is showing that what they can do with the sensors now is proof of concept for what they would eventually be able to do with the sensors. Leo, you talked about how you want blood pressure on your Apple watch. Well, it reminds me.

1:00:15 - Leo Laporte
I mean, going back to fitness plus in the watch, they seem to know that it was seen rowing and an elliptical machine and they showed back, when they introduced this, all the training they did. And this is machine language, you know, this is artificial intelligence. They train it on the kinds of you know things, the kinds of impulses the watch might be getting when you do this. And I guess what happened is they kept trying it till they found out they could pretty accurately distinguish between me tapping my index finger and thumb together, compared to I don't know, could I tap my pinky and thumb and get the same result, or making a fist or throwing a baseball?

1:00:55 - Alex Lindsay
We don't know yet, but that's machine learning, the testing to make that kind of stuff. Work is intense. Oh yeah, because it's lots of different body types, lots of different environments, lots of different heart rates. Well, you don't do it with a watch.

1:01:08 - Leo Laporte
You do it with a big old thing on your hand, Eventually Sensing all of the changes and trying to learn from it and eventually saying you know when it does this. These are the 15 different parameters that change by 2 percent in combination. But then, once you get to that, basic piece.

1:01:24 - Alex Lindsay
Then you have to go back to the watch, because you've got to make sure the watch sensor is in this environment. Is it loose, is it tight? Is it, you know, left hand, right hand, like all of these different things? It's the you know. It seems like. I mean, I know it doesn't seem simple to anyone, but it really is a huge lift to. These are just thousands and thousands and thousands of hours of R&D.

1:01:43 - Andy Ihnakto
To say nothing of like people. I have a somewhat furry wrist that people have like a very, very naked wrist. I was on I saw on Reddit someone posting about how like they have like real. They have lots and lots of tattoos, all full sleeves and they were having like a circle of laser removed on the top of the wrist.

1:02:04 - Leo Laporte
Just for their watch, oh Lord, just to make it look like the watch worked correctly. But we've known that that people were sleeved. I think SR and he called Wells a partner was is sleeved and it couldn't get a lot of the watch functions to work because the tattoo hot. I think that that's the case of the watch bouncing light through the skin and reading the blood vessels and, of course, if you've got dark skin or you've got tattooed skin, that doesn't work as well.

1:02:26 - Andy Ihnakto
So much of the sensor technology is still simply optical. They're just using different lights, different colors. Even all the stuff that's made significant progressing be able to detect blood glucose levels without having some sort of a sensor embedded in the skin has been optical, and the problem is that they can get it fine tuned so it'll work for this one person they're testing it with, but to get it to work, as Alex says, with random person that they sell a watch to at any mall in the in the world, that is ungodly problematic.

1:02:55 - Mikah Sargent
I wanted to mention something. Folks who want to kind of preview this feature. You, if you have an Apple Watch Series 4 or later, an Apple Watch SE first generation and later or an Apple Watch Ultra, can try something similar. It's called Assistive Touch on the Apple Watch. It's available in accessibility and they have the following gestures you can pinch to move to the next item which you tap your finger to your thumb. You can double pinch, which is the same as this double tap. Tap your pointer finger to your thumb twice. You can clench where you close your hand into a fist and then you can double clench, and these all will do different features. So this existed as an accessibility feature for quite some time.

Which tells you they've been testing this for some time, exactly, yeah, and so now it's coming as a sort of standard feature in the Apple Watch and, leo, you and I kind of talked about how it's a little bit of a way to kind of train the gestures we may eventually see as spatial computing becomes more common.

1:03:53 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, they're trying to get people used to that. That is one of the gestures as I remember with a Microsoft HoloLens, and I can't remember if Apple showed it with the Vision Pro, but this is a. This is absolutely. I can't remember if it's closed window on the HoloLens, but yeah, you're going to have to use those gestures, so let's get people used to that.

1:04:09 - Mikah Sargent
That's another reason to do it of course, Especially in the eventual replace or the next upgrade after the Vision Pro, where we're supposed to just have kind of little shades or whatever.

1:04:18 - Leo Laporte
It's an interesting question, andy, though, you raised, is this somehow related to being able to do blood glucose? The two kind of holy grails that we really want to see in the Watch are let's start with blood pressure accurately and then, secondarily, blood glucose, which is probably more distant.

1:04:34 - Andy Ihnakto
And even if they do it the same way they've done EKG, which is not to give you like a diagnostically significant number, as you would do if you needed to manage type two or type one diabetes, but to simply say, okay, your blood glucose has crack, is crashing, it's a lot low, it's dipped really, really lower. We're not going to give you a number, but it's dipped really low in the past 15 minutes. And now if I and if I feel like I'm a little bit logger off on with oh gee, I need to, I need to eat a cookie, or something like that. Similarly for blood pressure, where, okay, your blood pressure has gone really, really in a bad way, whatever you're doing now to make that happen, try not to make that happen. If you're doing nothing to make that happen, press this button to call an ambulance.

1:05:14 - Leo Laporte
See, that's the risk, though, when talking diabetics, because if you are low glucose or high glucose, you can die, so I think that you don't want to play so much with that. I think that's one of the reasons we haven't seen a non-invasive blood glucose, it's just risky if you can't do it right?

1:05:32 - Andy Ihnakto
Well, again. That's why I'm saying, as opposed to giving you a.

1:05:34 - Leo Laporte
But I don't think your suggestion is useful because I mean I'm not going to act if I'm okay, I'm a type two diabetic. But let's say I'm a type one diabetic and if my watch says, oh, your blood glucose is going down, am I going to go drink some orange juice? That could kill me if it's wrong.

1:05:48 - Andy Ihnakto
Good point. I'm sorry, I'll just wrap this up. The thing that I find most useful about these watches is when we all have those moments where, gosh, I'm just suddenly feeling kind of a little tired. I was fine and now I'm on the bus and I can barely keep my head up. It would be nice to have, if I mean, sometimes that's just what your body does. If it was, hey, your blood pressure just dropped a lot and I don't know. I'm not telling you, I know why. I'm just a simple watch, but if I even if it were not something I could see in the watch, but something we're later on in the day, when I ask, hey, shlomo, like how did my body do today, I say yeah, for some reason you were near death for exactly a second and a half. I don't know if you noticed, but here's the data I collected at that moment.

1:06:32 - Leo Laporte
The most valuable thing my watch does right now is tell me it's 99 dB. You might want to get some hearing protection. That is really, really valuable.

1:06:41 - Alex Lindsay
Well, and I think with the blood sugar, because I'm starting to do some research on this I hung out with my cousin over the weekend in Arizona and he's really into data and they're really matching everybody's data to their blood sugar levels. Now they're using the Libra you know, the little one you put into your arm and his family kind of got into it. And the big thing is I'm not looking to try to tell me to go to the hospital or have orange juice, but I am looking. I'm about to start looking for the next little bit of time. I'm going to eat something and then look at the data Right, like you know, like it and I'm going to start paying attention to that that's really useful.

I've used those two and it's really because I'm you know, by the end of the year I'm going to stay in that little green zone all the time, like I'm, you know, because of the thing that I've seen is, the health benefits of staying in that green zone is so, so transformative that I don't have any interest. I'm going to start just eliminating anything that I eat that will put me outside of that space, because, as I've learned more and more about it, you know it's super important.

