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Florence Ion (00:00:00):
Coming up next on All About Android. We're talking all about Android 12L for large screens, and why the Nvidia Shield update is not all that it's cracked up to be. We've also got some Samsung news, some Pixel foldable news, and we've got some unfortunate news about how much you're about to pay for Netflix. We've got so much more than this coming up, right next, right here on All About Android.

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Florence Ion (00:01:01):
Welcome to all about Android episode number five 60 recorded on January 18th, 2022. We are your weekly source for the latest news apps and hardware for the Android faithful. I'm Florence Ion,

Ron Richards (00:01:15):
And I'm Ron Richards. And Florence, it is so great to see you. Good to have you back here on your first show at 2022, right?

Florence Ion (00:01:22):
Yes, it's true. Happy new year, everyone

Ron Richards (00:01:25):
Happy new year. Unfortunately we wanna wish a happy, not unfortunately, unfortunately, Jason, couldn't be here this week. He's out and we wanna wish a happy, a very happy birthday and a very fortunate birthday to Huyen who is celebrating her birthday this week.

Florence Ion (00:01:38):
Happy birthday Huyen.

Ron Richards (00:01:40):
But we're even more excited to welcome our guest week. My friend, your friend, none other than Mr. Patrick Norton. How you doing Patrick?

Patrick Norton (00:01:48):
I'm just delighted. It's not unfortunate that I'm here. <Laugh>

Ron Richards (00:01:52):
That's true. I was like, oh wow, Ron. I do like I do like pat Patrick has earned the right of, for our video Watchers of a lower third that says the Patrick Norton because there is the one, the only the Patrick Norton. <Laugh> nice.

Patrick Norton (00:02:06):
I just thought he was mocking me. We go back Burke and I.

Ron Richards (00:02:09):
<Laugh> Indeed, indeed. But, but but it, it is early in the year and we've already started tons of controversy. I know all week I've been getting messages about the iOS versus Google con RRCs conversation. We're gonna talk at it later in the show, so stay tuned, but we're gonna get back to it cuz I know a lot of folks wrote in and things like that. So I'm excited for it. But Flo. How, how are you doing now that you're back in 2022?

Florence Ion (00:02:35):
How am I doing? Well, do you want the real answer or do you want the straight answer? How about I give you the straight answer? The straight answer is I have no idea. I mean, I I've got some, I ventured out of just Bandi Tomago so I'm going into TACA to Tomago like characters now. So there's, I've found some new forks <laugh>

Ron Richards (00:03:01):
Well that's that seems like as good as time is ever to let's let's talk about some Android news. Let's do it. Let's do it. Let's do it. Save us Burke. Save us. <Laugh>

Burke (00:03:12):
Then yeah, this Android news is about updates pretty much. That's it?

Florence Ion (00:03:19):
It's true. That's true. That's pretty. It we've. I mean, we've got a lot of updates that have been happening the last couple of weeks, which what else is gonna happen the beginning of the year when it's like, I guess quiet and I guess we're like supposed to be reflecting or something. I don't know what I do know <laugh> is that Google has roll out the second beta for Android 12 L and for those of you just a little refresher, Android, 12 L is the version of Android that I like to say L is for large screens. That's how I kind of remember it, even though it's technically for folding screens, it's supposed to fit a screen. Well,

Ron Richards (00:03:55):
It's supposed to be tablet optimized as well too. I mean it's large screens basically. Yeah, you, yeah. So

Florence Ion (00:04:00):
Correct. Large screens. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. Now before you get excited, this is just kind of an incremental update that was announced, but it's good news just for like the general existence of it because now devs are encouraged to start final compatibility testing for apps, SDKs and libraries, as well as release compatible versions and compile apps against official API 32 SDK if needed. This is pulled from Google for any devs who are listening. That said, despite this being just an incremental update, there are some new features added to it from the folks over at nine to five Google and a couple of other blogs who have been, you know, just really going in there and seeing what's there. We've got some new features like an at a, a glance opens now. Excuse me. The at a glance area opens the Google calendar now, which previously it did not, which was kind of like a, a feature.

Florence Ion (00:04:59):
Why was it not there before? Some like new shortcuts added to the P and P window. That's the picture and picture more rounded corners at the bottom. There's like all these little again, incremental update. It's subtle. Yeah, it, it really is just subtle. The other thing about this, that's just kind of weird reporting on it is it's not like the betas of the past. You can't just like go and download it. If you wanna become a part of the program, you will have to actually flash it to a pixel device. If that's where I think they're now available for the pixel or an Android emulator, or if you've got the Lenovo tab P 12 pro gonna get a beta update soon, so limited beta release, but good news for the end results, which is why we're reporting on it. So yay.

Ron Richards (00:05:51):
Do you know what that Lenova? You know what that Lenova device is flow. That's a tablet. That's a large, that's a large screen. That's a large screen screen. Yeah. Large screen. Yeah. <Laugh> that's right. Patrick, have you gotten to play with Android 12 at all yet, or

Patrick Norton (00:06:06):
Not even a little bit at this point, my Android devices are basically running tools and I've been very, very meticulous about not upgrading anything until somebody else tells me like whether or not it works with the, the thing I have attached to it. <Laugh>

Ron Richards (00:06:24):
You can't break your system. I understand that. You gotta, right. It's gotta, yeah. <Laugh> yeah.

Patrick Norton (00:06:31):
So it's, it's been it's been super chill in the, in the upgrades. I also, at some point I will be really honest. I have to be really excited about something in beta to go anywhere near a beta on a phone after a couple of near breaking incidents a few years ago. And I just, you know, my enthusiasm for loading stuff it just started to taper off in really significant way. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, mm-hmm

Florence Ion (00:06:55):
<Affirmative> when your machine is just running like smoothly. There's nothing that you wanna do to break that machine. You just wanna keep it going. Otherwise it's the machine breaks you might have to actually stare in the mirror for the first time in your life and come, I mean, sorry. No,

Patrick Norton (00:07:08):
No, no, no, no, no, no. We can avoid that. We can totally avoid that. I'm also laughing cuz like I get all of the updates. I don't need excitement randomly out of windows. So mm-hmm <affirmative>, you know, my tolerance for that on other platforms is just, just fallen off a cliff like oh, oh, windows broke an audio driver <laugh> except that it's an audio driver built into windows <laugh> so, you know, talk

Florence Ion (00:07:34):
To yourself with windows as well. Patrick, that's

Patrick Norton (00:07:36):
Good to know. I you're it's a lifestyle choice. Yeah. It's <laugh> it's we know when it runs it's cheap. <Laugh>

Ron Richards (00:07:47):
Listen, it's it's train car since high school. <Laugh> I got, I got off that train years ago and I've never looked back my friends, I just I can't even

Patrick Norton (00:07:58):
At, I always had to run both platforms because of your questions or like, you know, always running like OS 10 and, and, and windows. I have some friends that have been editing on the new MacBooks and one of whom runs a, a, a hardware site. So he has some of the most powerful processors you can run windows on. And he, he picked up his wife's laptop <affirmative> and he was just like, he was like, I burst into tears. I was just like, he's, he's just so upset. He was like, it's so much faster on this laptop that weighs nothing and has the little processor. And he is just like, <laugh> I

Ron Richards (00:08:34):
Will say I, I will say, and I know, I know this will come. This will come out of, you know, like in stark, Contra rest to some of the comments I made last week in regards to apple, I did get my wife, the M one processor base MacBook air for Christmas. Sorry. Cause she needed her laptop husband. Well I real, I mean, I, I, I sneakily checked and I saw she was, she was running like a 20, 15 MacBook air and I'm like, oh God, it's like 60. Like, I feel like, I feel like five years is the right amount of time to, to, to rotate it out. And I gotta admit I was setting it up and I was like, you know how, when you just sit down at a new computer and especially one with a new processor like that, and you're like, oh, this feels nice.

Ron Richards (00:09:09):
You know, like it's kinda like getting into that car. You're like getting like, yeah. Getting into a Maserati and be like, oh, oh. And so, and, and so I put it through a couple of his spaces, I got it all set up and then I was like, let me see how this goes. And I was like, oh, this is snappy. So like, I will give them credit. It seems like the M one is the real deal. And I'm kind of jealous with my now with my I saw the M one Mac minis. I kind of want to just get, get rid of the one I got like two, three years ago, get one of those. But I dunno. Anyway, we're so far off topic. Flow flow. It's it's weird though, because like, because 12 L is, you know, mainly for fold to accommodate foldables and accommodate you know, larger screens, like as a pixel user, this, like, this is not something that, that I'm like, oh, I have to can't wait till I can have this. Right. Like, like how much of it is gonna impact the, the everyday pixel users?

Florence Ion (00:10:02):
I would imagine it won't

Ron Richards (00:10:05):
<Laugh> right,

Florence Ion (00:10:06):
Exactly. That's why I'm just kind of like, not gonna go through the pain of trying to put this thing on any of the pixels I have around here, because I just don't right. I'm not gonna get the full use case for it. I am. However, looking into that Lenovo situation, because I would like to try 12 L for the large screen.

Ron Richards (00:10:25):
Yeah. I gotta tell you, I don't have, I don't have the Lenovo 12, but I have the Lenovo, whatever. I got the one right before, obviously the cheaper price. I love that device. I'm I'm telling you, this is the year. The tablet I'm excited. Tablets are making a resurgence. I think it's gonna be big. I that's that's

Florence Ion (00:10:38):
My prediction. Yeah. I think you're right. Especially with we didn't include it in today's show, but especially with just some rumors that have been popping up about Samsung and their tablets coming up. So I feel like Ron, you might be onto something 20, 20, 1 of those two,

Ron Richards (00:10:53):
One of those rumors.

Florence Ion (00:10:56):
Oh, well even okay. Again, not in the rundown. So I'm just going off of the top of my head, but there have been some more improv about the next yeah. Galaxy tabs tablets that are coming through. And I really liked the galaxy tabs. Seven fan edition actually reviewed it last year. So I think we might, I mean, I think I wouldn't be surprised if those laptop makers were the ones that decided to come out with Android tablets, specifically Chromebook laptop makers, let's say although ING Renovo doesn't yeah. Yeah.

