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The Power of the Written Word on logo art

In the age of rapid tech revolution, where podcasts and video content have become the preferred mediums for consuming information, our network is taking a bold step forward by reintroducing the written word. Our commitment to keeping you informed and engaged is stronger than ever, and we're thrilled to bring back written content that complements our podcasts and enhances your TWiT experience.

AI-Generated and Host-Written Blog Posts
At TWiT, we believe in the fusion of technology and creativity. Our posts will offer a perfect blend of AI-generated insights and perspectives from your favorite podcast episodes and host-written content. We will always include who is editing AI-generated posts by name, or if multiple TWiT employees touch one, we will have a note that humans edited it. This dynamic approach ensures you receive well-rounded written content focused on our tech news and discussions while maintaining our highest journalistic integrity by including the human touch.

New Blog Post Categories
To simplify our approach, we will limit our blog posts to four categories. The first is Tech, where all posts created by AI or written by our hosts will be published. We will continue using Inside TWiT for company announcements, and our Transcripts, also linked on show pages, will remain a separate category. The final category will be Newsletters, where you can find historical newsletters.

We hope you will enjoy our posts, and remember to subscribe and download our podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you prefer.

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