1:07:43 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, well, that's why I started journaling, because sometimes if I'm like really, really out of it or like my brain is just not working well for a few days, it's nice to be able to look at that end of day, just little like two or three sentence roundup of here's what I ate, here's how much exercise I got or didn't got, and spot those kinds of trends. Which is why they another little feature that they added to the health features, which is, I think, that I think they meant to say that this is they enhanced Siri across the board, not just across the Apple watch, so that health information is now accessible via, via Shlomo. So now you can say, hey, shlomo, log that I took my medication today. Or hey, shlomo, like how close I am, am I to check my rings? And that's the. That's why the journal, the journaling app, not surprised to find that. The rumor is that it's going to be part of the health app as opposed to a generalization. Hey, here's how to, here's how to have your dream log, your dream versions, recorded every single day, because it is a health thing. That's just as you say, alex.

It's like there are things that you don't. You don't necessarily notice. You notice if you eat a bad oyster right away, like really quickly, but the thing is you don't notice that hey, wow, I've been because I've been deadline centric and eating nothing to take out. I've been eating crap for two or three, four or five days. Maybe that's why I'm unfocused, maybe that's why I'm having a hard time sleeping versus hey, look, there's this. This this week, at the time I ate Brussels sprouts and I had rice with kimchi like for dinner every single night, like, wow, I was actually sleeping eight hours a night getting okay. Maybe, andy, maybe there's some some lessons in here for you that you couldn't figure out for yourself.

1:09:13 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, absolutely, and I'm, I'm really focused on it and, again, I think that the watch giving us data really makes a big difference, in the sense that I'm really moving towards. I'm not afoot, but off. Theκε a isso. How do I feel when I eat? Not what it did taste like Christian dosages as opposed to you know I feel great after eating that Duncan I might have.

1:09:44 - Andy Ihnakto
Prevents your body from metabolizing the sugar and the carbohydrates to their maximum potential. Leo, are you getting?

1:09:49 - Mikah Sargent
a new ultra.

1:09:51 - Leo Laporte
Ah, that's a good question. So we didn't even think they would talk about the ultra this time, and I guess it makes sense in hindsight that they would. The Apple watch 9 has a new processor, of course, you're gonna have to put that in the ultra. Has that new second generation UWP Be chip that you're gonna have to put that in the ultra, and it's got pinched to whatever and, yeah, you're gonna have to put that in the ultra. The biggest thing, though the ultra is getting that the watch 9 is not is a twice as bright screen, which is great for what I don't know being outside in the dark, I don't know the opposite of that.

1:10:24 - Mikah Sargent
when you're outside in, oh yeah, you're running in the sun, yeah you can barely see it now. It goes up to three thousand nits of brightness, which is brighter than the iPhone pro.

1:10:33 - Leo Laporte
How bright is that is that is that that's pretty bright, isn't it?

1:10:37 - Alex Lindsay
It's bright. I mean three thousand it's so you know it's hard to get. So the the brightest monitor that I have looked at is four thousand nits, and now it's a pretty big monitor. It's not as small as your phone. Well, that's when they're talking about Specular highlights yeah, it can be of each, unless you're watching, do?

1:10:54 - Mikah Sargent
this Overall.

1:10:56 - Alex Lindsay
But but three thousand nits is is really really bright. It just means you're gonna be able to see it in daylight. I think that where it makes a difference for the for the watch, is what happens when it's sunny. You know how. How easy is it for you to read.

1:11:08 - Mikah Sargent
Especially when I go hiking being able to, I'm going. What does that screen say?

1:11:12 - Speaker 5
Yeah, the channel go outside, so it's not an issue for me.

1:11:17 - Andy Ihnakto
They also have a brighter display in the series nine. They said that it's a two thousand nits, which is twice as bright as was before. They also made a big deal of how now these? But the display also goes down to one knit. So if you are a, if you're like with an always on display, you very in a theater. You might not necessarily have to turn the display off to avoid annoying other people, while still be able to check to see how, exactly how long is this up and higher movie anyway? How much is this gonna cost me and babysitting and parking fees, just to find out that our country Did something terrible, terrible, scientifically breakthrough, but broke through and killing?

1:12:00 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, so I Think. I'm wondering, though, if the brighter screen is more because the screen technology is different or because they have a Much more efficient three nanometer processor In the. Are these three nanometer, by the way, these new?

1:12:16 - Mikah Sargent
Apple watch what, what?

1:12:17 - Leo Laporte
no, they're on, but they are presumably more efficient. That's Apple always is going for that, so maybe that's why you can have a brighter screen, just because you don't have to keep an eye.

1:12:26 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, that's. That was. That was another consistent message throughout almost all the, all the devices that they showed off, that they all said that they were all saying, rather, if we can, ever, if we are ever holding out hopes that we're gonna see, hey, instead of 18 hour battery life, we're gonna get a 24 or 36 hour battery life on the Apple watch. Their thing, their thing, seems to be that, hey, we've put, we put a much better screen, a much brighter screen, a much more, much more powerful processor, with the exact same battery life that you're used to, and so that seems to be like exactly what they, what they want to get on about.

And I, I'm I think this is the first year that I was really super aware of how, of why they're putting such super powerful processors in a watch, because I didn't really get it before, because you know, okay, how much processing power do you actually need in order to like run all of these sensors, collect them all, and I'm pretty so really nice display, but now they really are all about hey, here is the AI model that we developed that we need to run in order to figure out that you're tapping your finger this way. Here is the AI model we need for crash detection. Here is the AI model we need to basically interpret all these sensors and have, of all the things, of this combination of motion and inputs could possibly mean. No, it means the intent, exactly this, hey, andy. Somebody wants to say hi to you.

Hey, mrs Port, how you doing.

1:13:46 - Leo Laporte
Say hi to Andy.

1:13:48 - Andy Ihnakto
I'm so glad to see you again. It's been here since the boat.

1:13:51 - Leo Laporte
That's you, mom, that's you, or maybe it's me, I don't know. It's one of us, but I look so cruel. Mom just took a little nap. Well, because she I've pulled her to sleep with a show and I'm in her house now and she just wanted to say hi to you and she said hi, oh, him, andy, and Nicky Nato, that's him. Yeah, there he is. Say, say hi, because you saw Mikah. We talked to Mikah. He does all the textile stuff. I look like a witch. Oh no, it's bad lighting. Let me uh, I'm sorry the lighting, I look terrible too. It's just bad lighting, because I don't want Andy to think I'm so ugly and horrible for heaven's sake.

1:14:35 - Andy Ihnakto
Oh, he says for heaven's sake you could be on a. You could be on a package of cookies on any shelf and a Whole foods right now. You look great.

1:14:42 - Leo Laporte
I don't really look like that. He says you could be on the package of a cookie on any shelf in America.

1:14:48 - Mikah Sargent
I like that one.

1:14:50 - Leo Laporte
So so everybody's here with uh I. Since mom got up from her nap, I just thought I'd let her see there's, there's Alex, there and Andy and there's Mikah. There's everybody.

1:15:00 - Mikah Sargent
I watch all of you all the time she loves this show.

1:15:04 - Leo Laporte
I love it. I love the show. I love it, I love it. And as my son is in there, we're gonna we're gonna go get the clam cakes. We're gonna go get clam cakes in a little bit. I came to tell you it's not open. She came to tell me dune brothers is closed.

1:15:19 - Speaker 5
Oh no you'll have to find them somewhere else. I'm leaving. It won't be closed tomorrow.

1:15:24 - Leo Laporte
Oh, it'll be open tomorrow. Well, that's different. We'll do it tomorrow.