Ron Richards (00:11:30):
Well, I guess the, the, the line is blurring between, especially, especially with the, with the convertibles and things like that. What is a tablet tablet versus what is a laptop? When can tablet become just a laptop with a snap on keyboard? Like what, I, I don't know. I just feel like we're, we're, we're getting ready as a culture to evolve it, you know? So <laugh>, we hope anyway. Yes, we hope. Yeah. I know. I, I just want that star Trek reality, Patrick, that's all I want. I do, <laugh>, <laugh> some sort of, I would

Florence Ion (00:11:57):
Also love to travel from place to place without just teleport, without having to physically move my body

Patrick Norton (00:12:05):
I'm with you.

Ron Richards (00:12:07):
<Laugh> well, moving on. So for those of us with pixel phones, let looking for updates and things like that you might have remembered when the the, the software patch for pixel six and pixel six pro came out in December. It was great cause I had a ton of fixes and stuff like that. But then it also broke cell reception on pixel six and six pros. So they and, and a reduced signal strength. So they, they pulled that back. But it, it's nice to, nice to see now that the January update is out. And <laugh>, it brings all the changes initially promised with the December update along with a bunch of improvements for older devices this time it works. Yeah, exactly. <Laugh> so in, in addition to and Patrick, you're gonna love this one. I, I want, I, I wanna see if you heard about this problem, but in addition to pixel six specific bug fixes, it includes the patch for the Microsoft teams related 9, 9 1 1 glitch. Did you hear about that Patrick? When somebody couldn't call 9 1, 1 because of a conflict of Microsoft teams?

Patrick Norton (00:13:08):
I I got I, yes, <laugh> so profoundly, ethically wrong. I also have a lot of issues with teams and the entire Microsoft suite in general right now. But yeah, that was, that was a spectacular, oops. Like part of me is like, wow, I bet that's really big in the testing on a lot of apps for developers now we broke 9 1 1,

Ron Richards (00:13:36):
You imagine, imagine like a QA tester who like has to create a new path of tests to, you know, install Microsoft teams on the device and ensure your software still works. Right. Like that's just horrible. But anyway, so it, it as a patch for that one, as well as the reintroduction of cast volume controls, which I know we're all talking about. And while the while the cell signal issues were a huge problem for pixel six owners it's, you know, it's important to note that this this patch being available again and, and then fixing those issues makes a, like over a hundred changes in improvements to the phone. So when you get it, you know, don't, you know, don't be that, you know, wary against this stalling it, because it's actually gonna improve things and fix things. And you gotta hope that that cell signal issue doesn't repeat a cell for, you know, Google's gotten a little more on top of things with the kind of bumpy rollout of the pixel six and six pro despite all the positive reviews about the devices.

Patrick Norton (00:14:31):
This seems like the roughest rollout they've had for a flagship, like ever, or am I just tuning out something that happened in the past?

Ron Richards (00:14:41):
No, I think, I think you're right. And it's even more juxtaposed by the success of the device. Like how many, how many sites made the, the, the pixel six pro like their phone of the year and then like, and then it's followed by this bumpy rollout. I don't know, flow you're closer to it than I am. Is it, do you think, is, has there been a rollout, less bumpy or bumpier than this?

Florence Ion (00:15:01):
It's just hard because if you like ask a random pixel owner, they'll be like, yeah, I've had no problems with my pixel six or six pro, but it's like, at the same time, every day I log on to my RSS feeds and I just see like new complaints, you know, filling up like the Android blogs. And so it, even on Reddit, like, I'll just be going through my Reddit feeds. I'm trying to log on there to see what's going on with the sister wives. But instead, you know, I'm being presented with all of this like awful stuff that's happening with the pixel. So, so it's, you know, it's rough out there for reality TV lover, who was just trying to get her news, but also follows

Patrick Norton (00:15:39):
<Laugh> pixel. Geez. Oh my goodness. Yeah. It's I mean, that's awkward when you get a, you know, this is the best Androids phone we've ever tested right up until the second or third week you're using it when you update it. Well,

Ron Richards (00:15:57):
I say, I, I will say from my, from my own personal experience. So Patrick, my, it is my daily driver. I'm on the pixel six, right? Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and like, and it's wonderful.

Patrick Norton (00:16:07):
You've never had a problem.

Ron Richards (00:16:09):
It's fantastic to, as long as I don't leave the house, the moment I leave the house and, and go and, and go off of wifi, the battery drains faster than I think a phone I've had in a long time.

Florence Ion (00:16:23):
I will tell you, I will tell you, I apologize for interrupting, but I just wanna add that this is something I've also found with the one plus nine

Ron Richards (00:16:32):

Florence Ion (00:16:33):
Once I leave the house and you log on, are you on 5g? Is that why?

Ron Richards (00:16:38):
Yeah, that's what I'm on 5g. That's what it does. It's, it's the power management with the 5g modem. That's they have not figured out how to optimize it yet, but

Florence Ion (00:16:45):
My, oh my God, our phones, me, my husband's using the one plus nine pro I'm using the one plus nine. And both of us are batteries. We just getting eaten through as we were out the other day, both on Verizon. Well,

Ron Richards (00:16:56):
And we might not have that much of a problem anymore because I saw that the airlines are lobbying the Biden administration to get involved with blocking 5g, cuz apparently it's causing some plane interference. So the 5g rollout I feel is gone as smooth as the pixel six rollout <laugh> oh,

Florence Ion (00:17:15):
So shall we, shall we move on Patrick?

Ron Richards (00:17:18):
I'm I'm I'm glad. I'm glad Patrick, you appreciated my, my I can't leave the house with my phone problem.

Patrick Norton (00:17:22):
So sorry. That was, that was I, I had a phone that did that many, many years ago and it was a very cheap Android phone and I just remember being like this phone's great. As long as it's connect to wifi, I, and I don't try to make a phone call. Wait a minute. <Laugh>

Ron Richards (00:17:41):
Well hopefully this, I mean, hopefully, I mean, this patch is supposed to fix lots of things and hopefully that's one of them. Like they have acknowledged that they know it's a problem and they're working on it. So like I have faith in Google to take care of my needs, so I dunno. Mm. Okay. Yeah. All right. <Laugh> okay.

Florence Ion (00:17:58):
Well, let me tell you, I don't have faith in Samsung keeping its date with me because apparently it can't even show up to one of its own processor, reveal events to ouch dude. So apparently we were all anticipating the X and OS 2200 that was supposed to launch on January 11th and well it's January 18th when we were doing the show and yeah, nothing, nothing. There's nothing. Now Samsung didn't cancel or delay the event it's they were just a nohow. They didn't show up X and O 2200 was supposed to be a major launch for Samsung because everyone was talking, oh my God, this is gonna have an AMD GPU embedded inside. Oh my God, this is so like great for the industry, et cetera. That's not happening <laugh> or at least we don't know if it's happening until it's supposed reschedule for February 8th. We're all still wondering will Samsung show up.

Ron Richards (00:18:59):
That is so weird. I mean, supply chain, I mean, I feel like everything is being delayed or whatever they

Patrick Norton (00:19:06):
Select, even if the supply chain, I mean, even if the supply chain falls apart, you still don't abandon an announcement after you tease it with the media. That just seems, you know what I mean? This is this isn't like, Hey, is Bob. Yeah. I, I, I, you know, if I'm Bob and I'm launching a new saw blade and Bob saw blades and I don't show up for the announcement, I'm probably drunk. Samsung doesn't show up for their, this is, this is a big company. Like that's a little weird, like what would, what, what would cause you to ghost on your own events that would be like Intel or Microsoft or Google? I mean, it's that big company

Florence Ion (00:19:46):
That, oh, it's like almost sorry, the processor we told you about not happening. We're not just not gonna show up. You'd be like, what? I

Ron Richards (00:19:53):
Would, I would expect this from one plus not from Samsung. <Laugh> right. Like if anybody's gonna ghost, gimme one, plus <laugh>

Patrick Norton (00:20:01):
If it was Intel or, or Invidia, they'd be like, I mean, unless like the, like, unless somebody finally like blew a whistle and like, oh yeah, the processor doesn't work or they canceled it. Or we have the licensing for the critical, like what, what would even then you'd still probably do something like, unless the entire project is CRA, you know what I mean? Like most, most, most companies gonna be like, oh wait, do we have a comment? Oh, it looks like

Florence Ion (00:20:29):
You have a comment. So, oh, there was a follow up content that I, that I did not put into the notes. So you can blame me for that. Burke, if you wouldn't mind bringing that up again. Cause I'm reading off of the screen. <Laugh> okay. So let's see. Samsung had finally made a comment, planning your unveil, a new processor at the time of launching a new Samsung smartphone. They did not say which Samsung smartphone would include the unveiling of the X and OS 2200, but everyone assumes it's a Galaxys 22. This is from our Technica. Samsung also did not address white canceled at X and OS event. And didn't tell anyone the spokesperson added, there are no problems with the piece production and performance

Patrick Norton (00:21:09):
Or are there <laugh> all right. Seems like, sorry. I was, I was reading ahead to the second paragraph there and then the rumor reel fired up.

Florence Ion (00:21:20):
Yeah. Yeah. Well we just have to wait and see at this point, I do think that there is absolute validity in the fact that we are probably just gonna see this be debuted with whatever their next flagship is, because it's like right around the corner in terms of calendar time.

Ron Richards (00:21:39):
Yeah. I mean, it's, it's 20 what? 20 days or so, like it's not even like, yeah. I mean, I guess this is, this is weird. This is definitely in the weird category. I, and I think Patrick, you have a great point and like, you don't just, you know, like a big company like this, doesn't just like, not make a comment, but you know, but right. But yeah, so whatever, I mean, it's weird. We live in weird times. We live in weird times in supply chain. <Laugh> I just like blaming everything on supply chain. So, yeah. Sorry. I was late for that meeting supply chain. So,

Patrick Norton (00:22:05):
Well, I mean the, the, the second half that at the, at the bottom of the, a Technica story quote, after nail the news, the event, the installation ice universe added on sinbo that the AMD GPU is having problems, specifically heat problems, the target frequency, apparently 1.9 gigahertz, but the companies are currently only seeing reasonable thermals and 1.29 gigahertz and quote and then reports of infighting at Samsung about who screwed up. That would be a big deal. I, I, I feel your performance would be spectacularly off <laugh> if you could only hit 1.29 giga Hertz, and you're supposed to hit 1.9, but

Ron Richards (00:22:48):
Yeah. Ouch,

Florence Ion (00:22:50):
But still

Patrick Norton (00:22:50):
Well about the supply chain chain, just ghost on an announcement

Ron Richards (00:22:53):
Supply chain. Well, yeah, so, well, let's we'll stay tuned for that to see what comes of it. Yeah. Over the next couple of weeks, right. Flo. Yeah.

Florence Ion (00:23:02):
Right, exactly.

Ron Richards (00:23:03):
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Ron Richards (00:25:44):
All right. I tried to do my best Jason hardware boy, right? <Laugh> but that said, we were talking about Android 12 L and Android 12 L is rumor to be the adjustment that the operating system needs to support a pixel foldable device. And as we've been tracking this rumor through 2021, you know, they're gonna, Google's doing a foldable, they a foldable, but wait, this, this report says they bought the glass. Oh no, but it's not coming out. Blah, blah, blah. <Laugh> well, now it, it looks like, it looks like we have some hard proof that a foldables on the way and that it actually might look more like the oppo find N than the Samsung galaxy fold in the Android 12 L beta two that flows to talking about earlier, the folks at nine to five, Google discovered new animations, that show how to insert a SIM card into a foldable phone.

Ron Richards (00:26:36):
And the animations appear similar to the animations used when setting up your phone today during the stage of where to ask you to put in your SIM card or E or your Essem. And if you look at some of the stuff that was posted on the nine to five Google article, they have the animations and they show, it looks like the fold. It looks really pretty you know, pretty damning in terms of that. It looks like it's foldable. So additionally in, and there it is for our video Watchers, you see that kind of wide device there with the little, with the crease down the middle, that looks like a foldable phone. And, and also hidden in the code in the animation was referenced to the pixel folds code name, which is PIP P I P it, so I don't know, I'm excited.

Ron Richards (00:27:22):
So P Patrick, I know it's been a, it's been a while since we had you back on the show, I'm obsessed with foldables. I think that they're both wonderful and ridiculous and the future of phones <laugh> and the weirder, the foldable, the better, like, I don't know if you've seen any of the ones that are like origami, whatever that fold into, like into themselves. But and the fact that, and, and I feel like foldables made huge strides in 2021 with what Samsung the, with the two devices Samsung put out, but I feel like it won't be real until Google adopts it and releases a pixel one, and it looks like that might be coming.

Patrick Norton (00:27:54):
So I, okay. So this is a question for Florence. This is a question for this question for both of you have either one of you carried a affordable phone for any extended period of time. Okay. Yes, I have not. What did you think Florence?

Florence Ion (00:28:09):
Well, I still have it over here. It's not on right now, but I was using this, this galaxy Z flip three. I actually do need to send it back. I think I've said that like seven times the last seven times send it to me,

Ron Richards (00:28:22):
Tell him you're sending it to me. <Laugh>

Florence Ion (00:28:25):
And Patrick, like, I like it. I really do. But when I reviewed the phone, I said that this was not the form factor that I would be carrying because of how it slows me down a little with my use 

Patrick Norton (00:28:39):
The, for instance, because of having to open it or okay. Mm-Hmm

Florence Ion (00:28:42):
<Affirmative> yeah. Opening it up to like, take a photo. It's just not it's, it's not as fast as you might actually think. Sure. As opposed to just like popping up and taking a photo with a

Patrick Norton (00:28:54):
Regular phone, it's been so long since you've had to unfold a phone, you forgot how annoying that process actually is. Very

Florence Ion (00:29:00):
True. And back then, we didn't rely on those phones to like capture the precious moments of our growing children. And so it was like I do think that that what's gonna happen is like, this phone is very much marketed towards a younger user. And mm-hmm <affirmative>, if you wanted something a little more like grown up, you would get the fold so to speak. So I do think that Samsung's gonna continue with that sort of like classification as they have. Whereas I would hope that what Google would put out would be something that's a little more, I don't know, universally minded, just something that maybe a person like me would actually consider.

Patrick Norton (00:29:37):
Right. I've I looked at a couple of them and, and I just remember being every, my, my phones all go into pockets and there's literally not one I've seen that I could actually fit in any of the pockets I have without being worried about completely destroying it in part, because I weigh too much. And in part, because the phones are too thick and ever since the, what I will affectionately refer the terrible iPhone six issue, which is where I managed to bend and crack the screen. And then iPhone six, within five days of the initial purchase. Yeah, I was, I was, I, I went on a long and extended bitter series of ran about technology being too thin in general and this one being spectacularly too thin in particular. But I've, I really like, I love the idea of having the big screen, especially now that I have to wear reading glasses and I'm really tired of, of, of type I can't read. So the idea of having a bigger screen to scroll things out on sounds fantastic, but the whole, I would have to figure out an entire subset of infrastructure on my life to figure out actually how to carry one of those possibly involving precise belt holsters, or reaching into my backpack to get my phone, which Bob belt holsters, as you point out,

Florence Ion (00:30:49):
They're coming back, they're coming back, Patrick, <laugh>, you know about this like return this return to the, the old way of doing things like wired headphones are in that's why flip phones are having a resurgence it's apparently all,

Patrick Norton (00:31:03):
Some of us wired headphones never went away. <Laugh>

Ron Richards (00:31:07):
I mean, likewise, I'm talking likewise earbuds right here. I've got my, I've got my 9 99 Sony earbuds that I, that are my podcasting friend, because guess what? They always work. And I can always hear everybody. I don't, you know, so, and, and when they lose or I lose 'em, they're only $9 on Amazon, so, or, or the or Walgreens <laugh>

Florence Ion (00:31:31):
Anyway, I apologize, Patrick. I totally interrupted you

Patrick Norton (00:31:35):
<Laugh> no, no, no. It's but I, I get it. It's, it's, it's funny though, right? Because it's, it's one of those things where it looks Eli, you know, I look at it I'm, I I'm, I'm filled with, to use a, a phrase from, from my friend, Darren, a little techno lust, you know, I'm like, man, big screen folds open. Cool. And then, and I get one and I, I look at, you know, my pants pocket and I look at this phone and I look at my pants pocket. I look at this phone, I'm like, this will not fit. And then, and I think about, okay, how would I carry it? And as you point out, you know, the, the, you know, okay, this is, this is, I'm gonna, you know, I didn't even think about the idea that you have to open it up to take a picture and how badly that, how many things I would miss as a result of having to, you know, wrestle my phone out of my holster or my backpack, pull it out, fold it up, wait for it to, I mean, is it, is it fairly flow? Is it fairly instantaneously once you flip the thing open or is there some sort of like, you know, or is it, is it pretty much the same kind of function? Does it speed? Does it, does it become useful as quickly as, as your regular phone? I guess he said awkwardly with poor word choice. <Laugh>

Florence Ion (00:32:45):
Yeah. Cuz when it, well, Samsung did a lot of software smarts to make the phone just because when it's like opened halfway, it'll offer you a certain set of options for the UI. Okay. And that sort of thing. So it feels intuitive at least on the flip I'll say.

Patrick Norton (00:33:02):
Okay, good. Yep.

Florence Ion (00:33:04):
We'll see how Google makes it though with this 12 lwl situation that's going on because

Ron Richards (00:33:08):
Well, yeah. I wanna see what, what their, what their additives, you know, factor of the world and Patrick, your, your point about actually carrying on Nao has always been my hesitancy and we're gonna get to, we're gonna get to it in, in a future story too. But in terms of the thickness, I mean, even, I, you know, I, I kind of laugh at myself because you know, we're talking in the pre-show about music and, and back in the day and earlier, stuff like that. And, and my housey on punk days of the early nineties wearing very oversized, baggy jeans, I think a thick phone would be fine, but now I find myself in my mid forties and it appears as if my pandemic reaction and has been designer jeans that just seem to get tighter and tighter. And I actually have a hard time fitting up pixel six of my pocket on designer jeans. Well, no, I, it is <laugh> I, I've gone from, I've gone from spending as little as I can on jeans to you know, that, that looks like a fair purchase. They

Florence Ion (00:33:57):
Don't even put pockets on women's pants anymore. So you guys will have

Ron Richards (00:34:01):
Pockets, but what is

Patrick Norton (00:34:02):
With that? Why, why do women not

Florence Ion (00:34:06):
Get pockets? My, to accentuate our bodies for the, for the, the, for other people to look at, cuz we are nothing but things in this world.

Patrick Norton (00:34:16):
I, you know, the it's just, but can't you have pockets. My wi my wife wears overall a lot now. And in part that is because she gets pockets. Like one, she can actually put things used

Florence Ion (00:34:28):
That's I wear a around the house mm-hmm <affirmative> bath and pocket, big pockets.

Patrick Norton (00:34:32):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative> you can even fit a flip

Florence Ion (00:34:39):
Boy. You

Ron Richards (00:34:39):
Can a flip

Florence Ion (00:34:43):
Foldables very sick.

Ron Richards (00:34:45):
I love foldables. And I wanna see Google's foldable so badly. I'm very excited for this. So we'll see what happens, but make it happen.