1:15:28 - Andy Ihnakto
Good that that. That means it's not because the health inspector finally checked the grease trap. No no, no, no it's because it was for something else. They go to. Actually they go home.

1:15:37 - Leo Laporte
They go home to portugal every winter. Oh nice portugese. Yeah, the dune brothers, they're portugese. You didn't know that. I was in Providence as portugese.

1:15:48 - Speaker 5
Everybody here is portugese.

1:15:50 - Leo Laporte
Yep oh all right, I love you, they're crush. You can have a seat if you want and watch, all right, okay, yeah, I, we're not quite done. I just was feeling like clam cakes were for.

1:16:06 - Mikah Sargent
I'll take you for a lobster roll.

1:16:08 - Leo Laporte
Later We'll go first. I have that donut. Go ahead, you can have the donut. I was using it as a prop. She says she wants clam cakes.

1:16:19 - Mikah Sargent
It doesn't appear that it's the new uh three nanometer. Well it, there's no mention of it being three nanometer processor on the apple watch, or is it four?

1:16:28 - Leo Laporte
that's interesting. I wonder, what it is.

1:16:30 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, maybe it's capacity. I think they think they, like they had they're. They're absolutely gonna want to have as much available for the iphone line because they're Uh yeah, they can get them a lot more bang for the buck. Particularly with all the improvements they made to the new cpu for for the 15 pros.

1:16:47 - Leo Laporte
They're probably. These are the the, the chips that fell off the assembly line last year and they just repurposed them. Who put them in a watch?

1:16:55 - Mikah Sargent
I thought it was interesting, you know.

1:16:56 - Leo Laporte
I love this. By the way, this apple watch is titanium and as a titanium band yeah, and it way. It wears very well. I mean, this is the. I wear this every day, I knock it around and there are no scratches. I think titanium is going to be a very nice material For the new iPhones, the iphone pros and and, and you notice that they didn't sell it as a point of like.

1:17:15 - Andy Ihnakto
They didn't have, like the, the johnny Ive style titanium. It has a unique history. Right it's more like we. It's a way to. It's a way to make this super, super light, while still being durable and looking nice. And we bonded it with with Aluminum not aluminium, but aluminum, because that's what it's called uh, to Disappation and for additional light, and that's that's that's.

1:17:38 - Mikah Sargent
It's a green initiative to write for the watch it's gonna. It's more durable, so it's gonna last longer. They talked about the non pro iphone. Because of the materials it's made from, it keeps its value much longer.

1:17:49 - Leo Laporte
So they're very much trying to be conscious of that, even throughout of saying, look, you can trade this in and still Make a lot off of it, even whenever it's years down the line of course, as I pointed out, the best way to get the maximum life is not to buy a new iPhone and just keep using your Perfectly good iphone for years and years and years and years. Yeah, then I could say that no, but that's.

1:18:09 - Andy Ihnakto
But that's absolutely true too, I'm see. That's why I'm surprised, like when they again we talked earlier about how much they hit they hit the button of hey, we're environmental, environmental, environmental. The fact that there's so much longevity in these devices Is an environmental plus, because you have you free with them that are simply become e-waste. Um, which also makes me wonder, like why, when they uh, they didn't like hammer about repair ability as again a way of increasing longevity, longevity, longevity and therefore again keeping electronics out of the landfill. They did mention was it on the, both the pro and the and the regular one, or just the or just the pro about how they did redesign it. Uh, for, with repair ability in mind, that's, that's easier to remove. If you break the, the, the back, the rear glass, it's easier to replace without having to essentially tunnel in through To you to perform eye surgery by like tunneling in through the bottom and drilling up through the through the top.

1:19:05 - Leo Laporte
I thought that was interesting. It's felt like apple has gone kicking and screaming to the right to repair.

1:19:10 - Mikah Sargent
But once they did, yeah, they really have, yeah, they've changed their mind.

1:19:13 - Leo Laporte
They're supporting the the right to repair bill in california, which will change it nationwide, of course, and and they and they made a point of hey, it's easier to repair you, can? You can fix this back less better.

1:19:24 - Andy Ihnakto
I think it's a combination of. They've had enough time to figure out how to design phones so that they can accommodate that, whilst also Seeing the writing on the wall that we can't fight this fight On the e-u, the uk, the united states, australia, everywhere. It's nice, it would be nice enough if we could simply redesign these phones so that and also remember that if they make their phones, the if you, if they make their phones and their computer, is easier to repair. That means that when you come when everyone time, everyone comes into the genie sparer who needs a fix goes out much, much Fick fat, much, much faster because the people behind the scenes can swap out a board or swap out a screen much.

1:19:58 - Leo Laporte
They'll have a machine that'll do that back. I think that glass back gets broken at least as often as the glass front.

1:20:04 - Andy Ihnakto
That's probably it's a big deal, yeah, yeah. And it's one of the things that keeps the iPhone ugly, because you'll probably give or get around to fixing a Broken screen, a broken back. You'll just sort of like live with the indignity exactly.

1:20:19 - Mikah Sargent
And it's rather than pay for repair.

1:20:20 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, no, no, new air pods announced just a new case.

1:20:24 - Mikah Sargent
There was some rumor that perhaps we would see a new generation slapped on there when we would just see minor improvements to, perhaps, the noise cancellation it appears. As far as I can tell, if you want the new case, you will have to buy a new pair of air pods from the cases and sold separate cases not currently Sold separately or announced that it will be sold separately.

1:20:47 - Leo Laporte
So that would be a lot to buy a new case just because you like the usbc charging I.

1:20:54 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, I agree. I mean, they offered that though before, where you could go from non mag safe to mag safe.

1:20:58 - Mikah Sargent
You just bought a new case for it. You just bought a new case for it.

1:21:02 - Alex Lindsay
I think also that a lot of times it's folks who have run the end of the. A lot of times when they're doing this, it's not so much to replace a perfectly good one, it's the one that you have been kind of putting off and it's now time I gave my older one to my, my son, and so I've been kind of just waiting for the new one to come out to Biasing. So my timing is perfect.

1:21:21 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, also $29 for the lightning to usb or, excuse me, the usbc to lightning adapter. Oh, that's ridiculous $29 oh, that's appalling.

1:21:32 - Andy Ihnakto
Well, that's, that's for, that's for the apple. What good one. I bet you can get it.

1:21:35 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, a knockoff mfi.

1:21:40 - Andy Ihnakto
From rally express for like 10 cents plus the the fire insurance that is just that is out of control.

1:21:47 - Mikah Sargent
Interestingly, the usbc to usbc Cable that is woven Is $19, so this adapter is that?

1:21:58 - Leo Laporte
is that a lightning mfi app wants to pay their own license?

1:22:07 - Andy Ihnakto
They're gonna join the epic lawsuit against themselves.

1:22:10 - Leo Laporte
Can't wait to see the discovery in that one.

1:22:14 - Andy Ihnakto
Running, running, running from the lawyers table to the defendant's box, back to the lawyers table, back to the witness box.

1:22:20 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, they did talk a lot about the new a17 pro chip, not bionic pro, right? Uh? And in particular, I was impressed by the uh, the neuro processing units. This is something. Every intel is going to put neural processing units into their new chip in the fall. Uh, we expect microsoft at their event in 10 days To talk a lot about npu's that that's the term. They use npu's in their new surfaces and so forth. You need these if you want to do these ai things, especially if you want to do on device ai, and so there's a lot of cores devoted to the neural processing on this thing.