Florence Ion (00:34:54):
I'll tell you what they also made happen. So if you fall asleep to the Google assistance, white noise at night might, well, maybe it'll sound a little different to you. So it turns out, and this, this started going on last week. So people are missing the old white noise from the Google assistant. Now, apparently I, so I actually wrote this up today for Gizmoto. And apparently it's been fixed, but before we get to that so what happened was some folks who really rely on that, Hey, G play some white noise command to fall asleep at night, realize that the length of the white noise they used to listen to was shorter. And that the white noise they were hearing was like a little more muffled than what they were used to listening to and

Patrick Norton (00:35:44):
What they went to pink noise instead of white noise. <Laugh>

Ron Richards (00:35:47):
Well, I,

Florence Ion (00:35:48):
It seems like it seems like it actually, no, I, I know that that's what we think, but I don't, I don't know if that's exactly what happened because the thing is there is like a difference between pink noise and blue noise and white noises. I learned after buying my kid a sound machine so she could fall asleep <laugh> but I did that because I was afraid to trust the, the smart speaker to do that job for me. <Laugh>, you know, you

Ron Richards (00:36:10):
Know, what was so funny Flo is that, is that when, when, when my kids were born, I put the, I put the Google home in the, their room cuz you know, and they were their infants and would say, oh, you know, play white noise. Cause we knew that's just us to do and it would end and then they would wake up mm-hmm <affirmative> and that was, and, and so like, so then I started, then I found like on YouTube, like eight hours of white noise and I would Chromecast it from my phone to the thing. And then finally, I, I just broke down and bought one of those $20 noise machines. And I was just like, whatever, this is getting the job done. I don't have to worry about it. And that's still in their rooms today. So absolutely. I tried to use, I tried to use Google for this and that didn't work. So

Florence Ion (00:36:50):
See, and the thing is Ron, that you and I would probably be the persons that were in the forum with these other folks, because a lot of them were parents complaining that their kids could tell the difference between the old white noise and the new white noise <laugh> yeah. Which is why this actually took off is because so many people were complaining that members of their household were disrupted by this apparent change in white noise. So Google, I get us, they responded with a comment today or with a statement that they had apparently fixed it. So apparently there was a pro let's see, let me read you the official statement, cuz this came in after we did the doc today. Let's see, where did I, where did I put it? Oh, there was an issue impacting our white noise experience. As spokesperson said, it's fixed now and working as it previously did.

Ron Richards (00:37:46):
So all right there. So they rolled it back. Basically.

Florence Ion (00:37:51):
We'll see, let you, if anybody out there uses the white noise, if you notice that it was different or whatever, try it out. Like let us know. We'd be curious.

Burke (00:38:01):
I'd like to say something white noise. Like I don't know how you can mess up white noise. It's like literally something that's older than Google. It's the concept it's just like, wow.

Ron Richards (00:38:13):
Well I feel like this is your, you just, you just tee this up for Patrick Patrick here. It's like,

Patrick Norton (00:38:18):
I'm trying so hard not to. Okay. So basic white noise and theory is, is it's static. If you think of looking at it static on a television screen, if you're old enough to have seen static on a television screen white noise is a completely random audio signal that has an equal intensity across all frequencies. And then there's pink noise and brown noise. And you can actually, if you remove or adjust the frequencies or the balance of frequencies, you could screw up the sound of white noise. I'm also laughing cuz I heard this this phrase, which I wish I had my laptop in front of me. From a, a guy I was talking about designing headphones and he talked about I, I wanna I'll call it euphonic noise, but that's not really the, the, the second word I'm looking for is not noise.

Patrick Norton (00:39:02):
But he, he was talking about headphones that don't have accurate a frequent don't have an accurate frequently response, but people like the frequency response they have. So they, they find those sort of euphonic. And people are really sensitive about the strangest things and people get incredibly sensitive about their sleep routine. So I can totally buy into, you know, if it, maybe it wasn't white noise, true white noise, and they made a true white noise or maybe they did something to it or they, you know, tried to compress it or they, whatever they did, people were pay that I completely buy in. I mean, in white noise should be white noise, but maybe it wasn't true white noise. And what does that mean?

Ron Richards (00:39:41):
I like the idea that it wasn't, it, it was, it wasn't true white noise and they made it true white noise and everyone wants the not true white noise cuz that's what they're used to. Like that's the best, that's the best reality we could. We could ask. They just got really used to it and yeah, exactly. It's, it's so funny because we, because when, when I gave up on the Google home, I, I got one of those noise machines for my kids and they shared a room for a while and then we moved into the house we're in now they had separate rooms and I got another machine for my daughter's room, but like she picked up, it was slightly different. She's like, no, that's not the same. Right. Oh crap. I, and like I couldn't find the one, the one that I gotten from Amazon was gone and I was like, God it. Yeah. So, but it's

Patrick Norton (00:40:23):
On eBay $400 later. <Laugh> listen,

Ron Richards (00:40:27):
You will do anything for your child to sleep. Okay. Exactly. I was just, I'm gonna back that up a hundred percent Patrick, you know, you know,

Patrick Norton (00:40:34):
<Laugh>, my oldest woke up every two hours screaming for six months. The things I will. I, I, I right there with you.

Ron Richards (00:40:43):
Yeah. Oh, I know. I, I do have to, I do have to laugh because you guys would appreciate this and I don't have to make it a parenting podcast. But but, but as a tie into podcast, one of my friends who works in tech recently had a baby and her and her husband launched a podcast about parent. Cause of course that's, you know, that's what you do, blah blah. And she posted on Instagram stories. She's like, Hey question for the podcast. If you have a baby who like starts crying, as soon as it lays down and isn't sleeping, what do you do? And I just DMed her. I'm like, he's an ear infection. She's like what? And I was like gonna explained it. And then like two days later, she's like, he does have an ear infection. So like I love like she needed parenting help, but did it under the guise of asking a question for her podcast, which is just, <laugh> just saying my kid isn't sleeping. I need help. That's like the rest of us. We, none of us know what we're doing. It was very funny. So manual. Yeah. Yeah. So no manual, no manual at all. Like this, it baffles me that we need to take a driver's test to drive a car. You need to take a test to become a network engineer. And yet anybody can have kids

Florence Ion (00:41:44):
<Laugh> I can't, they just send you home with like a tiny little fragile thing. And then before you know, it, they want, they will refuse to sleep. So like intensely that they will climb outta their crib. They don't care. Just climb out all. I had fall to the ground. Just

Ron Richards (00:41:59):
All I had to do was agree that I wouldn't shake the baby. And then they let me go home with it. That's all I had to do. <Laugh> thought. Yeah.

Florence Ion (00:42:05):
I thought they shake the baby and strap him into the car seat. Okay. You can leave like, all right. Thanks.

Patrick Norton (00:42:10):
Do you have a car seat? Yes. Are you gonna put the baby in the car seat? Yes. Are you gonna change the baby's quite noise? No, <laugh> <laugh>

Ron Richards (00:42:21):
All right. Well, moving on going back to our earlier point in this conversation about phones fitting in our pockets. So Samsung is rolling out their latest flagship, a thousand dollars flagship phone, the five. Is it the exterior five, three. Is that how you say this or flow? What it's the, the Sony exterior five II Sony, sorry, Sony. Yeah, the exterior five, three. Anyway, it's coming to the us market. Although they, you know, we're calling this new, but they announced it like almost a year ago. So it's not really that new supply chain, but we supply chain. We got some we got some specs here for it. But I'll get to the most important spec at the end. It's running snap, dragon 8 88 with eight gig Ram, 128 gig storage, 4,500 milli battery, a 6.1 inch, 120 Hertz two 2,520 by 10 80 O led display.

Ron Richards (00:43:14):
It's got three rear cameras, a 12 megapixel main camera, a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a 12 megapixel, three X Teleo. But here's the spec that's worth looking at it's 68 millimeters wide. So it is one of the most thinnest compact phones on the market. It's super tall. It's got a 20, 20 1009 aspect ratio display, but in terms of width, it's only four millimeters bigger than an iPhone 13 mini. So if you've seen an iPhone 13 mini and how thin that, how small thing that is, this is thin. And of course it's shipping with Android 11, but they promise that Android 12 updates soon which is just been at us. But that could fit in your pocket faster, her flow, even your non pocket, it could fit in. I think so.

Florence Ion (00:43:59):
Yeah, but the thing is, is these Sony phones are never available in this country. They just get announced. People stare at them and then somebody has the conversation. Will Sony make it in the us. So then I'm like, no, because you can't buy their phones anywhere. They're

Ron Richards (00:44:12):
Always at best buy flow. They're always at best fly. Like they are out there. Yes. Nobody buys them. What's the best buy who nobody buys them. I do, but you cannot. But once in a while I'm looking, I'm looking right now, go to best buy the, the Sony experience. Yeah. There's a whole bunch Sony cell phones. There's a whole section on the best buy website for Sony exterior phones. So here it is the Sony exterior five, three 5g with a hundred twenty, twenty eight gig of memory unlocked $999. There you go be, I'll throw it in the in the dock so you can show everyone to prove it, but you can go to best buy and you can buy a Sony phone tomorrow flow. You can do it if you had a thousand dollars. So, and it's only if I had a thousand dollars, 68, 68 millimeters, why that's all it is <laugh>. But they, they, they are available here in the us. It's not like it's just the buy. It's

Patrick Norton (00:45:02):
Gonna be well, but it was like, it was like, you couldn't buy them, then they'd be around. And then by the time they were around, the, the, everybody else was on the next generation phone. I'm also, I don't know. I, I do not like 21 by nine phones, which is unfortunate to be a phone user in this day and age. But that just sounds like it's gonna be the most irritating phone to use, which seems like I don't want book you, I want

Ron Richards (00:45:31):
Don't want a bookmark

Patrick Norton (00:45:33):
<Laugh> I want a phone. <Laugh>

Ron Richards (00:45:36):
Well, it seems like manufacturers are going that route of that, of that, you know, elongated aspect ratio. Whether we like it or not.

Florence Ion (00:45:43):
So probably to video, cuz they're just gonna keep delivering us video and then we're gonna get let's see what else we're oh, by the way, there's no interface on any of these best buy photos.

Ron Richards (00:45:56):
There's none. There's none. Right? They're

Florence Ion (00:45:58):
All. What is Android gonna look like on this? That's what I would like to know.

Ron Richards (00:46:02):
It just has a really cool background with no icons on it. It's like,

Patrick Norton (00:46:05):
Yeah, maybe that means it's gonna be a vanilla installation with no customizations. That'll you off every single time you open your phone. <Laugh> sorry. <Laugh>

Florence Ion (00:46:17):
Take us back to 2014. Well,

Ron Richards (00:46:20):
Anyway, if you, if you were out there, nice, if you're out there in the world and you are a proud Sony phone user, right into,, let us know. Cuz I haven't, I mean, middle as I've mentioned earlier, I don't leave my house because my battery drains. But if I did leave my house, I wouldn't see, I haven't seen anyone with a Sony phone on the subway out on the street anywhere. I've never seen a Sony phone in the wild. So yeah, there it's,

Florence Ion (00:46:50):
I've seen more Motorola phones in the wild than I've seen Sony phones. I'll fascinating. Yeah. All right. Yeah. All right. Well speaking well let's speaking of big brands, let's move on to no Nvidia. I almost said Nvidia. Anyway if you've got an Nvidia shield, you might have received the Android TV OS 11 update, which would officially mean you're on Android 11. Yay. Congratulations. This is part of the shield software experience upgrade 9.0 a very, very sexy version name. I have to say. <Laugh> now Android TV 11 does, this was actually folks have been waiting for a long time on the Nvidia shield platform. Now this includes every one of their devices, including the original that they launched in 2015 is getting this update Nvidia to actually skipped Android 10 for their Android TV devices. And instead said, let's just go all in on this one. So you're gonna to get special features like one time app permissions. You're gonna get controller pairing. So now you can add an Xbox one controller and launch Xbox games that way or an apple TV remote. If you wanna watch just like wild 

Patrick Norton (00:48:07):
Space station.

Florence Ion (00:48:07):
Bizarre. I it's bizarre, but like, but for some reason people are really excited, which I understand. Okay. 

Patrick Norton (00:48:16):
I like whole TV remote. I mean, it's just

Florence Ion (00:48:21):
Don't have experience with it, but I know that there are a lot of think pieces about it out there that are important to read <laugh>

Ron Richards (00:48:34):
Well done flow. Well done.

Florence Ion (00:48:37):
I feel like a math teacher. Oh my generation. In a nutshell. <Laugh> I, I do wanna also bring up kind of something interesting. So this actually has support for GForce now RTX 30, 80, which is not the name of the graphics card that is named after, but the service that is named after the graphics card so that when you pay for this service, you get essentially performance access that is relative to the abilities of this GPU on whatever streaming set top box that you're on. That is Invidia, I guess. So this is kind of interesting considering Google TV slash Android TV is also the platform where stadia is supposed to really take set stage shine. So it's interesting to see all of this like leaning into the third party game cloud control situations that are going on versus, you know, but that's Android, right? It's open.

Patrick Norton (00:49:36):
I have one of these, so I could not, I could not get anybody to buy my envious shield cuz I bought one

Florence Ion (00:49:43):
Let's I'll buy it off of you. I like

Patrick Norton (00:49:45):
Want one. Well this, I actually, I mean I have a first generation, but, but I'm laughing because I'm like, oh this is, this is the, this is the update I've been waiting for. Apparently. Yeah. So I'll be digging through the boxes and storage to find that because this is actually compelling and the 30 80 membership is actually compelling given that I'll probably never be able to buy a GPU again in, in my life. Correct.

Ron Richards (00:50:08):
Thanks for thanks Kirk. Correct. 

Florence Ion (00:50:10):
Big plans now <laugh>

Ron Richards (00:50:12):
Smart. I, I will say that, that, that first generation in video shield, we talked, we, we talked flow last week. We talked a lot about the Android hall of fame. Was it last week or a couple weeks ago. But if I remember correctly, the Invidia shield first gen is like under strong consideration for the Android hall of fame in terms of like being an important game changing device. So Patrick, you should hold onto that. I think, I think that that could be

Patrick Norton (00:50:34):
Worth something. Yeah. Someday it'll be worth something pay the good semester of college. Well, no, but it was, but it was one of those things where it was so close in so many ways and there was a huge amount of horsepower under the hood, but were no applications to do the vast majority of what I wanted to do with it at the time. And then it just got put in a drawer and then it was like a year later and it got put back in the box and I, I will revisit it. I, I suddenly feel a profound need to see, you know, now that it seems to be a complete environment for the home entertainment system, Patrick

Florence Ion (00:51:09):
<Laugh>, you don't need to move fast because the thing is that there have been some reports of complaints some issues with the Nvidia update. So Android Ellen for the NVI shield is apparently breaking some apps and some Plex servers. If anybody who is on plaque understands that

Patrick Norton (00:51:31):
Also's sleep cam. So I can upgrade it with, with, with impunity. <Laugh> it's just sitting in a box now, but I do appreciate the they're

Florence Ion (00:51:48):
They're thinking that scope storage, which is a feature that was introduced to Android, Levin might have something to do with this. Just the way that Android is now handling file directories and file storage. So I imagine there will be an update that will

Ron Richards (00:52:01):
Yeah. When, and when you think about a Plex Plex is very file transferring intensive, right that server and that sort of thing, one

Florence Ion (00:52:10):
Wrong letter in the wrong spot.

Ron Richards (00:52:12):
And like, I have to imagine what scope storage does in the TV version of the O you know what I mean? Cuz like you gotta manage files much different than you do in the phone because it's, it's a singular purpose, right? It's it's like app functions, app controls, data storage and then mass of amounts of media files. Right. And so a change in Android at 11 introducing scope storage potentially could get in the way of all that. So then the question is it's a chicken and the egg, is it an Android 11 problem? Or is it the developer's problem? Because they didn't accommodate for that. You know? So the, the mm-hmm <affirmative> like Plex and the other apps. So who knows, I dunno,

Florence Ion (00:52:48):
Who knows we'll find out.

Ron Richards (00:52:51):
Yep. I do that. And Patrick, I, I do gotta give a little respect now that you're on the show because I cite you often. Whenever we talk, we talk about smart TVs and no, no, no. And, and I, back in, back in the dog patch, you know, back in 2007, when you told me you know, buy a dumb monitor and plug stuff into it, you know, and, and do, and, and how that rule still flies because you might end up with a TV that they stop updating and the software never gets updated and that sort of thing. Right. So, you know, so thank you. I

Patrick Norton (00:53:21):
It's a lot. You're welcome. I mean, it's a lot better now with, with, and it's something we talked about. Cause at one point I, I do a podcast AV Excel with Robert har and Robert and I were arguing one day and it was kinda like outside of the Roku TVs, which are fairly well maintained, even the most expensive televisions, it would seem like they would just this, you know, you know, that Android flowing, you got, and there was kind of an update and there were never updates. It was a cheap phone. You didn't expect much and you didn't get much, but it still ran until you realized you were, it was just, it was so frustrating to watch even these incredibly expensive televisions get minimal updates. It's a little better now, but my advice is still like set it to H D I one and plug a Roku, an apple TV, or for example, an NVI shield TV.

Patrick Norton (00:54:05):
But it's also been, somebody was tweeting today that they couldn't actually not sign in and give all of their information to their new LGTV. And I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this possibly in violation of California state law mm-hmm <affirmative> privacy law. And I just remember being like, oh yes, because it's, it's frustra rating because there's so much of the, the revenue generated on television platforms and I'm getting way off track. I apologize is done by monitoring, you know, what you watch and how you consume it and then repackaging and selling that information. But it's yeah, go for the dumbest TV. You can, and then let apple, or, or Roku, or, you know, Invidia gather all of your view information resell to somebody else. <Laugh> yeah, exactly. Your apps will be updated and you'll your video will look nice. <Laugh>

Florence Ion (00:54:55):
Yeah. And if they're not grabbing the information, then some other streaming provider is maybe Hulu's grabbing your information or, you know, Netflix anyway.

Ron Richards (00:55:05):
Yeah. Well, anyway, so I, I know in the future, my wife and I were talking about, cause we were driving today and on Sirius XM the Pearl jam even flow from the MTV unplugged came on and I was like, oh man, I remember when this was on TV. And then we're like, yeah, cuz we all used to have cultural events that we all shared and say, Hey, did you watch that thing last night? And we said yes or no. And except now it's either, so everything is so niche. And so spread out that the thing I'm interested in, neither of you are interested in or if it is something that we share, there's no way we're watching it at the same time. Cuz we're time shifting and like, yeah. So just

Patrick Norton (00:55:43):
To you believe in miracles. Oh, I saw the meme though. <Laugh>

Ron Richards (00:55:48):
Sorry. Exactly.

Florence Ion (00:55:49):
Like I'll watch succession like five years from now. Like I just, I, you know, anyway,

Patrick Norton (00:55:54):
It's it's worth watching. Yeah. It's so good. It's so awful. It's so good. <Laugh> stop there.

Ron Richards (00:56:02):
All right. So we will break here and we will thank our next sponsor of the evening. And I'm so excited this on. I wanna thank imperfect foods for sponsoring this episode of all about Android. And how about a three for one new year resolution? All right. Reduce food waste. Save time on grocery shopping and eat more fresh and delicious food. Think it's too good to be true. Well think again and it's time to try imperfect foods. Here's a cringeworthy stat to start 2022 each year 35% of the food supply goes unsold or uneaten in the us. It's just this disturbing. In fact imperfect foods is working to turn this around by sourcing foods that would otherwise fall through the cracks of our food system. Combating climate, a change feels big and overwhelming. What can one person do? Actually there's an easy and delicious way to make an impact.