1:23:00 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, they're. They're matching up to 35 trillion ops per second. Uh, it's, it's, it's pretty bad, but they're also making a huge deal. If, if you're, alex, if you're sick of them talking about uh, about the environment like they spent a big chunk of time talking about gaming on this device. It was almost as if they were saying that they were we're making.

Please, please, make some games, please, they're making a big deal about the new gpu that they put it. They're basically calling it a desktop class gpu with, like onboard hardware, ray tracing uh Of quoting fastest chip ever on any smartphone.

1:23:37 - Leo Laporte
It's really interesting, because ray tracing only came to desktop gpu's a couple of years ago with nvidia and uh, the fact that they're now building that hardware into a phone, it's almost bragging rights, because I don't think any. I can't imagine there any iphone games using ray tracing. Well, well and.

1:23:53 - Alex Lindsay
I think it's it's partially to encourage people to start thinking about those things. I felt like the image that they showed for ray tracing is someone who's done a lot of ray tracing. I was like I don't know if you get that much out of it, Like it looked like a lot of Explain what, what, what ray tracing is compared to the way they do lighting today?

Yeah, so ray tracing I mean ray trip went like, for instance, the queen ship that that I worked on on star wars has no ray tracing. That's all. That's all we call fog rendering with environmental reflections, which they talked about a little bit.

1:24:19 - Leo Laporte
But you had to draw those in by hand, didn't you?

1:24:22 - Alex Lindsay
No, no, no, we just had a. I had a big sphere, that is an environment that would Reflect on. You know, basically, when it hits the, when it figured out what the reflection was, it just bounced out to a sphere. So what it? You know? So the and the camera moves on the edge of the sphere, so that it, well, as the, yeah, as the camera, as you move, or the object moves, it just sees a different part of the sphere, but it's not actually looking at the scene, which would be much more complex the whole point of ray tracing is to is to simulate the way the light bounces off of objects.

But typically it's ray tracing. So I bounce here. I bounce there is mostly for reflection. So what we, what what we see as really realistic lighting, is usually global illumination, and which is a much harder thing. We're not people and people are talking about how global illumination is impacting that, but global illumination Rendering is a much more complex thing that still takes a lot of time, even on a desktop processor, to do so. That ray tracing is an easier one. Yes, the reflections are a little bit more accurate. I felt like the jump between what they showed before and after might have been a little extra extra.

You know, like it it's better, but I feel like it's more to what you said. I mean, as someone who worked on a feature film without ray tracing, I mean with with a silver ship, I I'm like, uh, you know, like you can.

1:25:32 - Leo Laporte
So so the Does it help with real-time rendering though? I mean your silver ship could be rendered, in fact wasn't rendered in real time. It had to take days, I'm sure, to render it 45 minutes a frame, yeah, frame.

1:25:44 - Alex Lindsay
So the but. But I think that, uh, the issue is is that, um, I think that they're gaming is already pretty popular on the iphone, I mean kids it's.

1:25:52 - Leo Laporte
It's been a pretty disruptive, and so but it's our kids like our apple arcade games. They're not.

1:25:58 - Speaker 5
Triple-A titles.

1:25:59 - Leo Laporte
They don't have ray tracing, they don't even the graphics don't even look that good.

1:26:03 - Alex Lindsay
What sells new iPhones, though, is Really really detailed. What they're trying I think what they're trying to show there to to the user is that there is a I mean to the to the game developers is you've got this great processor that you can take a lot of advantage of that You're probably not taking advantage of right now, and so, um you know, because that sells phones, ones.

1:26:21 - Leo Laporte
If you start writing to metal, then your stuff will also look good on the new.

1:26:27 - Andy Ihnakto
Max, yeah, and, and remember that they, the capper for this whole segment on on gaming, was saying that, hey, here are two, two titles that used to be console only or or pc only, that are coming to mobile for the very first time.

For your old triple-a titles, yeah, yeah, but but still, and and, and remember you, you, you, you, can you match this in with their new, I mean their new Game emulation engine and they're really making a play, not to say not, not for the iPhone 15 pro to become like a legitimate gaming handheld gaming device and its own right, but for the 15 pro, kind of like the vision pro, to get enough of the right developers interested that by the time they get to the 16 or the 17, maybe the people who have a thousand dollars for for a pc handheld, like their number, their number, the, the higher end devices are now, are these really big, like handheld tablets that have gaming Gaming controllers on the sides of them, that they cost six, seven, eight, nine, a thousand dollars?

I think that they are making a play for making the iPhone 15 or 16, 17 a very credible option for that. If it is the, if it is A when the few devices where you don't have to stream a triple-a title to it, you can actually have it run natively, yeah, and I think that Assassin's Creed 2024, the next Assassin's Creed, will come out on the iPhone yeah is, and it's very interesting and actually is a game that might be very nice on the iPhone.

Assassin's Creed Mirage and Resident Evil 4 they're mentioning?

1:27:57 - Leo Laporte
yeah, we're even for Okay and another.

1:28:02 - Alex Lindsay
They didn't hammer or spend a lot of time on, but they kept on saying over and over again was and this is all being processed on your phone. It's not being processed in the cloud. And they just kept on tapping on that like just they're just constantly tapping on, we're doing all the work on your phone, that privacy that they're talking about.

Oh, yeah, yeah, so it's privacy. It's also means you don't have to be connected. It means that there's a lot, there's a lot of advantages, but what what's really pointing at and they'll keep on coming back to that is well, they didn't talk about privacy. They're talking about how much they're doing on the phone, which means that you're not not going to the cloud. Yeah, it's really interesting.

1:28:32 - Andy Ihnakto
Well, for gaming, surely it's a problem of latency, that's, and saying that if you're, if you want, if you're gaming, you either want to be running on device or you want to be running Like within 8 feet of a Wi-Fi 6 Access point.

But but yeah, you're right, they did say when they were talking about I think they talked they were talking about privacy. This is the only places where they even gave passing mentions to privacy is when they were talking about the, the machine learning, the machine learning models that are there being that are Running on device itself because of the neural, neural engines They've got in the new CPUs where they weren't spelling it out, they weren't hitting the button as hard as they were a couple of years ago, but they were. It seemed incidental, almost like this way that they talked about USB C, which is this is something, this is a detail we want to cover. We're not going to not talk about it, we're going to cover, we're going to mention it here. But it seemed, like I said at the top, it seemed interesting that they weren't pressing that as a unique thing about buying an Apple product versus buying an Android product, which is and that's that, because one of the things that Android has absolutely no answer to when it comes to the security, the privacy of an iPhone.

1:29:35 - Leo Laporte
And speaking of the cloud, marques Brownlee said the loudest applause in the event. More at the Apple campus was for new iCloud storage tiers, which surprises me. I'm sure Marques was applauding when they mentioned his name at the very beginning event as well. That surprises me. Are we excited about now six terabyte or whatever it was?

1:29:57 - Mikah Sargent
Even with a family account, I have my family and I have not come close to the two terabytes. That's, what I have is two terabytes right now, but I know some people $59.99 for the 12 terabyte.

1:30:09 - Leo Laporte
$30 a month this is a month for the six terabyte. I mean that's a lot of money.

1:30:13 - Mikah Sargent
I guess if you had a big family if you had a big family and I guess if you're if it's, it's maybe a work account almost where you're storing all of these huge video files that could be a reason to have that, so you can have all of those videos on all devices and lot, exactly lots of devices, with lots of backups for them, because I think that's the biggest storage Taker upper.

The biggest storage user on my iCloud is my are my own backups, my other family members. They're like taking up you know, minuscule amounts in comparison.