Ron Richards (00:56:48):
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Ron Richards (00:57:39):
And I gotta tell you, I mean it is no, it, it is no mystery that I like food. I like to eat. And I like food it a lot. My wife and I joke a lot that we, that we go to the gr we're at the grocery store nearly every day because we're running out of something or we're not planning appropriately or something went bad and all this sort of stuff. And the idea of a grocery delivery service is super, super attractive to me, but there's all those things waste aligning deliveries. I gotta tell you the, I, I did, I used one of the home delivery meal services and I can't get rid of the stuff. They send it to me, my garbage people won't take it. The recycling people won't take it. It just seems IM imperfect. Luckily imperfect foods is here to fix all that.

Ron Richards (00:58:17):
I'm so excited about this service that they're offering. If you have a large family or a small family, whatever your food needs, they've got, you covered with a lot of the staples and grape foods that you love. So check out imperfect and it could totally change your life and help fight food waste, which just sickens me. I'm just so glad somebody's doing something about it. So right now imperfect foods is offering our listeners 20% off your first four orders. When you go to imperfect and use promo code Android, again, that 20% off your first four orders, that's up to an $80 When you use promo code Android, join the using promo code Android. And thank you imperfect foods cuz I like to eat and you bring me food. So good job. <Laugh> all right. With that let's let's, let's talk about a couple quick apps things just to of happens with apps still. So mm-hmm <affirmative> All right. If, well, well, well,

Florence Ion (00:59:18):
If you've been on, if you've been on Twitter that you've definitely been seeing nonstop Wordle posts of people posting their scores for the day of which <laugh> some, some networks are doing that. Some networks of folks and friends and you know, let people love what they love. But we do have to remind you that this is a gay that is played in the browser. It is not played in an app. So please do not download any word apps from the play store because those aren't those aren't it. It's not happening. The game that you wanna play is that power That is the only official game the it is available. It's free to play. You just need a browser. And from there you'll be able to share your stats. I do think that actually, yeah, don't, don't just don't download any word apps. That's the PSA. Yeah, that's it. There

Ron Richards (01:00:17):
You go. The wor the world, dude did it on a website, go to the website and you're safe.

Florence Ion (01:00:22):
I, I don't wanna complicate that. That's all we have to say about that. Don't download an app.

Ron Richards (01:00:27):
All right. There it is. Going very simple going on back to streaming services. Little news about our friends over in Netflix. You might have heard it is all in the news, but they're raising their prices. Get,

Florence Ion (01:00:43):
Don't forget the, again,

Ron Richards (01:00:44):
Part the, again, part, well, I thoughts about this. So I'll go through, I'll go through the changes and we'll talk about this. So the standard plan, the standard plan, which allows for two simultaneous streams at any time now costs $15 and 50 cents a month up from $14. So a dollar 50 increase, okay. Or, or roughly the price of one movie ticket, just put it in context. The premium plan, which enables four concurrent streams and 4k content is now $20 a month up from 18, which is $2 increase. And that $20 a month is like the cost of a movie ticket at like Alamo or like a high end movie theater. If you have one in your city. And the, the, the basic plan, which allows a single stream and doesn't offer 4k is now $10, $10 a month, which is actually very affordable.

Ron Richards (01:01:29):
And I feel like what Netflix used to cost. This is the second significant price increase in October, 2020 when Netflix raised the prices of all pans plans by about a dollar to $2 per month. And my commentary on this is that when you have, when you reach the end of the line of people that you can bring onto your platform, how else do you make more money? You raise prices, right? That's all you can do. You know, like how many, how many users does Netflix have? Like everyone, right? Like, so it's not like you don't think

Florence Ion (01:01:59):
This is to buy more content

Ron Richards (01:02:01):
When looking at the, no, I don't think this is to buy more content when doing, I think they're spending enough money on content. But when you're looking at the, the user base of, you know, double, triple digit millions of users, like how, like, like from a business standpoint, a growing service, like a subscription service, the phase of growth is like acquisition. You wanna get as many people on your platform as possible, right? I don't have the, the latest counts. I maybe flow you of ha cause you're a real journalist. Maybe you have it. But how many users, how many users does Netflix have these days? I I'm Googling it now. I, I'm also doing that 210 million,

Patrick Norton (01:02:39):
Two, 10 million. This is as of October of last year, let me see if I can find newer statistics.

Florence Ion (01:02:45):
That was fine. That's fine. Just said a hundred ninety two, a hundred ninety 2 million paid subscribers worldwide as of the second quarter of 2020. Okay.

Ron Richards (01:02:55):
So, so the population of the United States is roughly 303rd, right? Uhhuh, they, there, there are, the population of Russia is 144 million, right. So there are more paid subscribers than there are people living in Russia. Right. And so like, so part, part of the problem is, is that acquisition is no longer, you can't offer your service at a lower price to get more people cuz you've got everybody right. And so

Patrick Norton (01:03:21):
I might point out that there are 7 billion people on the planet. So there's a gap there.

Ron Richards (01:03:27):
True. But, but how many, but how many, how many people are in an area where their internet supports media tr I mean like streaming, how many people are in India alone and you know, and streaming services, you know, bandwidth is a, is a luxury or, or is a, you know, is a challenge or right. So in technologically advanced available, like you're gonna reach a point where in order for them to, you know, add shareholder value and do whatever all they can do is increase the cost of the plan. That's all they can do.

Florence Ion (01:03:53):
Or Ron, they can keep doing hype house reality TV shows you know, just really get the gen Z TikTok generation in there because it can really add to, you know, subscriber count.

Ron Richards (01:04:04):
I will say that Netflix is after you, Patrick.

Patrick Norton (01:04:08):
I was gonna say so I, I just read an article on that quotes a consulting firm Omnia, which says Netflix has about 4.4 million subscribers in India. And they're dropping prices in India to boost Cryer numbers. So maybe yeah. Musician. So, so prices go up in some places. So they go down and others mm-hmm <affirmative> right. So,

Ron Richards (01:04:30):
So the, the Netflix,

Patrick Norton (01:04:31):
The assumption scale is just so ridiculous. Sorry. It's,

Ron Richards (01:04:34):
It's, it's insane. So the assumption based off that, Patrick, is that in the us, they feel as if they've reached critical mass or whatever, for like the, like the amount of effort it would take to acquire the people that haven't acquired. It's easier to just raise the price, you know, mm-hmm <affirmative> so that's a business decision. So that said, I will say Netflix is the, is probably the streaming service. I watch the least of these days.

Florence Ion (01:04:56):
I absolutely agree. I watch HBO more often. I watch paramount plus, and that cost me only dollars a month. And I actually don't get served as I'm on like some weird ad plan. I don't know. I have like some legacy plan, but regardless it's been an interesting journey cuz I've actually started covering streaming at Gizmoto just like adding it on to my beats. It's well, it was every, I'm always talking about TV at work or so everybody's like my soul. Just give you the back

Patrick Norton (01:05:25):
Here. <Laugh> no, I just, I just mean cuz it's, it's, it's been so insane to watch it as if over the last couple years and especially like HBO, max is, is this insane treasure trove you know, know people don't still don't know about the criterion channel, you know, I don't even know how I feel about apple TV at this point. Like my end, the three alone, I think justifies whatever I paid for. You know, at, at least Apple's

Florence Ion (01:05:50):
Getting awards, they're getting some prestige, like, you know, Ooh, like when I think of apple, I think of prestige TV. I'm sorry. I do. Yeah,

Patrick Norton (01:05:59):
But there's, I mean everybody's making, everybody's spending billions of dollars on content and making prestige TV. Now it's a great time to be a television consumer, especially if you never sleep. <Laugh>

Florence Ion (01:06:11):
Which I don't because of, you know, life in general. So again, cause you keep

Patrick Norton (01:06:16):
Changing the white noise on the

Florence Ion (01:06:18):
<Laugh> exactly. Gotta find some other white noise to fall asleep to the screeching of, of, of middle aged women on reality TV. Anyway, it's streaming man. It's cable now. That's it just

Ron Richards (01:06:33):
Yep. It is streaming man. It's it's like it's a, it's the China town of the 2020s. Forget it. Jake's streaming. All right, so that'll wrap us. I got Patrick. Okay. All right. That will wrap us up for apps. And now the moment I've been all waiting for, we're gonna get into some of your feedback with your emails up next. So if you have a moment, email, that's AA,, or you can call in at three, four, seven show AA and leave a voicemail. Or you can email us a audio file or a video file, not enough of you do that. But now for what I call the main event flow, why don't you read our first email?

Florence Ion (01:07:17):
All right, here we go. First email. So this one's gonna be an interesting one. Just listening to your recent podcast about the green bubble quote unquote, what you fail to realize is it's not just the color of the text. It's the issue with dealing one Android users when everyone else has iMessage, the one Android person does mess up the text thread. They do. It messes the flow of everything. We're responding to individual text or liking a text or even grooming text together. I do understand how RCS can be the answer, but that just came out and you have to download Google's messaging out for it to work. Most Android users just use whatever came with their phone. RCS is not fully universal, so there's still a fragmentation issue with it. Even if I message adopts it. Also, if you own a company, why would you not want your product to be successful?

Florence Ion (01:08:08):
That is like asking Walmart to allow target coupons, to be used in their store. You should call Elon and tell 'em to allow all electric cars to use Tesla's charging stations, Elon, your electric, your Tesla's charging stations to be for everybody. I'm sorry. That's an infrastructure thing. A business is a business and not there for a charity. The only people that are complaining about this are Android users. So why would apple have any thoughts on changing? What makes their own customers happy? You can't get upset with apple when Google failed to get any type of messaging service out there until today, they have tried about 13 times and they all failed. <Laugh> if hold on, it's there's more, if you wanna beat apple, then come out with something that can beat them and do your own thing instead of just complain about how apple is successful, because what they came up with on their own is not being shared with the competition. What apple is doing would be a dream of any business owner. And that's from Brad.

Ron Richards (01:09:09):
That was well, Brad comment.

Florence Ion (01:09:10):
<Laugh> I have comments, but I want let you guys go <laugh> yeah.

Ron Richards (01:09:15):
Catch it all off. We had a pretty heated conversation last episode about, about the the, the article that came out the wall street journal article. That was about how teenagers were choosing I iOS devices over Android because of society pressures. And they don't wanna be the green bubble and all that, all that crap. And and, and old shared her Hiroshi. Lockheimer tweet about, you know, we're not ask, you know, we're just asking apple to support RCS. That's all we're asking, you know, like, which is kind of makes sense. So, you know, Patrick, I'm dying to hear what you think of RCS and the current state of messaging and all, and all this drama, so, and flow you as well too. But yeah, but <laugh>,

Patrick Norton (01:09:53):
I was laughing cuz I was thinking about it cause I was, was reading about the Pura online and you know, we, we, we are just in the process of, of taking our teenager from a stone stone age phone to a smartphone and one, this is one of those moments where I'm really thankful we homeschool because I don't have to deal with my son, you know, being bullied because he's a green bubble which is just so bizarre. But I was laughing cuz I realized the vast majority of I people I deal with outside of my immediate family are all running signal because they're all security freaks and they all want end to end encrypted app that is not owned by Facebook and, and you know, and then I, I, I have some other friends that, where we're a mixture of apple and Android and nobody complains. So part of me is just like, yeah, RDCs sounds great. Sounds like it's doing a lot of what Apple's already doing. Textings still mostly sucks across all ations and I don't particularly, it would, it would be nice. I don't know, you know, it's it's I feel disappointing, but it's I was, I was mostly laughing that the vast majority of the people I know actually choose signal over anything that's, that's controlled by you know, Android, basically anything that's Android, Google or, or iOS or, or apple, I

Ron Richards (01:11:20):
Guess I should say that. That's interesting because that's like, because it's funny, cuz the way I look at it is how this is kind of developing is that you have a pseudo tribal kind of approach by those who know sure. Right. And whether it is signal or telegram or WhatsApp or whatever, the message or discord or whatever the platform it is, your tribe is settling on this area where the communication is equal, like, or, or, you know, everyone's on the same footing, foot footing of how the app works and all that sort of stuff. And in degrees of interest in encryption and security and safety, I mean like, you know, Patrick, you say signal, I, you know, my, my family and majority of my friends are on WhatsApp. Right. We're just all, we're all doing it there on WhatsApp. Right. you know, I know a lot of people who swear by telegram for the same reasons and things like that, but then you have everyone else. And unfortunately everyone else is the majority of the users out there. And that's what includes, you know, my in-laws and my aunt and uncle in-laws who just have the phone and want it to work and don't understand why I'm a green bubble and they're not. And all that sort of stuff. Right. And explaining signal to them is probably a hill is too no, too tall to climb. Right. You know, so,

Patrick Norton (01:12:33):
But my, my, my adoption of computers when she started using them after retirement at, at gauge 63, 64 has been spectacular. Yeah. But you know, when I've, you know, as I VA, as I go back and forth between iOS and Android, mostly I'll just get like, why are you green? Cuz she runs iPhones and I'll be like I an Android. And then she goes, oh and we never discuss it again. <Laugh> yeah. So part of me is, I, I don't know if I feel like this is a Tempest in a teapot or if maybe this is like, oh, a telecommunication standard used globally, you know, is stuck pack in the stone age because it's a global telecommunications standard and they all suck. Until someone drag guess I'm kicking and screaming into the future and will this one be there, you know? Yeah. You know, I, I, you know, I, I think of all of the problems we have with, you know, this just seems, I just, you know, I'll read that wall street journal article again, but it's, it's mostly, I maybe it's just that my, my world is so narrow or me and my friends are just so old.

Patrick Norton (01:13:40):
We don't care anymore, but it just seems like, yeah, you know, Jimmy's on Android and he's a green bubble and Joey's not, and this and that. And mostly we just get frustrated when somebody changes platforms and you know, their messages disappear cuz they can't <laugh>, it's just don't locked into. Yeah. I don't know. It's been interesting to watch.

Ron Richards (01:14:02):
My favorite was Senator I've made fun of this in the week in the weekend update. They, they, they talked about this article and, and the joke was very well done and nuanced and was actually making fun of iOS users. And I believe the punchline was, you know, iOS users. So Android just stop being so cheap and buy a real phone, right. Like that, you know, kind of thing. And my, my cousin who's been bullying me for being on Android and he's on iOS and wants the whole family to be on OS, posted that on Instagram stories and tagged me like with, with the laughing emoji. And I just, and I reposted it. I'm like, here's a great example of an IO user trying to bully an Android user, not getting the underly joke is about the iOS user <laugh> it was, it was a, it was, it was a glorious moment, but flow. Where, where, where do you net out on this debate? I mean, I have a sense, but I, I can only imagine.

Florence Ion (01:14:47):
Yeah. The wall street journal thing I think is incredibly manufactured. I feel like we didn't, we just talk about that story right before the pandemic. That was like a thing we did. So it it's old news and by the way, we're children hanging out cuz we're in the middle of a pandemic like, oh <laugh> nevermind. It's yeah. It's yeah. I, I don't think that Google did a good job with its messaging strategy over the years. I agree with that. But I also, I have moved on from this. I really have, I use other messaging apps. It's fine. In fact, there's so many apps in my life now that I have to like actively turn them off so that I can oh, too many.

Burke (01:15:33):

Florence Ion (01:15:33):
You know, constantly checking in. So I think, I think it's fine. And whatever that happened, that thing was that happened on Twitter, I think was just deficit. He thought a siren call. So siren call.

Ron Richards (01:15:50):
Well, I, I will say in reading Brad's email L or email or Brad, I actually do agree with you. Believe it or not. I do agree with you in, in your last line where you say, what Apple's doing is the dream of any business owner and like that's a hundred percent it, and that goes against my whole thing, which is like, I, you know, I, I still can't believe my belief is this, but like in the spirit of shareholder value and capitalism has driven edge in society and created a very, you know, nasty kind of reality for a lot of people, you know, in varying degrees. But I'm not surprised

Burke (01:16:23):
Just what you learn about Facebook <laugh> yeah, yeah, exactly. <Laugh> I have, I have a question for you guys. Why, if apple really wanted to fix this really couldn't they just make all the bubbles blue or green, just one color, that's it. And then nobody would ever know the difference. And then this, that, this manufactured sort of weird, but would cryp all of the <laugh> but no, but I just mean about like, you know, O the OS the color about kids.

Ron Richards (01:16:48):
Yeah. No, but that, that, that changes, but that, that changes the, the positioning, you don't wanna be a green bubble. You wanna be the blue blah, blah. And like they're, they're creating that, that sense of value. Totally. And that, that yeah, so they're not gonna, yes, they you're. Right. They could fix it by just making it all, you know, you know, one color Patrick can flow. I joked last week I said, this feels like the, the star Trek episode with the guy with one half of his face black and the other side white. Right. But, and he doesn't like the other guy, cuz he's got one side white, one side black, like it's just, it just it's. So

Florence Ion (01:17:16):
We've never seen star Trek.

Ron Richards (01:17:19):

Florence Ion (01:17:20):
I'm sorry. That's like really? What do you watch on Paragon plus? I know, I know. I know. It's just, it feels like a really huge on undertaking cuz it's like a whole thing. So that's why I, Ron, you have to

Ron Richards (01:17:33):
Explain this. It's the point then to her, it's not, I'm sending, I'm sending you flow a link on paramount plus to the episode I'm talking about and just watch that you don't need, you don't

Florence Ion (01:17:42):
Need to watch. I'll do that. I will do that. I will do that. Yes. All the other episodes are basically the same thing. <Laugh> yeah,

Ron Richards (01:17:49):
It's true.

Florence Ion (01:17:51):
I have, I have a star Trek plan. It's just not for my life now. Well here's the, anyway,

Ron Richards (01:17:55):
Here's the thing. Here's the thing. Here's the thing with star Trek and we're totally off base now with star Trek, the original series. You don't need a plan. Just pick one. Just to go, just dive right in like start watching flow. Yeah. Star.

Florence Ion (01:18:08):
So I wanted you just start with captain Jane way. I should just start this captain.

Ron Richards (01:18:12):
No, no, no, no, no, no star Trek. The don't don't listen. Start with the original series star Trek, the original series. All for, for the, for the most part, all the episodes are self contained. All you need to know is go forward in the backwards to, and then let you have don't you have, I'm gonna mute myself, but you're you're leading flow down the wrong path. I'm sorry. No, I'm not at all. Well, we should think I'm because the newer episodes are way better. All the newer series. That's it mute anyway. A different hot it's different podcast. Yeah. Anyway, came in and dropped and left. So right. All I'm flow. I just sent you the link to that. <Laugh> okay. So, okay. Cool.

Speaker 5 (01:18:57):
Thanks for listening to TWI in a crowded field of digital products and services, you can stand out by advertising on the TWI network. We offer customized host red ads that elevate your services and products to our tech savvy. Affluent on audience. TWI ads are authentic specialized, and all of our shows include video, which means we can show off products, websites, and customize videos, visit and launch a tailored campaign. That's

Ron Richards (01:19:28):
All right, well we're gonna move on cause we're running outta time. All right. Our next email comes from Sean, who says I'm very interested in replacing the nest audio speaker that I have in my kitchen with a nest hub max, but there's one main concern I have that's caused me not to pull the trigger to purchase it. That concern is recipes. Currently. I keep all my personal re recipes and ologies DS notes. Now that now, now I know I can't access DS notes from the nest hub, but I'd be willing to move my recipes over to say Google, keep, if I knew for sure that I could access Google, keep from the nest hub. I've searched this topic on the internet and can't find a definitive answer as to whether this is possible. So I was wondering if anyone on the AAA team has had, has a nest hub and confirmed me that you can or can't access Google keep, I think you can access recipes from some websites on the Nesta, but that doesn't help or interest me.

Ron Richards (01:20:09):
If I have no way to access my recipes, then I don't see the benefit in making the change. Any assistance to understand this question will be greatly appreciated, Sean. And so this is I'm so happy cuz Patrick, you help people on a daily, weekly basis. You've been doing it for years. It is rare that I actually have the know-how or the ability up someone. So I actually went to my nest hub in the kitchen and I tried to access my Google, Keith and I have a video of what happened. If Burke wants to roll that with the audio, you could hear this. So roll the video. Burke. Show me my lists on keep

Speaker 6 (01:20:47):
You have one list called my shopping list. Sorry I looked for on keep, but couldn't find it. Do you wanna see all of your lists?