1:30:43 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, and speaking and speaking of storage, so one of the other rumors was that they're going to be increasing the price of the of the Pro Max. So they they jaws kind of like offered a bone, saying and the, they, they're keeping the, they're keeping the Max storage at one terabyte. So there wasn't the rumor of two terabytes, as max wasn't the same. But they're saying that they're the price, the, the, the intro price, remains exactly the same and we are giving you 256 gigabytes of storage at the at the intro price.

1:31:14 - Leo Laporte
Okay, so that's how in fact those rumors are wrong. It was, they were completely wrong, sorry, sorry.

1:31:20 - Mikah Sargent
Mikah. So it that's what I was trying to understand, because he did say it very clearly where he said something about the storage space. So what are you saying, andy? That that Nothing changed on the storage are on the price?

1:31:33 - Leo Laporte
It's get twice the storage for the same price.

1:31:35 - Andy Ihnakto
Well no no, that the difference is that here. Here's I got. I scroll down to my notes so it's $1,199 with 256 gigabytes of storage quote, which matches last year's price at this storage level on quote.

Okay so I think I think the trans. I have to double check but I think that meant that you could buy an iPhone 14 pro for less than 1199, but it would not have had 256 gigabytes of storage. Okay, so and so, in a way, again, I have to double check. I haven't had time to check on last year's prices, but it would mean that a 256 gigabyte top-of-the-line iPhone pro costs exactly the same this year.

1:32:11 - Leo Laporte
So I think that would be the. The big deal is that they don't have 128 gigabyte.

1:32:16 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, yeah, why you last year you start to 256.

1:32:19 - Leo Laporte
They also don't have a phone that takes double a battery, so that you could have gotten a cheaper pro max last year if you went with 128 is that right?

1:32:28 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, I think so.

1:32:29 - Leo Laporte
So this is the same price, for 256 is last year. It's 1399 for 512 gigs. It's 1599 for 1 terabyte. I think that's the same as yeah.

1:32:41 - Andy Ihnakto
I've got it here. Yep, it was that there was 1090 for 1099. You get the 128 gig model for two. For two physics gigs it was 1199.

1:32:50 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, so then it's that. Does that mean?

1:32:53 - Leo Laporte
there is no 1099 no 1099 anymore.

1:32:55 - Mikah Sargent
got it.

1:32:55 - Leo Laporte
Okay, yeah, so that's probably why the rumor mill thought that the prices are getting increased because the base model is gone.

1:33:01 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, yeah, they shift up, that's fine.

1:33:03 - Leo Laporte
I mean, it's just the same way. Apple got rid of eight gig phones, thank goodness.

1:33:07 - Mikah Sargent
In the day.

1:33:07 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, 32 gig phones back in the day. It's an acknowledgement that we're we're using a lot more storage and we use you because but nonetheless, like storage prices are plummeting, plummeting, plummeting.

1:33:19 - Andy Ihnakto
So it's not as it's not like 10 years ago, when this was one of the most Price sensitive components to put into the device. So I mean, I don't I. My philosophy on the pro line is that I think Apple, within reason, can charge what they want for it if what they're giving us is, as they did this year, all the features that you would have paid extra for Last year you're getting for free with the iPhone 14. You're getting the same CPU, you're getting the same camera system. You're getting Basically all the dynamic island and not dynamic islands all across the product range. Everything that would have made the iPhone, that made the iPhone 14 pro unique, is now table stakes for their cheap iPhone 15. Nothing, and now you're spent. Now the extra expensive one is for the people who want Future features or the top of the line features in the titanium case right now.

So I'm not I'm not bothered by that, especially considering that you can still buy the iPhone 14. You can still buy the iPhone 13 for lower prices. The iPhone SE for 429, I think is still on the on the price list. They did strike the iPhone mini, which is getting a lot of which I'm sure its fans are gonna be disappointed by. But the fact matter. Jason snail will be sad. He loved that, I know. But I mean I would be upset about a Hidden price increase if it weren't for the fact that whatever amount of money you want to spend for for an iPhone, you can spend. So long as you weren't looking to spend like $200 ultra budget, android kind of levels for this, it did find a phone at that level.

1:34:45 - Leo Laporte
So it did look like a nice Range. You know, yeah, from the SC I did.

1:34:50 - Mikah Sargent
I thought that was a good Plenty for people to you know afford to purchase if they want to. I've got a couple. They're also making for a new phone and they're also making a.

1:34:59 - Andy Ihnakto
I can't remember if they it really stuck out to me how much they were saying that hey, and our carriers are offering lots of discounts up to $800, $900, a thousand dollars with trade-in and I didn't.

I can't remember them making that part of the presentation before, as opposed to just accepting that people AT&T and Verizon and all these other international carriers are going to promote that themselves, almost as if they they know that. They know that the the market for smartphones is tightening up. The iPhone is still doing very well, but even the iPhone is softening the. I mean Tim Cook has had to mention that in the last two Quarterly earnings reports that, yeah, we're having a harder time. Especially, we're having a harder time selling iPhones because people are not spending money on on on phones anymore. So it's almost as if they're trying to get the word out that whatever we Come in with, whatever amount of money you have, we will make it work. As long as it's got four wheels and a steering wheel, we'll give you, but we'll make it off. Onion, bring it on a trailer, we don't care.

1:35:59 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, it's been kind of wild seeing how carriers Even some older, older models of phones the amount they'll pay for them to get you into a newer, into a newer model has been pretty wild thus far. What were you gonna say, leo? I?

1:36:13 - Leo Laporte
Was just gonna say, so you can. I was in fact just doing it by order a new Apple watch or Apple watch ultra, today For delivery on the 22nd, the phones. You can't order it until Friday and it's probably the usual 9 am Pacific Friday, I'm not sure what it is or midnight GMT, I don't know what they do, but Friday for order and also 22nd for delivery. And we have one more detail Sonoma. The next version of Mac OS will be available on the 26th. It's a little bit early usually.

Which is interesting. Yeah, 9 to 5 max, as that suggests. As Mark German has suggested, there will not be an October event for the Mac anyway.

1:36:56 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, I think between German and Minchacuo they're basically. They both seem to agree that we're not gonna see new max for the for the rest of the Year and certainly not an event in October. So if they're refreshing an iPad, that won't happen. That event, it'll be a press release. Yeah, so that's rumors.

1:37:12 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, so that's interesting. Did they say when 17?

1:37:15 - Mikah Sargent
I was 17 come believe it's Tuesday.

1:37:18 - Leo Laporte
See that a week from today.

1:37:20 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, I think it's coming out this coming. I just had read that. Of course, it flew out of my head yeah, but it's, it's very soon. If it's not next week, then I mean it's sometime next week, almost certainly. Yeah, so we'll be able to get that. I, in fact, I was able to get the release candidate while we were chatting. So the release candidate is out and iOS will launch this coming week. I Wonder, should we, should we break one more time?

1:37:50 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, let's do a break, unless there's anything else. You guys, did we leave anything out that you thought was Monday?

1:37:58 - Mikah Sargent
I'll confirm for sure Monday, september 18th.

1:38:00 - Leo Laporte
So that's the new Ios than a week from today.

1:38:03 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, that's when we'll see iOS tonight.

1:38:05 - Leo Laporte
You know it's good about that. You could talk about it on.