Ron Richards (01:20:55):

Speaker 6 (01:20:56):
Sorry. I don't understand. <Laugh>

Ron Richards (01:21:01):
So it just pretty much that happened every time. Every time I, you can stop the video number. So every time I tried to a, I tried to say, Hey gee, show me my lists or whatever. It just, it just quit. It couldn't figure it out. And so I, I felt Sean. I was like, oh God, no, the answer is no, you can't do it. Then I dug in a little cause I remember that you could. And actually you can. And the difference is and, and the unique thing here, Burke, I, I shared some screenshots to show how to do this. You wanna go into you wanna go into your settings for assistant, right? And then what you wanna do is scroll down to, I believe it's notes and lists and the next screen. Yes. Notes and lists. And there you specify.

Ron Richards (01:21:50):
When I did the Google, when I, when I told Google, show me my list, it showed me the shopping list in assistant, right? So shopping, Google assistant has a shopping list set up. So you can say add milk to my shopping list and adds that that is not connected to key, but Burke, if you go back to the screenshot for a video viewers for the second one, you can specify which notes and list provider you use and you can choose Google keep. And so then what happens is, is that you're able to go to your nest hub. And instead of saying, show me my lists. Like I, like I was doing on Google. Keep have it say, show me my notes on Google, keep and it brought up all my notes on Google. Keep I, I didn't wanna show that cause I have a lot of sense of information.

Ron Richards (01:22:32):
It's where I keep like my known traveler number, my kids' social security numbers and stuff like that, but it worked. So the keyword is, Hey, GE, show me my notes on Google keep, but you have to go into your assistant settings and choose, keep as your, your preferred notes provider or you could use any do or any list as a whole bunch of other apps at that, that are there and available. But you are able to identify Google, keep to connect it to assistant. And then that is accessible on your nest home, home home hub. So there you go. And I apologize to anybody who I triggered your, your devices with by, by running that video. I forgot about that.

Patrick Norton (01:23:06):
We're we're gonna ask, just laughing is I've forgotten that Google keep exists and I opened up And there's all of the examples that Google gives you. Like, this is how useful we are. Look, here's a list and I have a black flag logo store there. I used

Burke (01:23:24):
My Google keeps notes is like packed with stuff like packed. Like I, I can't live without Google.

Florence Ion (01:23:31):
Keep mine is just like, oh yeah, I don't wanna tell you what's in mine. It's sensitive material though. I'll say that.

Ron Richards (01:23:37):
Well done. <Laugh>

Patrick Norton (01:23:42):

Ron Richards (01:23:42):
With a straight face. So

Florence Ion (01:23:44):
Past words go and stuff like that, not, you know, passwords, you know, the logins to all the podcasts that I run. So just don't go there. Don't touch my keys. All

Ron Richards (01:23:57):
Right. Terrific. Since you're back giving you the honor of our

Florence Ion (01:24:04):
Final, here we go. We're gonna go with the da email of the week. I also need to work on my cueing.

Ron Richards (01:24:17):
Thanks work.

Florence Ion (01:24:20):
Alright, here is here it is. Here we go. Was listening to episode 5 59 and heard the issues of it's scanning a QR code with your camera. I am a pixel, a line user and have, and I have just always used Google lens to scan QR codes and have never had a problem. This is good and bad. It is good because I have gotten to the point of just opening Google lens. When I see a QR code, it is bad because it just shows how fragmented Google is and how one app does a great job of something and how another app that is supposed to do that. Same job struggles to do so in an acceptable manner, I am an Android faithful, but it does get annoying learning the little workarounds that should be seamless. Steven Duke. Well, we actually got a response about this from another listener.

Florence Ion (01:25:04):
So thank you to this answer that we are going to read for doing the work for us. <Laugh> so this now this one comes from Joel and Joel says, heard on your last show about bed experiences with QR code readers. I use Firefox for Android built in reader, and it is greased lightning. Sometimes all it needs is a partial read to get me to the page, easy to use, to just open a new tab and tap below and scan more often than not. It works a hundred percent and bonus. You get a browser, you can install U block origin for that ad free experience. I love that. Joel, thank you so much for sharing that. I just realized this is actually a great workaround because one of the issues with Google lens doing the QR code scanning is once it scans in, let's say you're going to an exterior link. If you use more than one browser, it can be kind of annoying to like, remember to choose which browser every time let's say, if you don't have one set as a default. So at least in this case, you could just like hop into Firefox, do the scanning and then it'll open the page. So Joel has helped Steven today and that's great. That's why this, this was our email of the

Ron Richards (01:26:17):
Week emails of the week emails. I love the community helping of the week helping the community. Exactly. And I just, I also love the fact that it's 20, 22 and like QR codes are not only like still kicking, but actually like a real valid way of communicating now. So and

Florence Ion (01:26:33):
Now it's how you get your menu at like most restaurants because they've done away with the paper menu. So yeah. Yeah. Cool. Anyway. Wow. Well that, I guess that concludes it for

Ron Richards (01:26:47):
Us. Yeah. So just before we wrap up the email, don't forget, you can email, this email And you could be the email of the week as well, maybe. So all righty. Well Patrick Norton the Patrick. No, thank you so much for joining us. Don't tell everybody about what, but what you've been doing lately, where they can find you and continue to follow your amazing career. Oh,

Patrick Norton (01:27:12):
Well, wow. I feel like I have to live up to the promises you just made. Right now the best place to catch up with me is a XL, a X, C, which is, or just search for a Excel podcast, catcher Robert, her and I talk about home theater and personal audio you know, television screens, projectors, speakers, headphones, earbuds, all that good stuff. And we talk about it each and every week. And on Twitter, I'm still at Patrick Norton.

Ron Richards (01:27:41):
All right, well thank you for joining us this week. All right.

Florence Ion (01:27:43):
Thanks for having

Ron Richards (01:27:45):
Flow. Where, where can people find you these days?

Florence Ion (01:27:50):
People can find <Laugh> I forgot to put in my links, but actually I have a handy link flow, If you would like to go see all of my articles that have recently, you can just co-head. There is my, that is my author page. And then of course, as you know, I do host other podcasts besides here all about Android. So you can find me on gadgets every week, which is GMO's gadgets podcast. I host that with CA MCAR and we would love for you to come give us a listen. And I'm also still hosting material on the relay FM network with Andy and NACO. So do Tina, if you want more Android and Google news from me, what about you, Ron? <Laugh> what do you up to?

Ron Richards (01:28:36):
You can still follow me on Twitter and on Instagram at Ron XO. And if you are into pinball, go check out score, you can download the score app, a Google play store for your Android phone, where you can keep track of your pinball scores, find places to play pinball. And if you have a piece of our hardware in your pinball machine, where your friends pinball machine will automatically automatically save your scores, as well as all cool stuff fun stuff that we're working on. We just figured out how to make your name show up on the display of a nineties pinball machine wirelessly, which is pretty cool. If you knew all the behind the scenes tech behind doing that it would blow your mind, but it's once you, once you say I'm playing this game, it comes with this player one, Ron.

Ron Richards (01:29:15):
It's pretty cool. So yeah, so go check that out, scoreboard that I and go play pinball. That's fun. So all right, well, let's get wrap us up for this week. Thank you to Burke for on the ones and twos for getting everything done behind the scenes. We appreciate it as always. And if you like the show, if you like all the other great programming at TWI, you should check out club TWI it's our ad free subscription tier. You get all the TWI shows with no ads, as well as an exclusive TWI plus podcast feed with tons of extra content. And you get access to the members only discord which is hopping, which is awesome, and is doing an amazing job in there. So much great interaction with all the hosts and all the other great viewers and listeners. And you get all this for just $7 a month. That's half the price of Netflix. So, and it is way more entertaining for sure. So go to TWI get in there. It's it's the place to be. But yeah. Yay. You TWI so flow. Why don't you take us home?

Florence Ion (01:30:14):
Well, that's it for this week. We wanna thank everybody for tuning in and again, another thank you to Patrick north and for joining us today, it was an app. Absolute pleasure having you here. So thank you. Thank you for having me. I also just wanna add a slight note that I love the greenery in your background. It's just it's I really like the way I'm rebuilding a books plan right behind you.

Patrick Norton (01:30:36):
It's a cat tree. If we were really actually a cat sneaks out of it it's it's a temporary arrangement while I'm rebuilding some bookshelves.

Florence Ion (01:30:45):
Well, I was just saying, this is a very smart, like, very smart way. I like it. So, oh, I love see. Yeah. Nice little green. There it is. Looks like Patrick's in the jungle. Ooh, <laugh> winging from fine divine. Anyway you can, you can catch this podcast in your pod. Catcher of choice, wherever you get podcasts. Oh, we are there. We publish every Tuesday evening. So right after this, you'll be able to catch us again, wherever you get your podcasts, you can subscribe to us at You can get all the links there again to your podcaster of choice, wherever you get your podcasts, you can get us. As Ron mentioned, we do still take voicemails here at Avan Android. So if you would like to leave us a voicemail, we're at 3 47 show AAA. So give us a call. We will listen. We're here for you. He can also send us email AAA at twit TV, and I guess that's it from us. I am really glad to be here and I'll yeah, we'll see you. We'll see you again next week. Hi, everybody.

Ron Richards (01:31:54):
So long friends,

Jason Howell (01:31:57):
Have you ever read a tech news story and thought to yourself, man, I would love to talk to the person who wrote this to find out more information. Well, that's exactly what Mikah Sargent and I, Jason Howell do each and every week on Tech News Weekly, we read the stories that matter to us. We reach out to the people, making and breaking the tech news and we invite them on to tell their story and you can find it Look for Tech News Weekly, every Thursday.

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