1:38:07 - Mikah Sargent

1:38:12 - Andy Ihnakto
The only, the only, the only other thing I had like on my list here Was not surprising that they didn't talk much about Siri either, except for how better, how much better performs because of the new Neural engines and the new hardware, because this would have been another place to mention that, hey, our, our smart assistant has gotten smarter and more useful than ever. And because when they talk about Siri, there's gives me.

1:38:33 - Speaker 5
I keep saying it they talk about no, but they keep they keep their keep.

1:38:37 - Andy Ihnakto
They're basically. They're basically talk about hey, and now you can use slow mo to ask, ask the your watch about your health information and now when you bring your speed up, it's. I'm not surprised I didn't spend any time really talking about artificial intelligence, apart from saying hey, and here's how this wonderful like do tap gesture works, because they're not an artificial. They're not an artificial intelligence on the side of the box company. There are, they are an artificial intelligence baked into the product company. But as it's not helping, slow mo become emerged from being a footnote and what could have been a really really more useful feature.

1:39:11 - Mikah Sargent
That said, I really have to quickly point.

Please, you should watch this last tech news weekly that I did last Thursday.

I spoke to Someone from the information name, of course, escapes me but there was a great conversation about how Wayne ma, thank you who was talking about how, within Apple, there's a team that is working on using this conversational AI, not in the way that you might think, where we're just talking to it like a chatbot, but instead what they're doing is they're figuring out a way to use it to Basically translate what we want to happen into something that the computer can understand, and leveraging shortcuts to make it happen.

So you could say to slow mo hey, set up my calendar so I can have this event and then also turn down the brightness on my phone and could you also please make the lights set to green while I'm doing this all at once, and it could do that. And what's clever about that is it's Apple's way of avoiding a Chatbot that starts being racist or starts being this or starts being that. If you don't, let it just be a conversation between you and the chatbot, but instead let it translate what a human is saying into something the computer could understand on the back end. Very clever way of looking at this.

1:40:20 - Andy Ihnakto
It'll probably still turn the lights off in a very anti-semitic way. Technologies fundamentally flawed.

1:40:29 - Leo Laporte
Well if it's named slow mo, I'd be surprised. I don't know.

1:40:33 - Andy Ihnakto
There's yeah, there's a we'll probably talk about next week, but there are a couple of stories about Apple Spending millions a day on its AI mission and, just as you, just as you said, micah, I mean there's a. When people talk about large language models, they don't know they're talking about large language models. They think they're keep talking about chatbots, when it really is one of the most powerful things Not just be able to have a conversation with an AI and get answers and have it write stuff and do things like that. It really is about like I've, I've, I recorded the All during the, the keynote. I had, like my, my phone, like recording the audio. At the end of the recording, I had it go.

Take the make, take the transcript.

We're you making it. Save it as Google doc and then being able to apply an LLM Say could you please summarize and bullet, note like this and this entire transcript so that I could find exactly what was said and Find zero to like the actual details in the transcript. That's the sort of thing that I think that Apple is really really eager to bake into its products, when it can do things like have Shlomo say summarize my email today, or even just the simple thing was did I get it was? Were there any really important emails today? Because that is an. That is such a simple sentence that every human being understands the Inherit nature of, but for an AI, for piece of software, to understand that, okay, that means that if it comes from this list of people or from a stranger, but it's the languages in this particular tone, or contains this kind of information or data, or refers back to something that that's a, b and C, that's the sort of thing where we get real power, even if it's not necessarily connected to to a speech language engine.

1:42:08 - Leo Laporte
One more data point. I just checked to order the ultra and the trade-in on an ultra. My last year's ultra in perfect condition Is 380 bucks, so they almost cuts the price in half. On the ultra course, my won't. Mine is in perfect condition but with the titanium and the better you know sapphire screen stuff really aren't any Scratches are they making you trade in the band that you first picked with it?

They didn't mention the band but if they want it, they can have it. I got yeah, I don't know the way it works you pay the full price and then I guess they're gonna give you a box and if you send it back, you'll get the credit from 380 bucks, which is that's one of the ways Apple gets people into these devices is they are a very generous on the trade-in.

1:42:53 - Andy Ihnakto
That's not bad three like no, it's good. Three and a half bucks a month to use this watch and you get and you get the balance of that back and apply to a new one.

1:43:01 - Mikah Sargent
That's a good way of thinking about it actually stop that, stop that, andy.

1:43:06 - Leo Laporte
You're buying it on my card, really talk.

1:43:08 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, I don't need an answer to you. Work, we're good there, but I will be you running the bank account for the phone, so don't worry yes all, right all right, you can pay.

1:43:17 - Speaker 5

1:43:21 - Andy Ihnakto
When you come back to the office you might find, like the refrigerator, a couple appliances missing from the kitchen.

1:43:28 - Leo Laporte
You can't trade in an espresso machine for an Apple watch. Just don't even, don't even try.

1:43:34 - Andy Ihnakto
Oh, I'll put that down and sorry, I'm say Airbnb on it. Let my New sponsor, new sponsor.

1:43:41 - Leo Laporte
Well, take a break, but when we come back I will look pinch, pinch, see that gesture is multiple useful. What is that from? Yeah, what is that?

1:43:55 - Mikah Sargent
The whole, anthony, the whole.

1:44:02 - Leo Laporte
When we come back, I'm gonna ask you all what you're buying and if the colors of the new pro Suit and, if they do, which color you'll be going with. You're watching Mac break weekly the giddy Mac break weekly On the day of an Apple event. We're still coming off the high. Our show today, brought to you by Express VPN. You know everybody's talking about chat, gpt and AI, how it's changing the world, microsoft and Google and, yes, apple all investing heavily in AI. In case of Microsoft and Google, it's Bing and Google search. But guess what they haven't changed? They're still. This is why we like Apple right. There's still the big tech companies, google and Microsoft that determine your search results. Now they get to cut out a whole new layer of the information. You see, why should they link to third-party websites in the search results when they can let their robot generate the perfect answer to your question? We don't need the Wall Street Journal, we've got AI. This is one reason Among many you might want to use a VPN, so that you don't give all that information over to those giant tech companies, or or your ISP, by the way, who has every legal right to watch what you do online and Sell it on to data brokers in the highest bidder. If you've wondered why there is so much of our data in the hands of data brokers, now you know the way to stop it Express VPN it adds a layer of protection between you and the data brokers. The Express VPN app which works everywhere, by the way iOS, android, mac, windows Hides your your IP address that that one that identifies you and instead uses an Express VPN IP address, one that others are using, so you're anonymizing yourself. It's very easy to use to.

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1:47:17 - Andy Ihnakto
No, but as usual, I'm intrigued. I might be buying a new phone next year and, as usual, apple just does so many really cool things. I think that both my I think that the Pixel, my Pixel phone and an iPhone I think they're like 90% overlap, but boy, the 10% that the iPhone does is really compelling. I'm super, actually more compelled about the Apple watches and year after year I get more and more frustrated.

1:47:47 - Leo Laporte
That's why you have to get an iPhone right, Because you can't use it with your Android.

1:47:52 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, I'm surprised, I still can't. I can't even use it with my iPad or my MacBook, because it seems like this is the only hole I've got, like it's the only place where Apple hasn't got me yet, which is the phone. And if they, if I, were to say, well, look their hands down, it is the best fitness watch for general users out there and it's just head and shoulders above everybody else, I would buy one just to use it with my iPad and then maybe again in next year or two years time. I'd like, yeah, but you know, if I've got, I could do so much more. It would be so much more than just a fitness watch If I had an iPhone. You know what? They're 90% the same anyway, and maybe this'll be so. I'm still surprised and, as usual, they start off with the dramatic, the dramatic video montage of people whose lives were saved because of Apple.

1:48:39 - Leo Laporte
Oh my God, was that suck Technology yeah, and at least it was nicer.

1:48:43 - Andy Ihnakto
It was more like hey, people having birthday parties, people having like, hey, these people, these real people, are having birthdays they didn't think they might not have had if they had not had, like an Apple Watch or an Apple iPhone, with the SM emergency satellite SOS at their backs. And as usual, it's like there's the actual quote. Tim actually said nothing's more important than helping save lives and as usual I have to say yeah, but screw you if you don't have an iPhone. Your life is worth very much to us if you don't own an iPhone.

1:49:15 - Leo Laporte
Nothing's more important to us than you buy an iPhone and then we save your life. That's what's important. Oh, oh, oh, let's get it $500 in like laptops and tablets.

1:49:23 - Andy Ihnakto
Screw you, we want another 900 bucks. Chachi, no, please, please. I want my life, yeah, well then, prove it, fork it over dude.

1:49:36 - Leo Laporte
How about you? I know I don't even have to ask you, micah, because I'm buying you, you don't know what color, I just want to know what color you're gonna get.

1:49:43 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, I want to get the blue titanium if I can. I've got that one saved in the app, but natural titanium will be the backup and I've already.

1:49:53 - Leo Laporte
They're limited because I guess of this process or maybe not.

1:49:57 - Mikah Sargent
Well that's, we don't know yet how much of the limitation is in place because of the new chip, with the new process and because of Not the chip so much as the titanium. Right, they can't dye it, oh I see what you mean, because it takes 14 hours.

1:50:11 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, new metal process yeah. Yeah yeah, yeah, you know what you can make a three nanometer phone in almost any color, I believe. I think I'm getting it wrong.

1:50:19 - Mikah Sargent
This is true. I just you know, as Andy was talking about earlier with the Apple Watch on having the new chip, part of that could have been because they were using all that they were able to make for this, those leftovers, yeah, I will be getting a new fine woven case as well as if yeah, I like the fine woven. I think that's nice. We'll see. I'm curious how textured it's gonna be and it's supposed to arrive this Friday so you can already order the cases. So we'll see A week from Friday.

1:50:50 - Leo Laporte
Oh, you mean you can get the case now? Yeah, you can order the case now. I hate it when they do that, cause you say, hey look, there's a package and you endorsed it from AI.

1:50:56 - Mikah Sargent
Oh my God it's here and it's just a case. It's not the phone.

1:51:01 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, I like wallet cases now.

1:51:03 - Andy Ihnakto
If you're disappointed, think how disappointed that UPS driver was when he broke the installs, he stole it and risked it for the job.

1:51:10 - Leo Laporte
I think, fine, woven actually is gonna be a hit. I suspect. I don't know, we'll see. I think I'm gonna go with the natural titanium. I love the titanium. Look of my ultra.

1:51:20 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, it's really nice, it's worn so well.

1:51:22 - Leo Laporte
I think that's a good color and it's natural. It's not artificial.

1:51:24 - Mikah Sargent
And I like the new brush, the brushed look of the sides of this case.

1:51:28 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that's what I'm gonna go with that, I think so, alex, you're gonna get a new one.

1:51:33 - Alex Lindsay
I am Maybe I don't know Scarlett is the one. I'm still on the. You know, as far as the watch goes, I'm on the. You know, I kind of feel like I got the ultra. I could probably give it back on the phone, I think that, you know. Yeah, I mean I'm just trying to outside of storage, I'll tell you why I love Lisa.

1:51:56 - Leo Laporte
Because before the event was over, she said because I was saying I'm not gonna get the new phone, I'm happy with why I'm not gonna get the new watch. She says you're getting a new watch and you're getting the new phone. And she says and oh, and, by the way, I'm getting. She said I'm getting the new phone because she loved the camera. Even before we saw the pro version of it, she was very excited about the camera.

1:52:14 - Alex Lindsay
The phone is a give me for me. I mean, I think the phone I'm gonna get the one thing. I looked at my phone and I have a one terabyte on my my current- phone.

1:52:21 - Speaker 5
Do you use that?

1:52:23 - Alex Lindsay
No, I use 200, 200 gigs.

1:52:25 - Mikah Sargent
I'm around 250 or something like that.

1:52:27 - Alex Lindsay
But I'm kind of like. But the thing is I haven't shot a lot of pro-res on it.

1:52:32 - Speaker 5
And you might.

1:52:33 - Alex Lindsay
And so I keep on thinking that and I might. So it's hard for me to, because the one time I got stingy about storage was my studio and I still kicked my butt, but on that I got one terabyte. I was like, oh, I don't need a lot of storage on my studio, but it's so fast that it really hurts to have a, you know, to try to go out external. So so I kind of feel like I, you know, I'm on the, the. I don't know how big the phone is, the watch, I'm really on the. I mean my, my watch is fine, I got the ultra, I don't need another.

1:53:02 - Leo Laporte
There's no need, there's zero need.

1:53:03 - Alex Lindsay
I just think, I think I'm just gonna.

1:53:05 - Leo Laporte
I usually skip the watch. In fact, can't you do the pinch on your? Doesn't that work on existing? Could it be an iOS 17 feature?

1:53:13 - Alex Lindsay
I thought that was a hardware feature.

1:53:15 - Andy Ihnakto
Yeah, it's a hardware feature of of just this, this new series of watches.

1:53:20 - Alex Lindsay
So the the pinch is, the pinch is tempting. I don't know how often I would use it. I'm confused by that question.

1:53:26 - Mikah Sargent
It does work on. I mentioned earlier all of the. If you use the accessibility version, it works on very early Apple watches and it it doesn't. So the way that they changed it is you can interact a lot more in this new version than you are able to do with the accessibility.

1:53:43 - Leo Laporte
It's the same pinch, but you can do different things.

1:53:45 - Alex Lindsay
I mean I have to admit that my mind's a little warped, in the sense that I I feel like I should probably get it for the show. You know, like I should have it for the show, so so I feel like you know, like, as as we, we talk about a show, so but I but I said to figure out whether I would actually use it or not. But but I think that the phone yeah, I get the phone every year because of that Generally the camera gets better, like the rest of the phone doesn't really like what they put, the hunk of metal that they put it in, and the screen and the interaction. It doesn't mean anything to me. I just look at like okay, we'll announce the camera and let me know what I'm, whether I'm going to get it or not.

The only time I've ever skipped an iPhone is when the camera update wasn't impressive, and I have no idea where they go next, like they've already figured it out. You know, like a year ago they knew what the next phone is going to look like, right, and so they. So they know what it is, but I don't know what that is and I don't know how they go much higher than what they, I think at some point they have a. They can't make the phone dramatically better, I think they're at that point I don't know.

1:54:47 - Leo Laporte
These prison lenses were a big, were the big thing.

1:54:50 - Alex Lindsay
I know this is it's, it's, it's. You know, I think that, but they haven't run out of steam and every, every year, I go. Well, I don't know what they would do next.

1:54:56 - Mikah Sargent
But you know how the real winner is of today, and I just remembered AAA, aaa is the real winner. Yeah.

1:55:03 - Leo Laporte
I was saying during the event, when they were talking about how your phone will call for a, you can use satellite, the satellite phone, to call for a auto repair like a tire replacement or a jump starter. You ran a gas and I said, oh, that's bad for AAA. And then they said brought to you by AAA.

1:55:21 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, yeah, exactly.

1:55:22 - Leo Laporte
Now we know it's good for AAA. They said it will work with other service.

1:55:26 - Alex Lindsay
And as a benefit of. Aaa last year. I, I, I love AAA. Yeah, you do yeah.

1:55:31 - Leo Laporte
Well, everybody I think it's going to be everybody with an iPhone has AAA now.

1:55:35 - Alex Lindsay
The five. The five going down is so much bigger when you're standing outside your car than when you're driving.

1:55:39 - Andy Ihnakto
You know, as as as the owner, as the owner exclusively, of cars that can nominally be called cars, because oftentimes they decide that they don't want to be a car, they want to be a static object of my my. Yeah, the first, the first time. You're like you know what, if I had AAA, I would not be screwed right now. That's not a whole lot of money to spend, is it? And, yeah, the ones are twice a year when it's like, and, of course, you break down on a highway where they didn't say it's not, as though, like the, the, the, the, the cell networks decided that, hey, you know what we're? People are going to be making a lot of calls from this part of I 95 as you transition into Maine. I think that that's going to be yeah.

1:56:21 - Leo Laporte
Andi Anato did not expect to get a flat tire on his way to Las Vegas, but it's a good thing he had the iPhone 15 with satellite help yeah.

1:56:34 - Andy Ihnakto
Those videos are going to be really like a lot less dramatic.

1:56:37 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, it's very boring.

1:56:38 - Andy Ihnakto
Well, you know the guy, the guy, the guy attire pro told me that that was a little bald there. But I said, you know, just fill the fluids, okay. And you know what happened. You know what happened. I was going, I was on my way to the, to the donkey, to get a nice coffee, and so well, I mean, what am I going to do? Walk 1.1 miles home?

1:56:55 - Leo Laporte
No, I was called the overlay and I would have missed my birthday party Thanks to this locked out phone. I like the car.

1:57:04 - Andy Ihnakto
The car came that ice in that coffee was nearly melted. I had a satellite phone with.

1:57:11 - Leo Laporte
In fact, speaking of which, I got to go get a nice donkey. But do we do? We want to do picks? I don't know.

1:57:17 - Mikah Sargent
We picked our phones.

1:57:18 - Leo Laporte
That's our picks. Pick your phone. All right, those are the picks. Everybody. Pick your friends Alex out of here. Thank you everybody, I'm glad. Thanks to mom for making a surprise appearance. Thanks, mom, she's like beetle juice If I say her name too many times, she might come back.

1:57:35 - Andy Ihnakto
So no, no, she was, she was, she was, she was like like that, get that that guest on the old Johnny Carson show, where like oh, yeah, mrs.

1:57:42 - Leo Laporte

1:57:43 - Andy Ihnakto
Mrs Miller would walk in. Yeah, johnny, I was taping my special across the hallway.

1:57:48 - Speaker 5
I had to stop by.

1:57:48 - Andy Ihnakto
I heard you were taping.

1:57:51 - Leo Laporte
There was, if you're old enough to remember and I think I'm the only one here old enough to remember A woman who was famous just for being Mrs Miller, an audience member, that they would bring up on stage.

1:58:01 - Speaker 5
Yeah, that's what you're talking about.

1:58:03 - Leo Laporte
You were talking about Bob Hope. That's a little different. I'll tell mom you thought of her as Bob Hope. Let's put it that way.

1:58:09 - Andy Ihnakto
She is charming and she does have a hundred million dollar real estate empire that anybody would envy.

1:58:15 - Leo Laporte
Andy, when are you going to be on?

1:58:16 - Andy Ihnakto
GBH next. I misspoke last last week when I said I'd be on this week. I was actually on last week, but next week I'm on. I'm at the boss public library Friday at 1230. You can stream it live or later at WGBH newsorg because we are in the nice studio. You can also watch me on YouTube. You can watch last week's thing too. Go to WGBH news channel on YouTube.

1:58:37 - Leo Laporte
Awesome. Alex Lindsey is at office hoursglobal. Do you put that after hours analysis of the Apple event online, or is that just you got to be there.

1:58:46 - Alex Lindsay
No, just just a moment. It's, we're all there. We're just hanging out talking. It's, it's pretty casual. So yeah, there's no other, see I always miss it cause I'm busy.

1:58:54 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, exactly.

1:58:56 - Alex Lindsay
We're both the same thing. Yeah, it's, it's fun, it's it's pretty relaxed. Again, we break it down in different ways. So we're talking about the cameras and the transitions, and so it's not just the what they're cause. Man, I don't know if I could watch it at this point without that.

So the but yeah, we had a great. We had feather. You know, I made feather a a pick a couple of weeks ago after we saw it at Seagraph and we had the feather team on this morning and from Korea and there the Korean team came on, the designer and the and the community hosts and just it's just an incredible app. So we really we had a great time. We had the, the team from the Thursday night football on last week, on Thursday talking about understanding HDR. You know understanding HDR and shading and so on and so forth.

I think like a hundred people in the world know what they talked about during. You know the have ever heard of what they talked about on last Thursday. So it's, it's really exciting. And had them think about mixing stations where you could control your mixer from lots of software last week. So there's a lot of a lot of good content and we've got we're covering IBC on Friday and Saturday I will not be. The European team of of of what we're doing will be covering IBC in Amsterdam on Friday and Saturday. It really is office hoursglobal all around the world.

2:00:09 - Leo Laporte
And, of course, if you want to hire Alex, zero he'll keep you from doing that 20 minute bit with Octavia Spencer. Save you a lot of money. there was.

2:00:19 - Alex Lindsay
There was a great. There was a great show last night with talking heads. What I saw you did the talking heads show. I'm not. I can't confirm it, or nor do. I saw they were reuniting on an IMAX screen. Yeah, it was really fun. It was really fun to watch. Oh, yeah, of course.

2:00:39 - Leo Laporte
Of course, mr Marika Sargent, you're going to, of course, have lots to talk about on Tuesday on iOS today. We will talk about this on Sunday on Ask the Tech guys, and then Thursday.

2:00:51 - Mikah Sargent
Thursday is when I do tech news weekly and I do want to do a quick little plug here. I am raising money for St Jude Children's Research Hospital. So if you're not busy this Saturday at 3pm Pacific, consider tuning in twitchtv. Really FM. I'll be running a D&D campaign where you donate to make things happen in the game so you can summon monsters, give the players potions to help them out, summon random NPCs. I'm going to be kitted out in a costume. If we raise $2,500, I'll change costumes. I'm looking to raise $5k.

So, it's going to be a lot of fun. These are high level characters, level 20 characters, which is kind of the highest you can get in D&D, and all of the money goes to St Jude Children's Research Hospital. So much fun this Saturday 3pm Pacific, so consider tuning in.

2:01:39 - Leo Laporte
I didn't know you were a dungeon master as well, all along with everything else.

2:01:44 - Mikah Sargent
Jack of all trades, if you will. Very impressed.

2:01:47 - Leo Laporte
Thank you so much for filling in in the big seat, Mr Mikah Sargent.

2:01:51 - Mikah Sargent
Thank you for having me. Thank you.

2:01:53 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, thanks, of course, to Alex Lindsay and Andy Ihnakto, thanks to all of you who join us. A lot of what we do here is sponsored by the club. Now 7,000 members strong. We're getting there. We're up to 1% of our total audience. I'd like to get to 3, 4, 5%. Show them. They said you couldn't be done. What do you get? Lots.

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